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How To Install and Connect Tire Linc Grand Design (Review)

Preventive medicine. That is how this new tire monitoring system is being marketed. It may be a good idea as you can avoid devastating blow outs before they happen. You can monitor trailer tires and even

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Allison 3000 Transmission Fluid Capacity (Oil Type and Tips)

The Allison 3000 may have to re-learn shift points after a fluid change. It is a quirk but the gearing seems to have a forgetful memory when new fluid is put into the pan. This quirk will give you some

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Dometic Fridge Won’t Turn On (Troubleshooting No Power)

Electronic parts can be tricky. With modern technology, it is no longer a matter of just checking the plug and fuses to see if an appliance is working or not. There are too many hidden bits & pieces

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Ford V10 Oil Type: What Is The Best Oil For a Ford Triton V10?

Every product that has metal parts rubbing against metal parts needs some type of oil to help it function. If you didn’t then the heat from that rubbing action would weld the parts together making them

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Fogger Under Mobile Home: How to Bug Bomb a Mobile Home

No matter where you go in this world, you will find them. In some areas, bugs are very small and not that intimidating. But in other areas, they can grow to a large size. Fighting them all off takes the

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List of 7 Foot Wide Travel Trailers (Who Makes 7 Ft Wide?)

Wider is not always better. You may be grateful that you bought a smaller trailer. The reason we say that is many older campgrounds are not wide enough to handle 8-foot or wider Travel trailers in their

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Windshield Rubber Seal Coming Loose – What To Stick With?

Windshield gaskets have one purpose, possibly two. When they come loose you should not add any adhesive or silicone-based caulking to hold them in place. You may not get the window out if you do that.Windshield

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JT Strong Arm vs Steadyfast RV Stabilizer (Which is better?)

Having your RV or trailer nice and stable is essential. You do not want a lot of movement as you may not get a good night’s sleep. If your RV is not steady, your appliances may not work as well either.

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Equalizer vs ProPride vs Hensley (Differences and Problems)

Pulling a trailer is like getting married. You are joining two distinct items through a simple system that can be fragile if the hitch is not right. With the wrong hitch couples end up in divorce and trailers

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Cummins Onan RV QG 3600 LP Oil Capacity, Oil Type, and Tips

There are people who do not think that they need to change the oil. They pay a mighty high price when they do not do it very often. Protect your generator’s engine and make sure it stays properly lubed

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Different Types of 30 Amp Plugs: Are All 30A Plugs The Same?

If you go to an electrical supply store or a good hardware outlet, you will see with one look that plugs are not the same. Whether it is 20, 30, or 50 amp plugs, they all have a different look to them

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Does RV Generator Charge Chassis Battery? (Charging Guide)

Logically, most people would assume that the generator could recharge the chassis battery. After all, the generator is a power source and it does re-charge the house batteries. But generators can be limited

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Finding an RV Chassis Battery Replacement (Helpful Guide)

To some people, a battery is a battery. What that means is that it does not matter to them where they get their replacement or what the specs are. As long as they have a battery they are fine. To others

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Trailer Tongue Fuel Tank: Can You Put Fuel Tanks on Trailers?

Are you insane!? That may be the response you will get when you tell your family, you want to carry more fuel on the tongue of the trailer. Forget that the added tongue weight may breach the tongue limit

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Finding RV Cab Over Window Replacement (How To Replace Guide)

Not everything is easy. The designs of some RV windows are unique. That means that standard RV glass shops will not be able to do the repair and keep the new window from leaking. This is par for the course

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One Place Monitor Panel Reset (How to Calibrate RV Panel)

It would be nice if all the modern components you buy actually worked for a long time. But the only thing that seems to change with each passing decade is that products do not work as well as they used

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3.73 vs 4.10 Ram 3500: Are 3.73 or 4.10 Gears Better?

In any comparison, one side will have strengths the other side does not have and vice versa. Then, one side will be better in certain applications than the other side. These are factors that make both

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Finding Rubber Grommets For RV Stove: Furrion, Dometic, Atwood

While it can be long-lasting, rubber items do wear out. Usually, they do this at the most inconvenient time, especially around appliances. The trick to buying rubber grommets is to buy the right size or

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Stop Thomas Payne RV Furniture Peeling (How to Repair Guide)

You pay a lot of money and in return, you expect the interior furniture to last a long time. But use and accidents can cause the furniture to peel. This is not a major problem but it needs to be dealt

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RV Airflow Systems Reviews (Is RV Airflow System Worth It?)

Staying cool is an issue that has been ongoing for thousands of years. People want to get cool when it is hot out. Until now, it has not been easy to do this task. Sometimes it is only a matter of adding

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Rich Solar vs Renogy vs NewPowa: Is There Any Difference?

There are lots of options at your disposal but which one is best. That is hard to determine as so many owners prefer different brands and they all say those options are the best. You may have to test them

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Reese Goose Box Failure and Problems (Gen 1 vs Gen 2 Review)

No matter what industry there is, there is always someone trying to invent the next great mousetrap. The RV industry is no exception as companies strive to solve RV or 5th wheel issues. They just do not

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Which Is Better Electric or Hydraulic RV Leveling System?

It is not always easy to decide between features. One option is as good as another or one might be better than the other but more expensive. Or still one might be easier to fix. It is never easy to tell

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Dixie RV Warranty Forever Reviews (NAE/NWAN Complaints)

Not everything is reliable. You can equate RV salesmen and dealers with used and new car salesmen and dealers. They are only interested in making a sale. They do not care about problems with the vehicle

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Battleborn Voltage Chart: At What Voltage Is a Battery Dead?

You may think that 0 is the answer. That would not be the case. While batteries can go down to zero, they are considered dead long before it reaches that mark. Batteries are designed a bit differently

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RV APP: Compass Connect Control Panel (Tips And Hints)

Everyone is trying to get the best apps and features attached to their products. RVs are no exception to this trend. It seems that Grand Design and Lippert have teamed up to produce an app that helps

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Troubleshooting Greystone Electric Fireplace Problems (Guide)

There is a chance that the Greystone Electric Fireplace can overheat and cause a fire. In this case, it was the power wire overheating and causing smoke and sparks. The strange thing is, that the heater

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14-50 vs 14-50R vs 14-50P: Difference Between NEMA 14-50R & P

That is what NEMA stands for. it is the largest trade association for electrical equipment manufacturers. Just about every electrical piece of equipment gets a NEMA number. This association started in

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No Reset Button On GFCI Outlet: How to Reset Without Buttons

When it comes to resetting different features on an RV, etc. sometimes you have a process to go through. This process can be annoying at times as you have to wait for 5, 10, or more minutes while the resetting

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53-57 Foot Fifth Wheel Camper For Sale (Spacecraft Price)

Bigger is not always better. But it is more room and more fun. You will find that different custom shops will push the envelope when it comes to the design of 5th wheel trailers and other RV models. When

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Troubleshooting Furrion Thermostat Problems (Error Codes)

It is hard to tell what engineers are thinking these days. many RV features are designed in weird ways. Like the Furrion AC unit. The room temperature sensor is locked inside the AC unit making it impossible

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Big Buddy Fan: Finding a Fan For a Big Buddy Heater (Guide)

Comfort levels are never the same. If you like cooler temperatures, your partner may like warmer ones. You may like a fan, your partner may like the radiating heat. Sometimes it is hard to get both fan

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Are RV Auctions Worth It? (How Do You Buy an RV at Auction)

You have heard of junkyards, for sale by owners, motivated sellers, and even new and used dealers for RVs. But sometimes the best place to get the best deals possible is at an auction. You never know what

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Allison 1000 Transmission Fluid Capacity (Helpful Guide)

There are more fluids in your vehicles that you need to be concerned about. Oil capacity is just one of many. You also have to be concerned about power steering fluid, brake fluid, and also transmission

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Finding a Toy Hauler 3 Season Patio Door For Sale (DIY/LCI)

When you look for missing parts, do not expect the dealer to be the go-to option to replace them. The dealer is usually far more expensive than normal retail outlets when it comes to missing doors and

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Henry 885 Vs 887: Does Henry Roof Coating Stop Leaks?

RVs are vulnerable to the elements. over time, the wind, rain, heat, and debris take their toll on an RV roof. Soon leaks appear and the water damage is hard to find as water does not always go where it

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F250 vs F350 Insurance Cost: Is Insurance Higher On a F-350?

This is the unique thing about America. Each state has the freedom to set its own rules and insurance coverage is one of those items where they get to do this. You will find that insurance and governments

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RV Fuse Panel Diagram (Location, Replacement, Helpful Guide)

Knowing where everything is. This is a difficult task for even the smartest people. RVs are filled with parts and without diagrams and charts, it is hard to remember where they all are. When you are doing

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Bigfoot Levelers Won’t Retract (Troubleshooting Error Codes)

Whether you go with after-market and cheaper options or you go with top brand names, one thing is the same. They will have problems at some point in time. You won’t escape problems and Bigfoot Levelers

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Sleep Number Bed Pump Clicking: How To Fix a Sleep Number Bed?

Even air beds have problems. They are nice and comfortable to sleep on but when an air bed has a problem you lose more than just comfort. You may lose a lot of sleep as your body sinks closer to the floor.

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How To Put a Truck Camper On a Trailer (Helpful Guide)

Not everyone wants to invest in, drive or tow a large RV or travel trailer. They like to keep things simple and inexpensive. Going small allows one to go to those campgrounds that do not accommodate large

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GFCI Hot And Neutral Reversed But Wired Correctly (Is It Ok?)

When you face this situation, and it may not be as common as you would like, you do have a lot of troubleshooting work to find the source. You can do all the testing and switching of wires that you want

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Unlimited RV-4G Internet Reviews (Is Any Good?)

According to one reviewer this unlimited weBoost RV 4G option is merely a weBoost Home 4G booster with some extra accessories to make it viable for RV use. Plus the 60 dB gain for both options is above

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Ford RV Service: Finding Ford Dealerships That Service RVs

There are websites designed to help you locate a dealership that services RVs near you. All you have to do is put your zip code in and a list should be generated. On one web page, you can limit the results

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Troubleshooting-Atwood-GC6AA-10E-(Replacement,-Manual, Parts)

Troubleshooting Atwood GC6AA-10E (Replacement, Manual, Parts)

If you are fortunate enough to have an Atwood water heater, do not be surprised if you cannot find that brand anymore. The brand name is being phased out and you will have to look to Dometic to get a compatible

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Wiring Fleetwood RV Electrical Schematic (Diagram Download)

Wiring is safe to work on if you take the right precautionary steps. As long as you have a wiring diagram, you should not have a problem fixing or replacing any wires on your RV or its appliances, etc.

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Speedco RV Service and Oil Change: Finding The Nearest Speedco

It is sad to say that when buyouts or mergers occur, the level of service seems to decline. That is the word about SpeedCo as they were bought out by Love’s and their RV service has gone downhill ever

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RV Outlets Not Working On Generator or Battery (How To Fix)

RVs come with 2 different electrical systems. The two do not meet unless you have an inverter handing the transition. When you use the right system, you will get those outlets working unless there is another

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Are RV Outlets The-Same-as-House-Outlets-(How-To-Replace)-

Are RV Outlets The Same as House Outlets? (How To Replace)

RVs often come with unique measurements, unique designs, and unique hardware issues. Their outlets are no exception and when it comes time to replace anything on an RV, you may not be able to find the

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DC 12v Black and White Wire (12v Wiring Color Coding Guide)

The #1 rule when it comes to RV wiring is that there are no rules. What that means is that there are no real standards for colors when it comes to making RVs. This can be frustrating when you are upgrading

Continue reading vs What Is The Best Site To Sell an RV?

The results you get will depend on which company you use. But your results may not be due to how good the companies are. Your results may depend on any number of factors. Not everyone is happy with any

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Surge Brakes vs Electric Brakes: Difference and What Is Better

One thing is for sure. You do not want electric brakes on a trailer if you are putting a boat in the water. Electricity and water do not work well together especially if the brakes get submerged. Surge

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Finding a 2003-2004 R-Vision Camper Manual (Trail Lite)

When companies go out of business it makes it tougher to find owner’s manuals as they get lost or destroyed all the time. This is what is happening to those RVs made by RVsion.It may be possible to find

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Toy Hauler Garage Sizes: How Wide Are Most Toy Haulers?

The world runs on its toys. At least that is what it seems. No matter what age or gender you are, someone always has a toy they love to play with. Fortunately, for adults, RV makers have designed specific

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RV Furnace Runs With Thermostat Off (Fan Keeps Running)

It is a matter of time. When you buy an RV or travel trailer, you may think you have the perfect unit to camp in. However, it is just a matter of time before something goes wrong. When it does, it usually

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What Is a Chevy P30 Chassis? (Specs, Manual, Parts, Problems)

The word is that while this chassis may have been put on some Chevy trucks, it was a GM product. The parts for it came from GM. But since Chevy is owned by GM we will not split hairs. It is going to be

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11 Toy Haulers With 12 Foot Garage: Fifth Wheel, Bumper, Light

so, is not known. But you can find far more toy haulers with larger or smaller than 12-foot garages than you can with those that have one. It is a mystery for someone to solve.Here are 5 toy haulers that

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1/4 or 3/8 Air Hose For Air Compressor (Differences and Tips)

When you buy an air hose, the size does not influence the air pressure. It is about airflow. Think of it this way, a thinner sidewalk doesn’t change the number of people who use it, it just has less

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What Car Can Fit In a Toy Hauler? (Harleys And Side By Side)

Kids love toys especially when they are given as gifts at Christmas and on their birthdays. When they grow older, they look for bigger toys to play with. It is a good thing that RVs come with a toy hauler

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RV Power Keeps Shutting Off: Why and How to Reset RV Power

It shouldn’t be your batteries. That is if you are plugged into shore power. You need to look at your 120 AC system to find the problem. There are a lot of parts that can go bad so take your time and

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Will Antifreeze Kill Grass? (How To Dispose of RV Antifreeze)

Instead of dumping it, re-use it. If you are afraid that removing your RV antifreeze will kill your lawn, just reclaim it and put it back into its jugs. You can use it again next winter and save a few

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Furrion DV3100 Troubleshooting: Bluetooth Pairing Problems

Technology has a way of upgrading just about everything. However, during its upgrading process, technology often makes the simple task far more difficult than they should be. That seems to be the case

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Camping World Free Installation: Are There Any Specials?

RVs are expensive. So when you get a chance at a deal or a discount, you should take it. There are lots of outlets that offer these discounts and specials. The trick is to find one that is for exactly

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Towing Chevy Spark 4 Down: Can a Chevy Spark Be Flat Towed?

Modern cars have far more advanced parts these days than older cars. These upgrades do have a cost. You may not be able to flat-tow a vehicle without a lot of hassles and problems to overcome. Sometimes

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Bay Bridge Clearance: The San Francisco Oakland Bridge Height

RVs are not exactly short. Some can stand fairly tall. This makes knowing the amount of clearance you have on a given bridge very important. The last thing you want to do is damage the roof of your RV

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Zero-G Hose Leaking at Connection (How To Fix a Zero-G Hose)

It is hit or miss. There seems to be a problem with the blue-colored zero-G hoses. Some leak and some do not. It is going to be hit and miss with that color of hose as the black ones seem to be better

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Finding a Solar Roof Top Combiner Box For Your RV (4 Options)

The term combiner can be replaced by the term ‘junction’ and you should know what a combiner box is. It is a box that holds the different connections for solar wiring, etc. This box is where most components

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Andersen Leveling Buckets (How To use Andersen Jack blocks)

Uneven ground is difficult to deal with. When you lower your jacks, you may find that uneven ground makes it difficult to level your trailer. That is why many RV owners have gone to Anderson leveling Buckets

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Best Way To Cut Stall Mats (Best Tools To Cut Thick Rubber)

Rubber has many uses. One of those uses is being turned into nice thick rubber mats. These mats are so heavy that you know they are not going to go anywhere when you put them down. However, cutting them

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Atwood 8531 Furnace Troubleshooting (Sail Switch Location)

It is in an awkward location. The sail switch has limited duty which may be the reason why it is so hard to access. usually, to fix it or work on the switch, you have to remove the furnace to get to it.

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Has No-Ad Sunscreen Been Discontinued? (What Happened)

RV life isn’t just about camping. Nor is it just about emptying holding tanks. There is plenty of time to get out and enjoy the sunny warm weather. When you do, sunscreen is there to help you. The key

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Toyota Tundra Slide In Camper Specs (10 Truck Camper Options)

It is all about weight. Once you learn that those weight capacities do not change, then you will know what type of camper you can put on this vehicle. Any camper style has to be well under the weight

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RV Loans For Older RVs: How to Finance an RV Over 10 Years Old

It is a tough decision. Financing a depreciating asset is not always the best option to take. Sometimes, it is the only option you have available. Weigh the costs carefully and look for creative yet low-interest

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30 Amp RV Plug Voltage: Is a 30 Amp RV Plug 110 Or 220?

Be like the Boy Scouts. If you are not sure about whether the shore power is AC or DC then make sure you have the right adapters in your storage bin. That way you are covered no matter what power supply

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Finding a Small Vented Propane Heater For RV (Helpful Guide)

When you pay a lot of money for an expensive RV or travel trailer, you expect every appliance to work perfectly. However, this is not always the case as some furnaces are not the best they can be. That

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How To Replace, Seal, or Repair RV Underbelly (Helpful Guide)

The underneath area of your trailer is often vulnerable to the wind, cold and small animals. Covering it with what is called an underbelly prevents the wind, cold and small animals from entering your trailer.

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How To Dry Out RV Underbelly (Water in Underbelly After Rain)

If there is a small leak somewhere, water will find it eventually. Then it will use that leak to go where you do not want it to go. When it does, you may be in for a lot of work as you dry the underbelly

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Use Guide: How to Light a Furrion Oven (That Will Not Light)

Modern technology does have some bugs to it. This is seen in how the instructions in the manuals are written and the symbols used on different appliances. Sometimes the instructions and the symbols do

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How to Install and Use a Paw International TV Mount (Swivel)

One way to get some news and entertainment while away from home is through the flat screen TV set. When you buy one, you need the proper TV mount to hold it in place. The key is to make sure you get a

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How To Keep RV Underbelly Warm (RV Underbelly Insulation)

One thing that can ruin a vacation is when the cold out battles your heater or the heater fails. You can protect yourself by insulating the underbelly of your RV or trailer. That way you have another line

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What Is RV Underbelly Made Of? (Coroplast Sheets For RV)

Looks may be misleading. To some, this material is a cheap corrugated plastic that can rip the moment someone breathes too hard. But the material used under the RV or trailer to protect components may

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Propane Smell From RV Furnace: Is It Normal? (Helpful Guide)

When you have new appliances or other powered devices there is always a ‘new car’ smell that takes a little time to go away. This can happen with propane furnaces as well. Or it may be an indication

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Forest River WiFi Prep: How Does King WiFi Work in RV?

It seems that pre-wired does not mean what it traditionally has meant. That wires are already in place and ready for hook up. Some RVs do not get the wire or the wires are placed in such a position that

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Forest River Wifi: How To Set Up RV Wifi Ranger (Sky4)

With technology advancing as it is, setting up your wifi system will depend on the type of service you want from the equipment. For example, if you want wifi only, you do not have to do very much. But

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9 RV Refrigerator Door Locks and Travel Latches

Necessity is the mother of invention. When the need arises so do many creative and innovative ideas that are easy to implement and install. Fridge locks and latches do not need a hasp and a padlock. There

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How Do I Use a Splendide 2100XC? (Operate, Clean, Winterize)

As it is with all modern appliances, pushing the right buttons is all it takes to operate modern washers and dryers, even the combo models. The trick is to make sure you know which buttons to push and

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How to Attach Battery Box To a Trailer (Mounting Tips)

RVs and trailers need good solid batteries. Those batteries need good and solid protection if they are going to work right. Having properly mounted battery boxes provides the protection your batteries

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Everstart Maxx Battery Recond: Why Does My Charger Go Into This Mode?

You can save old batteries. Instead of sending them to the junk pile, you can buy the right charger and revitalize those old batteries and keep them around a lot longer. In the end, you save some money

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How-to-Light-a-Suburban-RV-Oven-(Use &-Troubleshooting-Guide)

How to Light a Suburban RV Oven (Use & Troubleshooting Guide)

When it comes to lighting your stove or water heater, the procedure is simple and not that difficult. However, even simple mechanisms can go bad on you especially if there is a faulty part. The fault lies

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Dog Door For RV: Can You Put a Doggie Door In An RV Door?

It may be doable. The issue with putting a doggie door in a door on your RV or trailer may sound like a solid one. However, you may be facing issues you may not have thought of that will hinder your installation.

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Jayco Emergency Exit Window: How To Open RV Emergency Window

They may be too small is one of the complaints about these emergency windows on RVs and trailers. They are not made for a one size fits all escape. Some people who may be a little overweight may find it

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Stealth Grey Water Dumping: Dumping Grey Water On The Ground

It may not be illegal...everywhere. Dumping your grey water tank may be a bit difficult as you never know what the campground or state’s rules and regulations may be. Some say it is okay, while others

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Jayco Fan Upgrade: How To Replace RV Bathroom Fan, Motor

To keep rooms fresh and cool, you need a lot of airflow. While there are a lot of good exhaust fan designs out there, not all of them can deliver that needed airflow. Make sure the design you are looking

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Atwood Furnace Reset Switch: How Do I Reset My RV Furnace?

There seems to be a hidden breaker switch on the top of the Atwood Furnace that will trip if something goes wrong. The problem is that RV makers do not tell you that it is there and it is not mentioned

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What Gauge Wire to Connect Two 12v Batteries In Parallel

Using the correct wiring is vital to any operating system. That includes your RV or travel trailer. Without the right wires connecting anything, you won’t have power and you may have to replace some

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How Do You Update an RV Bathroom? 5 RV Bathroom Door Ideas

It is not going to be simple. RV bathrooms and their doors are not full-sized. This ‘RV’ dimension can make replacing the door a little more difficult than replacing a traditional home’s bathroom

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20 RV Flag Pole Ideas: How Do You Hang a Flag on an RV?

Flying your country’s flag is one way of showing your patriotic spirit. However, RVs and travel trailers, etc., have limited places you can mount a flag pole. Yet, it still can be done even if you do

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Electric Trailer Jack Not Working: How Do I Fix My Jack?

It can be very embarrassing, and expensive, to go to a technician or mechanic only for them to find a very simple source for your problem. That is what it can be when your electric trailer jack does not

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Furrion Remote Control Codes: Can You Use a Universal Remote?

With all the different entertainment devices you have in your RV or travel trailer, you may be finding that you also have too many remote controls lying about. It is time to clear up the clutter and switch

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How to Build Wooden Steps For a Camper (Free RV Step Plans)

Easy as pie. At least that is what some owners describe building steps for their trailers. If you know how to get the step dimensions right, then building a set of stairs is not that difficult. It is like

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