53-57 Foot Fifth Wheel Camper For Sale (Spacecraft Price)

Bigger is not always better. But it is more room and more fun. You will find that different custom shops will push the envelope when it comes to the design of 5th wheel trailers and other RV models. When it comes to being bigger, expect the sale price to be bigger as well.

We would love to give you a price for this size of 5th wheel trailer but Spacecraft does not advertise their prices. You have to contact them as they make custom orders and the pricing will depend on what is inside as well as how long the 5th wheel will be.

To learn more about these custom-made 5th wheel trailers, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about except the price. SpaceCraft does not have a list of trailers for sale as they are often sold without being made available to the public.

What is The Longest 5th Wheel Camper Made?


The longest traditional 5th wheel ever made is the Grand Design Solitude. It measures 41 feet in length and weighs approx. 14,000 pounds. The Keystone Montana is supposed to reach 42 feet and weigh 13,000 pounds but it is not listed as the longest one.

The Heartland Bighorn is supposed to reach 43 feet but it too is not credited with being the longest 5th wheel made by top traditional RV brands. This one weighs 14,000 pounds as well.

If you are looking for the longest model ever made then you have to look at the custom shops that build by design and special order. The one made by Spacecraft reaches 57 feet in length and weighs 37,000 pounds. It can also carry 8,000 pounds of cargo.

A tough and powerful semi-tractor would be powerful enough to tow this 5th wheel but the problem is, where would you find a camping spot, and which state would allow it on their roads?

This custom RV 5th wheel was built in 2007, had triple axles, 8 slide-outs, 3 bedrooms, and a lot more inside. This model would replace a permanent traditional home and may even be cheaper to buy.

If you can get it on the road, you may have to pay a huge licensing fee just to remain legal while you towed it to its new home.

57-Foot Fifth Wheel Camper For Sale

The first thing you would have to do is contact SpaceCraft as they say on their About us page “SpaceCraft has been in business since 1962 and is currently the only full custom manufacturer of 5th wheel, travel trailer, and semi RV units in the US.”

That means that you are not going to find a competitor to help lower the price. There is no competition for this size of the 5th wheel. While the company states that they do not have trailers for sale or state the prices we were able to find out their starting cost.

If you want a 57-footer you are looking to pay only $350,000, to begin with. In other words, you are going to pay quite a bit of money for this thing that cannot be towed anywhere.

You will need a CDL and a tractor (semi-truck) to tow it and that is if the state you want to tow it to will allow this beast on the road. You would have to check with your state’s DOT to see what arrangements can be made. It is not so much the weight but the length.

It is smaller than triple pulls for tractor-trailers but those 2 extra trailers can come off and they move independently making it easier to maneuver than this solid one-piece 5th wheel.

How Much Does a 57-Foot Spacecraft Trailer Cost?

As we said the price starts at $350,000. How high the sale price goes will depend on what you want inside. It is a custom-made trailer built to the specifications of the customer.

According to the video below, the cost per foot, not square foot, is between $6000 and $13,000. If you want to spend a million dollars on your next 5th wheel trailer, SpaceCraft is ready to help you spend it and make sure you are getting the luxury you want.

The model we happen to be looking at while researching for this article is found in this YouTube video. It has 7 slide-outs, removable stairs, a 36-inch steel entry door, and a lot more.

This model weighs only 37,000 pounds and can also carry 8,000 pounds of cargo. The company is based in Concordia, Missouri and they like it when you use their contact page to ask your questions. You can talk to them about getting a custom-made 5th wheel and you can go smaller if you want.

Finding a Spacecraft 57 Foot RV For Sale


We guess that the best way to inform you on this topic is to quote from the SpaceCraft website. This information comes from their trailers for sale web page:

Generally speaking, there are not trailers available for sale as SpaceCraft trailers are either passed down within families or sold without being offered to the public.

We do take trade-ins on occasion and will offer this information here. We will also include information on our show trailer each year. In addition, we will rarely provide consignment support for customers wishing to sell their trailers. So check back often to see if any trailers are available. “

Currently, on that same page, they have listed 1 46’ trailer for a customer. They are not selling it directly. The asking price is $125,000. From the lone photo of the interior, it looks to be a very nice and comfortable trailer to live in.

We have checked different used RV dealers and right now have not found one on their lots.

However, RV trader has one listed. It is almost 40’ long and it comes with 3 to 4 slide outs, one big master bedroom, lots of carpet, and a 40” shower. The current asking price is $230,000.

Two-Story 57-Foot Fifth Wheel Camper

Two-Story 57-Foot Fifth Wheel Camper

We checked and the closest thing to a two-story 5th wheel trailer that we found was a 2-story travel or destination trailer. It is being sold by Terry Town RV in Grand Rapids Michigan and it is called Salem Villa grand made by Forest River.

There may be some 5th wheel trailers that are two stories tall but they are not coming up in our searches. That does not mean there are none, it just may mean none are for sale right now.

We also checked RV Trader and they did not seem to highlight any if they listed this type of 5th wheel. The images we saw showed only single-story options they have for sale.

Most listings with the numeral 2 in them were for 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, and so on. SpaceCraft does not sell 2-story 5th wheels as they would make one for a specific customer. Then it would not be sold to the public.

Regular internet used RV & trailer dealers did not list any either. Again they may be out there but they did not appear in any of our searches. Your local classified or Craigslist might have one or two but those options do not show up in our searches either.

We would suggest you check your local listings to see if there is an owner that is putting their model on the market.

55 Foot 5th Wheel

Unfortunately, you will not find a traditional 5th wheel trailer made that large. The longest the famous RV brands make only reach about 43 feet and those might not be in high demand.

You would need a very powerful truck to tow one that is over 40 feet in length. Then to tow one at 55 feet, you would need a semi-tractor. Regular trucks just will not handle the high weight.

The only thing we can suggest is that if you want a 5th wheel trailer this long, you need to contact Space Craft. As you read above, they are the only customizing business that builds them that long.

Because they are the only ones, they should have all the requirements you need to meet to tow one home and if it is possible to tow one home. You do not have much choice in this situation.

That lack of choice is partly due to the fact many custom and traditional RV makers do not want the hassles that come with building such large RVs.But feel free to check around.

There might be someone willing to do it but you may question the quality of their trailer and building materials. SpaceCraft has been around for 60 years and you should trust their experience.

53 Foot RV Trailer For Sale


We found one so far. However, it is a 53-foot race car trailer, not an RV 5th wheel model. It may be possible to convert it but that may be expensive. The company,(trailershopper.com), is not listing a price. You have to call in to get how much it will cost you.

SpaceCraft may be wrong about being the only 5th wheel customized builder in the nation. There is a place called northamericanrv.com that advertises that it builds up to 54 feet. You would have to contact them at that URL and see what they can do for you.

Their landing page lists all the options you can put inside and details about construction, plumbing, and so on. This company has been in business for 20 years approx., but on their inventory page, we did not locate a price.

You have to contact them through their website’s contact page and ask them about how much it will cost to go through them for your custom 5th wheel trailer.

If you want to change the look on your large 5th wheel, there is a company called Platinum Wraps that will redo your extra-large trailer. You can contact them for designs and quotes.

Used Spacecraft Trailer For Sale

So far we found only 2 used Space Craft 5th wheel trailers for sale. Both of those were mentioned earlier. As the company says, most are passed down within the family or they are pre-sold and not made available to the public.

It is not hard to understand why this is so. You put a lot of money into these trailers and most of the public just can’t afford those prices. The richest of people may be able to do so and those deals are often done very privately.

Many people do not want to advertise that they have a lot of money so they keep their purchases and sales very quiet. Then it would be hard to get financing as well as insurance on such large trailers.

There are so few of them on the road, etc., that getting a proper value is very difficult. Plus, they are all unique which makes it even more difficult to find a proper and fair value for the trailer.

For most owners, it is best to simply use it till it wears out so they get their money’s worth. Their families can use it for generations as well saving a fortune in the long run.

Some Final Words

SpaceCraft seems to be the leader in the world of extra-long 5th wheel trailers. Their models are expensive but they come with lots of options and luxury making the price worth the expense.

If you bought one, it would be difficult to get it into an RV & trailer park or campground. That is if you were allowed to tow it over the road. Most people do not have or want a CDL and that is just the first requirement.

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