Finding RV Cab Over Window Replacement (How To Replace Guide)

Not everything is easy. The designs of some RV windows are unique. That means that standard RV glass shops will not be able to do the repair and keep the new window from leaking. This is par for the course when it comes to RV repairs and troubleshooting options.

This may be difficult for Winnebago RVs. Each brand is different but for Winnebago, the repair shop has to order a replacement directly from the company. This can take up to 6 weeks to complete.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about so you can get your window replaced quickly, professionally, and without leaking. Take a few minutes to see how this information can help you solve your window problem.

Class C Cabover Window Replacement Options


You may not have a lot of options at this time. We are not talking about logistic issues here but the fact that the factories of each brand may not respond quickly.

We checked different discussion forums where owners have and had this problem. The factory is very slow in responding to order requests and one owner has been waiting months just for a new window seal.

You may have to do this repair yourself if your Class C is out of warranty coverage. That means talking to Auto Glass repair shops for a new seal (the seal keeps the glass from rattling around in the frame).

Or you can try to fix the problem yourself. There are companies that make rubber seals that may be able to fabricate the size you need or have one in stock. Other than that, you could go to a junk yard to see if there are similar Class C Rvs there with their windows intact.

If so, you could take the seal or the window, seal, and frame and make the repair yourself. This is not a guarantee as you never know if someone beat you to the window and seal.

Safety Glass RV Cab Over Window


This can be a difficult task in some states. There are companies that advertise RV window repair for both windshields and cabin windows. But once you get there you may be told that they only handle repairs to the windshield and not the cabin windows.

Some owners have gone to using different materials including safety glass, Lexan, and so on to replace those hard-to-replace cabin windows. Others who have had the factory repair done then went the extra mile and coated their window with a clear protective material.

That is being cautious as they do not want to go through their 6-week trial again. If you have a Winnebago, then you may be limited to a factory repair with Winnebago glass and frame replacement.

The problem is with any material used as a replacement, the flexible wall of the overhead cab design is not the same as the rigid metal frame for the windshield. That creates a lot of difficulties no matter what glass alternative you use.

In other words, this is a difficult repair and you may not be able to use your RV for some time. Not all RV repair shops can handle this repair.

Finding RV Cab Over Window Replacement


This is one of the main complaints different owners have said on different discussion forums. There is a problem finding replacement parts and some owners have waited months to get their windows repaired.

One repair shop advised one owner that even resealing the new window may not stop water leaks. They suggested making the front overcab window solid for better weather protection. The cost would be about $4000

If you want to replace the window with another window, you most likely have to contact the factory to send a replacement out. Or at least, the repair shop has to do that.

We have seen nothing but one bad story after another about the wait times, the failure of the new window to stop leaks, and so on. If the new window leaks, you may have to investigate the source and seal it with some black silicone.

While this does not seem helpful, the different companies that advertise that they fix this window, may not have a replacement or they changed to doing just windshields and did not change their advertising. It is a hard part to find when you need it.

You may have to go with Lexan to get the perfect repair. Some owners are happy with that material.

How To Replace An RV Cabover Window


This can be a tedious job but it can be done. The first step would be to remove the rubber seal. Do this carefully as you do not want to harm the glass. Then you may have to use a pry bar to pry the aluminum frame from the plywood.

Be careful as the frame may be glued into place with strong glue. Once out you should replace the original rubber seal around the glass as it may be one source of water leaks.

You can do this yourself or you can go to an auto glass repair shop and have them do the work for you if they will handle that repair. The problem you may find with the window is that the water leak may have damaged the plywood.

If that is the case, you are looking at major renovation work

Some Final Words

One would think that the RV brands that make Class C RVs would have used better materials and a better design. This is not a rare problem and many RV owners are upset at the nature of the repair and the lack of exact replacement parts.

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