Finding a 2003-2004 R-Vision Camper Manual (Trail Lite)

When companies go out of business it makes it tougher to find owner’s manuals as they get lost or destroyed all the time. This is what is happening to those RVs made by RVsion.

It may be possible to find these old manuals in PDF form and easy to download but since the company went out of business 8 years ago, you cannot use them as a resource. They do not have a website that we know of so far where you can contact the people in charge.

R-Vision Camper Manufacturer


There are two messages we need to quote from to help you understand the R-Vision situation. the first comes from a 2020 discussion forum:

R-Vision is no longer in business as of 2014. Visit the R-Vision Owners Group for helpful information. This site is owned and maintained by Contact RVUSA Form.

Contacting R-Vision

R-Vision is no longer in business as of 2014. Visit the R-Vision Owners Group for helpful information.

This site is owned and maintained by Contact RVUSA Form. is not the official site of R-Vision, nor are we affiliated with R-Vision in any way.” You can read the rest at this link.

The second message is from a website written in 2022:

R-Vision began in 1997 and is a product of Monaco. Monaco is a manufacturer of motorized and towable recreational vehicles and has grown over the years to become one of the world’s leading RV brands.” You can read the rest at this link.

We checked the Monaco website as well as the Revgroup website and there was no mention of Rvision on either one.

Where To Find The R-Vision Camper Manual


While it may be a long shot, you can try contacting the Monaco company and see if they happen to have any camper manuals in storage. We cannot guarantee that you will have success but it is a place to start. You can contact the company at this link.

At the bottom of the web page, you will find a link to REV group and you can click on that to see if that group has any manuals for you. It is best to start at the beginning as they may have sold the manuals to a group or donated them somewhere. You never know what a company will do with manuals they do not need anymore.

Being a relatively recent RV model and brand, manuals will exist as you will see in the next section. We would also suggest that you look for an RVision groups or discussion forums. These outlets often have leads for camper manuals.

The RVs are still being sold as used so there should be threads and groups still talking about this brand. Just be careful as the name is not unique to the RV industry. You will find lots of non-RV groups and businesses using RVision as their name.

2003 R-Vision Trail Lite Owners Manual


There seem to be a few places online that offer these manuals for you to download. The brand is not that old and since there are still trailers out there for sale and in use, the manuals should be simple to find.

The next link seems to be more credible. You have to sign up for an account to access the download and again, we make no promises or guarantees about the manuals you are trying to find. Click here to access that website.

The final web page we will link to in this article is found at this link. There is nothing stopping you from doing your own search. You can try looking at RV repair shops, old dealers, and other similar locations to see if they have a manual you can buy, copy or just get for free.

Finding R-Vision Camper Parts


The first place to try would be the different RV discussion forums. Often owners place their old trailers up for sale and if they are not that usable, they can still be good for parts. Or they will post leads where you can find parts for this RV trailer model.

RV parts stores may have some but since the company has been out of business, you may not be able to find good new parts. There may be some compatible parts made by aftermarket companies but you would have to have the part number to help find those.

Then the next best place to go would be salvage yards. They always seem to have hard to find parts when different models of vehicles go out of production. They may strip the parts already or let you hunt down and strip your own. Make sure to bring some tools with you just in case.

Just be careful in your website searches. Some listings say R-Vision but the items they are selling have nothing to do with RVs or that brand.

Some Final Words

There is no real word on how good these trailers were. Since some are still being sold used, it seems that they may have had some good models that last. Tracking down owner manuals may not be that difficult since the company stopped making them in 2014.

If your search hasn’t been fruitful, don’t forget to check with eBay and Craigslist or your local repair shops and classified ads. You never know what you find when you extend your search area.

Be prepared to pay a fee when you find a good outlet for manuals.

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