Dometic Fridge Won’t Turn On (Troubleshooting No Power)

Electronic parts can be tricky. With modern technology, it is no longer a matter of just checking the plug and fuses to see if an appliance is working or not. There are too many hidden bits & pieces that can go bad and make your search for the failed piece very frustrating.

There are about 6 components you need to check to find the possible source of the problem. Those components are -- DC Volts, Fuse, Wiring, Control Panel, LED Display Board, & Lower Circuit Board. Check those first before calling in a technician.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can make your repair go faster and smoother. Take a few minutes to get this important information.

Dometic Fridge Not Turning On


The first place to check is the same possible sources for electrical devices. Look at the power cord and see if it is plugged in or damaged in any way. Then look at the power button to make sure it is turned on.

If both are okay, check the breakers and the fuses. Some Dometic fridges have 3 fuses. Two in the main fuse panel and one inside the fridge. Many people do not know that third one exists and sometimes it can be the source for your lack of electrical power to that unit.

If those are good, check for a breaker and see if it tripped or not. Getting the most obvious possibilities out of the way helps eliminate those potential sources quickly.

Don’t forget to check the battery to see if it is full of power. If not, you will have to charge the battery before using it.

Dometic Refrigerator No Lights


The first section should eliminate all the obvious solutions and let you target other key components to see if they have gone bad. In this search double-check all connections, wires, and similar parts to see if anything has broken or been damaged in some way.

Also, check the GFCI outlet that governs your kitchen system. It may have triggered. The quickest way to check would be to turn on other appliances or lights in the kitchen and see if they work. If they do, then the problem is either the fridge outlet or the fridge.

If they don’t, then the GFCI outlet tripped and all you have to do is push the button back in and you should have power. When the GFCI pops again very quickly, you know you have an electrical problem somewhere n that circuit.

Make sure to have a tester on hand to help you eliminate potential sources for your problem

Is There a Fuse For a Dometic Fridge?


We mentioned this earlier and it is a surprise component to many owners. They know of the two in the main fuse panel but had no idea this third fuse exists. If it blows, you may not realize that is the part that is wrong and you could be searching for hours to find the source.

There should be 2 blade fuses and one automotive fuse in the back of the fridge. Two are located under the control panel cover. There should be a white cover and a black one. Look under both to find all three fuses.

From what we understand, changing fuses yourself should not be a warranty issue. In other words, you should be able to change them without voiding your warranty but double-check that information to be sure.

How To Power a Dometic Fridge


This will depend on the type of fridge you own. There are 3-way fridges that work on both 12-volt and 110 power as well as gas. You just need to select the power source you prefer to use and you are set.

These 3-way fridges also work off solar power which is also 12 volts. The 2-way fridge operates on electricity and gas only. To select the power source you want to use, there is a mode switch you have to move to one option or the other.

This mode switch should be located on the front of your fridge. The best option to use would be auto. This option will have your fridge switching power sources automatically.

If your switch is not on auto or AC power, it will not operate if you plug it in and try to use 110 power. You need to have that switch on the right power source for that option to be used.

Dometic Circuit Board Troubleshooting


This is another surprise component for many owners. They are well aware of one of the control panels inside their fridge. But often, they do not realize there is a second control panel controlling the fridge’s operation.

This control panel is near the LED panel and if it goes bad, it will stop the fridge from working. This is the one called the upper control panel and the lower one at the back of the fridge is the lower panel.

This second panel surprises technicians as well so do not feel bad if you do not know about it. If it fails, then the only repair is to replace it. Not a hard task unless you cannot find it.

Don’t be surprised if the techs think it is the lower control panel. It is a common part that often goes bad. Have them check the upper control panel first before you swap out any parts if they make this suggestion.

Some Final Words

Searching for failed electronic components can be a frustrating task. Especially if the failed part is one you or a tech does not know exists. The search can take forever and one owner spent months searching before the failed part was found.

The best thing to do is read your manual and look for any surprise parts that may contribute to your problem. Make sure to check the obvious spots first though.

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