Fuse For Trailer Hitch (Trailer Fuse Box Location and Tips)

While RV makers think their placement of the fuse box is a logical choice, it may not seem so to RV owners. Hunting these fuse box locations can be more of a guessing game as many owners can’t find theirs.

For a 2004 Winnebago Journey, 39K, model the fuse box may be in the power compartment. You also may find a lot of other wires for the trailer fuse box in there as well. But this location may not be the same for all RV models.

To learn more about this situation, just continue to read our article. It will have as much information as possible to help you find the location of your trailer fuse box. Take a few minutes to see how this information can help you solve your fuse box mystery.

Does Trailer Wiring Have a Fuse?


Most likely all the models of different trailers do come with a fuse. In one model of a trailer, the fuse should be in a black holder right below the black converter box.

If that fuse is okay, you will need to spend some time looking for any other fuses along the trailer's electrical circuit to see if they blew or not. As far as our research shows, there are fuses in the trailer harnesses and in the tow vehicle that could blow.

The problem is that depending on the age of your vehicle, you may need a 7.5 amp or a 15 am,p fuse inside those fuse boxes. It is hard to say without knowing the brand, make, and model of the tow vehicle you own.

Sometimes, when you add additional electrical parts and they tap into the trailer harness for those parts’ power supply, you can have this problem. Most owners have not reported the problem of a fuse blowing after owning multiple vehicles and trailers.

Fuse For Trailer Hitch


You will find these parts on sale everywhere. They are common parts and also multi-brand and electrical parts. What that means is that they are a generic part that fits just about any electrical situation requiring fuses.

The thing you have to watch out for will be their design and the amperage level. You cannot put a 7 amp fuse in the fuse box when it requires a 15-amp fuse.

Over the years the design of a fuse has changed and different electrical situations require different brands. That is not the only issue you have to be aware of. Some trailer wiring harnesses take 2 fuses.

But those two fuses are not going to be the same size. Sometimes they are a 7.5-amp and a 15-amp size. You need to check your manual to see which sizes you need. They may not always be the same as those two examples.

If you replace the old fuses and they are still not working, the problem could be that the person installing the harness tapped into different power sources or circuits.

When that happens the problem could be a fuse in another location. The design, amperage, and other aspects of the fuse will depend on the type of car or truck you own as well as who installed the wire harness.

Trailer Fuse Box Location


For a Jayco trailer, the fuse box location may be along the back wall under the entrance to the rear bunk. For a Winnebago, that location may be at the rear axle in a compartment on the passenger side of the trailer.

Or it may be in the power compartment in a black box, one of many, and you have about 6 screws to remove to access the fuses. To find the fuse box, turn on your 4-way flashers and listen for the click. That noise should direct you to the fuse location.

On the Vectra 2005 36RD model of Winnebago, you should find the fuse box located behind a side wall in the electrical compartment. It is not possible to list where all the models of all RV brands have placed their fuses.

There are 3 options you can use to find yours- #1. call the dealer and ask; #2. look in your manual and see if it lists it; #3. talk to a qualified RV trailer electrician.

Any one of the three should be able to help you find your fuse box. A 4th option would be to sign up as a member of a discussion forum that is named with your brand. If you own a Winnebago, sign up at Winnie.

Jayco will be Jayco, Grand Design will be called Grand Design and on it goes. The members there may have the same unit as you do and can direct you to the right spot.

The Trailer Fuse Keeps Blowing


To state the obvious, every time a trailer fuse blows, it is telling you that you have an electrical problem somewhere. The fuse is a very broad indicator and you would have to do some testing and searching to find the specific location of the problem.

The fuse can blow if you have a short but that will not tell you exactly where the short is. Especially if the installer tapped into a different power wire than usual.

Or you may have accidentally touched the hot wire to the frame. Not every electrical problem that blows a fuse will be caused by a short. Once you find the problem, it is an easy to fix.

Some Final Words

Trying to find where the fuse is for your trailer can sometimes be an all-day search. They will be in different locations depending on where the trailer maker decided to put them.

If the fuse s in the trailer wire harness, then you do not have a lot of searching to do, unless someone tapped into an irregular power source. Then you are back to the guessing game that comes with every RV purchase. Once you find the problem, the fix is usually not that hard to do

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