Sleep Number Bed Pump Clicking: How To Fix a Sleep Number Bed?

Even air beds have problems. They are nice and comfortable to sleep on but when an air bed has a problem you lose more than just comfort. You may lose a lot of sleep as your body sinks closer to the floor. trying to troubleshoot the air pump can cause you, or loss of sleep. It is a challenge to do.

This can be a challenge to do as there are at least 6 common issues that can cause the air pump to lose its ability. The first place to look would be the air tubes connecting the pump to the air chambers. If the tubes are loose, then they are losing air. You will need to tighten the connections.

To learn more about this air pump and the many problems it can have, just continue to read our article. It provides you with the best information possible to help you fix the trouble and get your bed working properly again.

How do You Troubleshoot a Sleep Number Bed?


Like any mechanical device, you have to investigate and identify the problem. This can be done in numerous ways including using a multimeter to check for power issues.

If power is not the problem, you need to go part by part to see what the problem is. If it is a clicking noise, you may have to check the inverter to see if it is compatible with the air pump.

Or if it is an air leak, you will have to fill the mattress up with more air than you use normally. Then you have to go from control to control or chamber by the chamber to see where the leak actually is.

This is a slow process but it is effective as it will tell you if you need to contact the company and get them to repair the bed or if you can do it yourself. Chamber leaks are difficult for most owners to repair. But talk to the company and see what they suggest.

If the problem is with the pump, you may need to replace it or see what a qualified repairman can do for it. A call to the company will help you make that decision as well.

Sleep Number Bed Pump Clicking

The company’s FAQ answer was not that great. All they said was for you to put a rug under the bed or move the bed and place it over the carpet. Those two flooring items, they said, would absorb the sound and make the night quieter for you.

One RV discussion forum said that the clicking may be due to the incompatibility between new parts and the inverter. it is possible that the new parts will not work with your inverter but it is hard to diagnose.

You may need an Oscilloscope to check. Or, it could be that your inverter does not operate very well at low loads. You do not want this to be the source of the clicking as inverters are not cheap.

Plus, you may have a problem when you are running on battery power. The inverter can make clicks and it is not going to be the air pump. The air pump does not seem to have the ability to make clicks.

Look to your inverter and the amount of power flowing to it. The inverter may have a load sense feature that may be the source of the problem. When the inverter does not get enough power then the clicks are a sign that you have a low voltage problem.

Sleep Number Bed Makes a Knocking Noise


According to the Sleep Number website’s FAQ page, this happens when you place the Sleep Number mattress inside a bed frame. When you hear the knocking, it could be that the bed frame is loose and you need to tighten it.

Another problem, according to the company, is that the modular base is placed inside a metal frame. The solution is the same, tighten up the metal bed frame. There is a way to avoid this knocking sound.

All you have to do is discard the bed frame and use legs. The modular base is designed to work with legs and bed frames. Get rid of the frame and see if that is your source of the noise.

Or you are just a rough sleeper that tosses and turns all night. The modular base is not designed to knock but if it is used with a bed frame you are adding components that can go wrong and make a lot of noise.

Just check to see what the modular base comes in contact with and either move those items or tighten things down so they do not rock against each other. Call the company if the problem continues.

Why Does My Sleep Number Bed Lose Air?

The most common source for this issue would be that you have a leak somewhere. There are two main areas that can leak air and deflate the bed. The first will be the air hoses that connect each chamber with the air pump.

If they get punctured or they come loose from their junctions then the air will get out fairly quickly. You would have to inspect the different hoses, and that may not be too many depending on the number of air chambers you have.

The second main source would be the air chambers. They can get punctured, torn, or grow weak and a hole gets in. You have to check all the chambers to see what has happened to them. This can be difficult to do and you may need to ask for help from the company.

If the air tubes are tight, then you will have to check for cracks and kinks. These air tubes are not made from the best materials and they can develop these problems over time.

If they have a crack or a kink, then you will have to buy new tubes. Unfortunately, you may have to buy a new air chamber if the problem cannot be fixed.

Why is My Sleep Number Bed Not Adjusting?


This is not the air pump’s fault in most cases. If the pump does break and doe snot adjust the air levels, then you may have to get a new pump. Most often the problem is the remote. It is sending out the wrong signals to the pump and the latter cannot function properly.

One way to see if it is the remote is by replacing the batteries. If the pump works, after that then you are fine and the remote does not need replacing. After putting the new batteries in, test the remote by trying to operate your clock or television set.

Then if the remote is not working, check the battery connections to the leads. Make sure the batteries are correctly touching the metal leads and are in the right position. If this doesn’t fix the problem, you may need a new remote.

According to the company’s website, there could be a few more parts creating this problem. One source would be a kink in the air hose while another would be an online connection problem or a problem with Bluetooth.

An EO or ER error message is telling you that there is a communication problem between the pump and the remote. This means you may have to reset either the remote or the pump to get them back to talking to each other.

Why Does My Sleep Number Bed Inflate on Its Own?

This is due to the Smart system Sleep Number has developed for their bed models. The sensor inside monitors your body temperature and pressure levels. Then it automatically adjusts the air inside the air chambers.

The sensor is called Responsive Air and it can be turned on or off for each side of the bed. This is done separately so your partner does not have to lose that automatic adjustment while you sleep peacefully without it.

Not all models of Sleep Number’s beds have this feature. Some use an air chamber design that inflates when you move while sleeping. These systems also enable both sides of the bed to make changes independently of each other.

They operate through the firmness control panel. Where you make your settings tells these chambers what they are supposed to do. This firmness control system works according to how you set those controls.

This control center does not stop leaks from taking place and you may wonder why the bed is deflating on its own. If you are lucky enough to find the leak then you need to patch it as quickly as possible or send it to the company for repair work.

There are manual controls that keep you in charge of how firm the bed will be. Read the owner’s manual to see how those controls work.

Why Will My Sleep Number Bed Not Inflate?


The first source for this problem would be that there is something wrong with the air pump. If you get a 00 error code on the remote then it is time to replace the air pump. Other error codes do not indicate a problem with the pump.

If you press the remote and hit the inflate option, and the bed does not inflate, you may have a kink in the air hose or kinks in the hoses. Those are easy to fix as you just need to straighten the hose out so the air will flow freely.

The company’s website also says to try to inflate and deflate to 20 then push the inflate to 50 option. If this doesn’t work, you may have a communication issue between the remote and the pump.

Or there is a problem with the online connection. You will need to check your Bluetooth and wifi connections to make sure the bed is receiving the proper instructions. These beds are designed to work with this connectivity.

While there are few parts involved, the bed has many ways not to inflate on command. One more way would be that the air hoses are not connected properly or they came loose. When that happens the air escapes and does not enter the air chambers.

The final option to check would be those air leaks we have already mentioned. The air goes out almost as fast as it goes in keeping the bed from inflating or staying inflated.

How To Fix a Sleep Number Bed Pump

To start, you need to know the source of the problem. If you had a power shortage or someone accidentally unplugged the bed, then you have to resync the remote and the pump. The steps for this are quite simple and few in number:

1. Plug the bed in first

2. Find the hip button. This is the button on the bed at the hip level when you are lying down.

3. Make sure the pump and base are connected

4. Hold the hip button down until it begins to blink

5. Press the continue button on the remote.

6. Now you are ready to adjust the firmness of the bed to your preferred level

There is a method to connect the Bluetooth feature if you have the Sleep IQ app on your iOS. This app allows the Bluetooth and your bed to pair up. There will be times when you will need to clear the cache as commands can be disrupted if you don’t.

All you have to do to clear the cache is to turn the Bluetooth on and off and you should be fine once again. Everything should work fine after taking these steps.

How do You Reset The Pump On a Sleep Number Bed?


Like everything else, the Sleep Number pump needs resetting from time to time. The steps for this action are also simple and not that many. Here are those steps to take:

1. Connect the pump to the bed

2. Press ‘R’ on the remote

3. Now press and hold the arrow buttons at the same time.

4. Watch the countdown and when it hits 1, release the buttons when the remote says ‘then C1’. But only for one second.

5. After one second, press the arrow buttons again. Hold them down and wait for the pump to click.

6. When you hear the click, the remote should display a -- code and then a 1C code

When you see the 1C the reset is done. Simple, easy, and fast. That is what you want from a reset process. This reset operation should restore all factory settings and you should be able to inflate the bed to your preferred levels.

If you are not sure or if the reset did not work, contact Sleep Number’s support department through its website. The support employees should be able to answer any questions you may have if this process does not work

How Long do Sleep Number Beds Really Last?

There are two different categories that govern this situation. The first is abnormal use which means any activity that brings harsh wear and tear to the bed. This could be anything from jumping on the mattress, mistreating the bed, or involving it in any extreme stunts.

In this case, the bed will not last that long. The second category is normal use. This is where you treat the bed right and only use it for its designated purpose. In this case, your bed may last as long as 7 to 10 years. Some websites are saying 6 to 7 years but they may be on the conservative side.

Some owners have had their mattress or bed last longer than 10 years. The good news is that the warranty given by the company is for 15 years. However, only the first warranty year sees all breaks, problems, etc. paid for by the company.

From year 2 to year 11, you are responsible for 20% of the cost of repairs, etc., with a 5% increase every year. That means in year 3 you are responsible for 35% of the costs and in year 11 you are responsible for 85% of the repair and other costs.

Read the warranty carefully to make sure any damage you get is covered.

Some Final Words

Nothing will last forever and the Sleep Number beds are no exception to this rule. These beds are supposed to be well made but defects and damage do take place. The fixes are not always a problem. Most you can do yourself.

If you have any questions, just simply contact the company to sort them out and see what can be done. There is a warranty but it may not be the best in the business. Just watch how you treat the bed and you should get many years of service from it.

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