How To Install and Connect Tire Linc Grand Design (Review)

Preventive medicine. That is how this new tire monitoring system is being marketed. It may be a good idea as you can avoid devastating blow outs before they happen. You can monitor trailer tires and even the tires of the vehicles you are flat towing.

The installation process is a matter of connecting the wires to their proper terminals, etc. However, your R$V or trailer will need to have the One Control system installed to make the Tire Linc work. It is part of the requirements when you buy this product.

To learn more about this system and how it works, just continue to read our article. It explores this topic so you have all the information you need to buy or not and install it if you do. Take some time to see how this important information helps you make the right decision.

Tire Linc Tpms Grand Design


This system seems to be pre-wired in some Grand Design models. But it is not a perfect system as many owners are complaining about how the whole setup works. They are finding that they have to buy the same parts that are installed already.

They also have not been able to find out a lot of information on this system online but that was 2 years ago and maybe things have changed since then. To install this feature, you need to have it wired to a 12-volt power source and Lippert suggests putting a dedicated fuse in the line between the two.

There are videos on YouTube that will help you with the installation (per one reviewer). Also, the system is supposed to help guide you through the installation process.

The manual gives good information as well but it may be a bit hard to read and understand. One of the major problems with this system is that even last year, there was little information on it.

People do not want to trust a system they cannot read about and get all the details on it.

Tire Linc Tpms Prep

The good news is that this tire monitoring system can come pre-wired for operation. The dock is also installed for you making installation very easy. This may explain why we only found the installation instructions for the repeater only

There is an app you can get for your cell phone that is supposed to make monitoring easier. The app has its own guidelines to follow and you should follow them strictly to make sure it connects to the system in the right way.

After you get the system installation completed, and the app downloaded and installed, it should be easy to connect to Grand Design’s Compass Connect. Before you do all that, the ‘prep’ portion may just be the power aspect of this device.

Nothing else is ready and you have to follow all instructions to get the thing to work. The sensors are screw-on locking nuts or valve stem covers. They are not in wheel sensors and monitor the tires from the outside.

Our Lippert Tire Linc Review

Our biggest question is, do RVers need another electronic device attached to their RVs and trailers? There are so many and with the complaints that we have seen with this system it does not make sense to buy another one and have another app loaded to your phone.

One of the major complaints is that even though the dock is pre-installed, you still have to buy the whole kit to get it installed completely. That does not sound ethical and is a big red flag as you are paying $250 for many of the same parts.

Also, you have to be very technically minded to install and connect the system. If you are not, you will probably be very frustrated with the system. Some owners could not get the devices to pair with each other.

One of the weaknesses of the system is that the sensors are battery-operated. This means it is possible for those batteries to run out of power and leave you vulnerable with no monitoring system in place.

While it is easy to install and some people have had success at connecting the system to Compass Connect. Others are not so fortunate. This process is supposed to be easy to do but not for everyone.

When you get an alert, the system will send out an alarm and notifications. That audible alert just lets you know there is a problem and you have to look at the app on your phone to see what the problem is. That is a bit inconvenient for all.

The good aspect of this system is that it seems to be compatible with your Ford Sync system. The last drawback to this system will be the cost. $259 is a lot to spend on the system and other accessories are also expensive.

That price may cause many owners to think twice about using this system. While needed it is a poor design.

Download Tire Linc Manual


In this article, we are just going to give you one link to the manual. It comes directly from Lippert and it seems to be free. So many other websites we link to charge for the service and while that is reasonable some of those fees are a little high.

Also, Lippert’s manual page contains 12 manuals covering all stages of this tire monitoring system. You can access those options here and then choose the one you need.

It is always best to go to the manufacturer first. That way if you have complaints, the company can address those problems and fix their web page or their manuals.

If you need other options, they will pop up in a simple internet search and you can choose the website that gives you the best service. Just use the sub-section’s heading to conduct your search.

How To Install Tire Linc

Page 3 of the manual starts the installation guide and it all begins with installing the repeater. We will quote from the manual as it provides installation instructions without the dock pre-installed:

Install Tire Linc on a non-prepped trailer as follows:

NOTE: Non-prepped trailers do not have a repeater dock

installed; prepped trailers do. If a repeater dock is installed,

go to the Installation and Setup section.

1. Locate a mounting area inside the trailer that allows

connection of the Tire Linc repeater dock (Fig.1A) to the

unit's power source without creating a strain on the

completed connection.

2. Vertically orient the repeater dock and secure it to the


" self-tapping pan head screws (Fig.1B)

wall with two #8 x

(not supplied).

3. Make sure power to the trailer is off, then connect the

repeater dock's red power wire (Fig.1C) and black ground

wire (Fig.1D) to system power and ground as follows:

A. If necessary, use wire strippers to expose enough bare

wire to make a good connection.

B. Use appropriate electrical connectors to create good


C. Make sure there is a 15A maximum circuit protection

placed in-line between the power supply and the

repeater dock.”

Once installed there should be an LED light flashing showing you it has power and is working. However, if you do not see that light, check your wires, fuse, and power source to make sure there is not a wiring problem.

Pages 4 and the following pages of the manual have the instructions to connect the device to your Compass Connect feature. They also have images to help you make the connection

How To Connect Tire Linc

The first step is to download the Lippert One Control App and install it on your cell phone. The second step will be to tap the One Connect icon to launch the app and get ready to connect to the Tire Linc system

The third step is to follow the connection guide that will pop up. (Or you can press the pair mode button on the repeater and look for Tire Linc in the menu). Next press the settings button on the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

When the window appears look for the Tire Linc option with the strongest RSSI. Once that is done, select the vehicle Class (A, C, 5th, or travel trailer) and after that select the axle number of the vehicle.

On page 6 of the manual, the company tells you the order you need to go in to activate the different sensors. Page 7 onward provides some tips for installation and you should not skip those pages

Tire Linc Alert Indicator

Tire-Linc-Alert-Indicator (2)

The biggest complaint some owners had was that the alert system did not send out an audible alarm when something was detected. Other owners corrected them and said there is an alarm but it just alerts you to a problem but does nothing else.

You have to go to your app to find the specific information for why the alert was given. Also, your phone should give you an image and pinpoint the exact location where the problem lies.

To get to that image and information, you need to tap the notification on your phone. The app provides different images depending on the problem but this is a device that needs a person to have more than 3 hands to use. It is best to let your partner handle the app when you are driving.

There are flaws in the system besides that design but the design should make solving the problem a little easier and a bit quicker. It is best to use the link above and read the manual. There are many instructions you need to follow that cannot be put here.

Tire Linc Sensors

In the kit, you will get 4 sensors and 4 batteries. These are battery-operated devices that simply replace your valve stem cap. Unscrew the old caps and simply screw the sensors on in their place.

Also, the system is supposed to monitor up to 20 tires at the same time. This gives those larger RV owners complete coverage of all the tires on their RVs or trailers.

The sensors are sold in packs of 2 thus if your complete kit contains only 4 sensors, then you can add more until all your tires are monitored. The complete kit contains-- 4 Sensors, 4 Installed Sensor Batteries, Repeater Assembly, Sensor Tool, TPMS Lock Nut Wrench, TPMS Lock Nut & O-Ring Kit, TPMS Dock Assembly, Tire Linc Quick Start User Guide, and Tire Linc Aftermarket Manual

But if all you need are sensors and their batteries, then they are selling for $117 on Amazon. For that price, all you get are 2 sensors, batteries, and 2 locking nuts.

You may find these kits and other Tire Linc accessories wherever RV parts and systems are sold. What their prices are is not totally known but they are said to be expensive.

Tire Linc Problems

One of the first problems that arise is the alert system. They are said to be passive, which means you do not know about the alerts until you open your phone. There may be accessories that solve this problem.

Other problems come in the pairing process. Sometimes the device does not pair up with Compass Connect or One Connect and the device may be bad. Or people’s technical skills are not what they should be.

Another problem will be that one of the sensors fails and gives you inaccurate readings. Or they fail to connect to the app. One problem another owner had is that he could not use the system while driving. This just may be a technical issue.

One owner got 2 different instructions, one for the installation for Tire LInc and one for connecting for an entirely different product. This is also a technical or printing error.

There is also the situation where you may have to reconnect to the device if you have been away from it for some time. But to reconnect, you need to be linked to the internet. This has been a problem for a number of owners.

That brings us to the final problem we will discuss here. Batteries can lose their power and when they do, you lose your sensors and tire monitoring. This is not a good situation to be in.

Tire Linc Alert Indicator Keeps Beeping


There seems to be conflicting information on what those beeps mean. One owner stated that the beeps were telling you that one of the sensors has reached a limit. Those limits are either temperature or pressure.

Another owner stated that the beeping will occur when one of the sensors loses a signal. Plus, it may beep when you are standing still. The owner just unplugs it until he is ready to move again.

This has happened to another owner. It beeps when they are parked at a campsite and it may be due to the fact that the sensors stop sending signals when the tires are not moving.

The best solution in the last situation is to simply unplug the device until you get rolling again. But one has to be careful when they get false alarms.

An owner may ignore one that is real and end up in a lot of trouble, This almost happened to one owner but he decided not to ignore the alarm. He found a bolt in his tire.

Tire Linc Battery Replacement

We checked Lippert’s online store and while they have the whole kit on sale for $300, we did not find an option for just replacement batteries. It may be there but they were not listed under the Tire Linc section.

Amazon sells the sensors separately but not the batteries. At least none that stated they were for Tire LInc. In fact, we did not see any retailer selling just the batteries. But then you may find good batteries under another name that will work with this system.

You just have to talk to the battery people at your favorite RV outlet to see which ones will work for you. Camping World also sells the 2 sensor packs and their sale price matches Amazon’s price. Their regular price is 4168. But no batteries for sale.

You can contact Lippert to ask them why this is so. It just may be a way to boost profits or Lippert decided regular batteries will power their system as well. If the latter is the case, they should tell you what type of battery you should use.

Some Final Words

Monitoring your tires is important. Too many accidents have taken place over the years as owners have forgotten about their tires and their condition. Is this a good system? Some owners like it and say it is a great product that helps them out.

Others say otherwise and state there are better systems out there for you to use. Compare them and their operating systems to make sure this system is a good fit for you.

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