Full Glass RV Door Pros and Cons (Where To Find a Glass Door)

There are RVs out there that now come with a full glass door. But there is a regular RV door behind it. The glass does not show anything as the view is blocked by the regular door. You can just see through the regular window area.

It seems that the Grey Wolf and Gray Pup RVs are being made with a full glass door. This is in place of the regular fiberglass skin most RVs come with. The purpose is not entirely clear as the glass acts like a regular door and is not see-through.

To learn more about this new trend, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can decide if you want to buy an RV with a glass door or not. It may be nice and it may not.

Full Glass RV Entry Door Pros And Cons


This must be a new trend as no one is talking about this topic that we can find. We also checked Lippert’s website as it makes a lot of different doors for RVs and they did not advertise one full glass door.

The company does make patio sliding doors made of glass, just like you would find in your traditional home. But nothing like what was discussed in 2020 when the Wolf Pup and company made an all-glass door for the entry way.

The pros and cons would be similar to any glass door you install in a traditional home as glass is glass.


  • looks stylish
  • made from tempered glass
  • may withstand heat and cold temperatures



  • made of glass
  • even if made from tempered glass it may still be fragile and break easily
  • not see-through
  • no real purpose to having glass on the entry door
  • may be a perk to upgrade the price
  • gets lots of fingerprints
  • gets lots of fingerprints
  • needs special cleaning
  • may not be secure enough

We do not see the value of having a glass door entry way. If you can’t see through it, what is the point? If it is a separate door then you can see through it from the inside to the outside but at night with the lights on the opposite is true.

Finding a Glass Door For RV

You may have to go to Forest River and their Grey Wolf RV series to find one. They are included in the limited package offered by this company for this RV model series. It is called a blackout glass door. They do add a hint of sophistication and good looks to the RVs they are installed on.

We have looked at Amazon, RV Parts Nation, and other outlets and no one is selling a blackout glass entry door for an RV. If you want to replace the one you have after it has been damaged or broken then you have to go to the Grey wolf dealer or Forest River.

Almost every website we looked at that sold glass for doors only had glass for standard RV doors. Or they may have glass for your shower door or cabinets. This design seems to be something new and it has not caught on as of yet.

We can’t even quote you a price as that will depend on Forest River, the size of the door, the model it is for, and so on. Talk to a dealer near you to see how much they cost.

List Of RVs With Full Glass RV Door


This may simply be limited to the 27 floor plans from the Grey Wolf model series made by Forest River. We have checked different locations and if there is another model series with a full glass door, it was not factory installed. It was a custom job.

When some repair shops, dealers, etc., talk about a full glass door, they are not talking about a real full glass door. There is a pane of glass inserted into the standard RV entry door and it is surrounded on all sides by 4 to 12 inches of the standard RV entry door.

We checked the Forest River website and this option is a special feature. You have to buy the limited package to get the full blackout glass door. The fish house design comes with an upgraded RV door with a deadbolt lock.

The campfire package does not say it has the full blackout glass door but it does come with a skylight. The base package is the same except it does not come with a skylight.

The only package that seems to have the full blackout glass entry door is the limited option. That door also comes with a friction hinge to prevent accidental or on purpose slamming of the door.

You can see the 27 floor plans at this link and decide for yourself if this is something you want to invest in.

Sliding Glass Door For RV

This door option is different. Not only does Lippert make this type of door for RV, but you can also find them on more models than just the Forest River model series.

They seem to be a custom job for the most part that can be added later to your RV. However, we have seen some models that look like they are factory installed. The KZ Sportsman is an example for the latter and the Sandpiper seems to be an example of the former.

The Forest River XLR Thunderbolt 422AMP is another example of a factory glass sliding door option. It goes out to the 12-foot patio that this trailer seems to have with it.

Grand Design Momentum 399TH is a toy hauler with a sliding glass door as is the Jayco Pinnacle 39SPQS. It is an option but be prepared to pay more for that luxury. If you do not want any of those trailers, you can always have one of the many glass companies offering this service, install one for you.

Just check with them to find the exact cost and time it will take to install for you. It is a feature that can come in handy.

How To Replace Glass in RV Door


The first thing in this process is to go to a glass store that sells tempered glass. The big box home improvement stores may not have this glass type and it is required by law. You must use tempered glass to replace your RV door window.

Getting the right size to fit your RV may take a few days as tempered glass cannot be cut at the glass shop. It has to be specially made in an oven and the manufacturer is not in the glass shop.

The second thing you need to do is hire a helper. They will need to hold the glass while you remove the old frame. The glass is not attached to the frame so you have to be careful so it does not fall and break on you.

Once the frame is removed, clean it up. Get rid of any old caulking that is still attached to it. You can use a flat scraper or a rag with solvent on it. The choice is up to you.

Next, lay the outside frame down on a bench with the exterior part down. Place some butyl putty tape around the frame cutting off any excess putty. You only need to go halfway with the butyl tape as the rest of the outside frame will be covered in silicone caulk or sealant.

Once that is done, lay the glass in place and let the sealant set up. When it is ready, place the exterior frame in its place in your door. The exterior portion of the window frame does not have screw holes. You will need an assistant to hold the glass and frame in place while you position the interior frame.

Make sure the two line up as you will be screwing the frame together from the inside. If the door has warped a little you should buy a new frame for your door. Longer screws tend to go through the frame and into people’s hands.

With this part of the task done, you may need to clean up any excess putty or sealant to make the job look like a professional did it.

Using Plexiglass Instead Of Real Glass

This is easier and cheaper as you do not have to wait for the tempered glass to be ready. You can go to any hardware or home improvement store and buy the clear plexiglass you need.

It is inexpensive, easier to fit and you do not have to worry about dropping it. It shouldn’t break on you. And it is easier to cut if the size is too big. You really can’t cut tempered glass so if the window you buy doesn’t match up, you will have to get another complete piece of tempered glass.

Once you have your plexiglass to size, you should remove the old glass and clean up the frame. Then install the plexiglass following the same instructions given above.

The drawback of using plexiglass is that it will get brittle when the temperatures drop. When it gets brittle, you may see the replacement material break. It is not a good replacement for glass even though it is cheaper.

You can use regular plastic or plastic made for windows and one type is called Lexan. It is a bit more expensive but it will be better than plexiglass. But before you do any replacement work, check with the dealers.

Some keep replacement windows in stock and they may be a bit cheaper than a regular glass shop would be. Shop around so you get the best material at the right price.

If you are under warranty, then let the approved dealer handle the repair. That way you won’t void your warranty and you may not have to pay a lot of money out of pocket to get the repair done.

Fixing Leaky RV Glass Doors


This will apply to an all-glass door as well as it should have seals around the frame to keep any water out. It is the seals where the water will find its way in. You need to keep them in good shape so that they always work when the next rainstorm comes.

When seals become dry, brittle or damaged, it is always best to replace them. It is an added expense but those seals protect your door from water and the wood underneath from rotting out.

Before they get to that bad condition, you can buy different seal protectants to keep them soft, pliable, and in top shape. Just follow the instructions on the bottle or jars of this product and you should be fine.

These products will help your seals last longer but eventually, they will wear out or get damaged and you will have to replace them. You should be able to pick up new seals at a dealer, RV parts and supplies outlets, or even Amazon. Just do a good search and find the right size and price for your RV.

Taking care of your RV includes taking care of the seals around your windows and doors.

Some Final Words

There may be more RVs with solid glass doors but not that many popped up. Those that did seem to be on the longer and more expensive models which may be out of some people’s budgets.

This seems to be a new trend as there are not that many RV people out there writing about them or comparing them with traditional RV doors. If you want one, you may have to pay more as they do not seem to be standard features even on the Forest River Grey Wolf model series.

Take a look around at the different dealers to see what they have to offer.

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