JT Strong Arm vs Steadyfast RV Stabilizer (Which is better?)

Having your RV or trailer nice and stable is essential. You do not want a lot of movement as you may not get a good night’s sleep. If your RV is not steady, your appliances may not work as well either. Having the right support jacks may make all the difference for you.

This is a tough question to answer as different people think one or the other is better. Right at this moment, more people seem to like JT’s because the design of their jacks is better than SteadyFast’s design.

To learn more about these two stabilizing products, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about. Take a few minutes to get this information so you can make an informed purchase decision

JT Strong Arm vs SteadyFast


The company that makes JT Strong Arm is Lippert. This product may be good despite the company that makes it. SteadyFats seems to be made by an independent company that will ship their product to you quickly.

The Steady Fast option is said to be easy to install, less complicated to use, and helps remove sway, etc., once employed. The problem with both sets of products is that they seem to be heavy.

One owner picked them up in their box and decided to go with aluminum options instead. They were too heavy for him to carry in his trailer, etc. Another like the design of the JT option but said it was too complicated to use.

It had more bracing which is needed but complicated any RV owner can do without. Installation of the JT brand seems to take 1 to 2 hours if you know what you are doing.

Also, the SteadyFast system seems to deploy better than the JT model. Both work as claimed but these minor differences may influence you to go with the SteadyFast instead of the JT option. The SteadyFast stabilizers should remove at least 90% of the movement you experience.

Do JT Strong Arms Work?


If installed properly, you should have no problem with this brand of stabilizer. The issues most owners have who installed them are not with the movement or performance but with the complicated design.

While one mechanic who installed this brand said it was easy to do, it was not as easy as the SteadyFast stabilizing system. Some people took the JTs because they said they liked its design better. SteadyFast seems to have a foot attachment that they considered to be awkward.

We have not come across any real complaints yet about the JT product. Most owners who use them seem to be satisfied with their performance. Then other owners who have used both systems, prefer the SteadyFast stabilizer.

This preference was not due to any mechanical or operational failure on the part of the JT stabilizers, the owners just liked the SteadyFast better. Other owners have reported that their experience with the JTs has been great and without issue.

It is doubtful that you will go wrong if you pick the JTs over the SteadyFast stabilizers. Both are good and perform as expected

Steadyfast vs JT Strongarm Pros And Cons

As you well know, not everything is perfect. But these stabilizing systems seem to have more positive aspects about them than negative. They may be as close to perfect as you can get. Here are the pros and cons for both so you can make a good comparison between the two:

1. JT Strongarm


  • made with high-quality materials
  • easy to install and comes with a permanent install feature
  • provides very solid stabilization no matter the weight of the trailer
  • very durable and resists rust


  • not easy to use 
  • not as good as other stabilizing options

2. SteadyFast


  • anchors your RV to the ground
  • durable construction
  • easy to set up and install
  • very easy to use, takes just seconds to engage or disengage
  • a 10-year warranty attached to it
  • can be permanently installed as well


  • Expensive

The lack of cons coincides with our research as most owners are happy with both products. They had no wild complaints or warnings for either product. You will probably be well served by either one but what we found is that more owners preferred SteadyFast over JT.

JT Strong Arm Reviews


The reviews we read for this product have been quite good. They have been more positive than negative with the latter not being that negative at all. No one is saying to stay away from them because they are junk and do not work.

The reverse is true as most owners say that they perform quite well and liked having them on their RVs, etc. In one top 10 reviews, this brand made it in at #7 but we are not sure if that list is in any particular order or not.

Another, longer top best list, did not include this stabilizing product but it did include the Lippert electric stabilizer. If they are the same product then it came in at #9.

We have checked different RV discussion websites and the comments on those have been mostly positive. What they did not like were the design and complicated operation. Others did not mind those factors.

Being made by Lippert is a surprise as they seem to be a very good product that does not break down easily on you. These stabilizers are made from very good construction materials that hold up over the years.

The support they provide is rock solid and their cost is affordable.

Steadyfast Stabilizer Review


The main complaint we have read about these stabilizers is their price. It is said they are quite expensive and may not fit every budget. This may be due to the customized design of the jacks.

Several owners reported talking to the owner of the company, a former engineer, and they said he took a lot of time doing his research before developing this system.

He analyzed the competing brands and their stabilizers, including operation and design, and then designed his own. He was also very helpful in telling owners the best way to install his product.

This attitude enhances the reputation of both the company and this product. The SteadyFast stabilizers have been reported as stopping up to 98% of the movement of your RV. Other owners have said it will stop 80 to 90% of theirs.

That is a great improvement for RV living. This product is also made from very top-quality construction material. So you are not going to get an inferior stabilizer system.

All the parts are powdered-coated or zinc plated to keep rust and corrosion away. The 10-year warranty is something that is very attractive. You may not own your RV that long.

Then the stabilizers are supposed to anchor your RV to the ground. This is another plus that gives you more peace of mind when you are camping.

Which JT Strong Arm Do I Need?


This will depend on the size of your trailer and your built-in stabilizing jack system. If you have the hydraulic option, you would need special adapter lugs to complete the installation.

And at the same time, if your RV is less than 58” between jacks, you will need the JT's Strong Arm Jack Stabilizer Kit # LC191024. The adapter part number for the special lugs is # LC314592 (at least for the e-trailer store).

You can shop at Lippert’s online store and get a kit for your 5th wheel or travel trailer. The cost is $400 but the kit allows you to fit different sized trailers. There is a drop-down menu underneath the description to get the kit that fits your trailers.

Read the available option pages section of the landing page to see what is included in the different kits. If you want to save money, Amazon has the kit for $134 cheaper.

We are not sure which trailer it will fit as the ad does not say. Camping World has the same kit but it is about $50 more than Amazon’s price. If you shop around, you should get a good price for this stabilizing system.

Lippert has been contacted by an owner and reported that both systems will not void your warranty unless they cause damage to your trailer.

Some Final Words

In comparing different products, it is rare to get some items that are so close to each other. If you buy one or the other, you should get good results. The differences come down to price, ease of use, and ease of installation.

Both products cut the majority of movement from your trailer so you can have a very stable night. Check out both products and see if they will fit your budget and do your own comparisons. That way you know you are getting what you need at a price you can live with.

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