11 Toy Haulers With 12 Foot Garage: Fifth Wheel, Bumper, Light

so, is not known. But you can find far more toy haulers with larger or smaller than 12-foot garages than you can with those that have one. It is a mystery for someone to solve.

Here are 5 toy haulers that come with a 12-foot garage. Winnebago Spyder S35SGT. 2 Stryker ST3212, 3 KZ Sportster 342THR13, 4 Torque T31, 5 Keystone Impact 330. The Jayco Octane T32H has a 12 1/2 foot garage that can be included in that list.

To learn more about these toy haulers and others that come with a 12-foot garage, just keep reading our article. It provides as much information as possible to help you find one with the garage length you want. These are hard to find.

What Toy Hauler Has a 12-Foot Garage?


We just gave you a list of 5 of the top 12-foot garage toy haulers. here they are again- Winnebago Spyder S35SGT. 2 Stryker ST3212, 3 KZ Sportster 342THR13, 4 Torque T31, 5 Keystone Impact 330.

Then there is the Forest River Vengeance. This model comes with a loft above the garage so you have extra storage space if you need it. There is a company called Dune Sport that customizes toy haulers. They should be able to fit a 12-foot garage in their models for you.

Their customizing seems to focus on bumper pull models and they have a wide range of prices depending on what you need and want. But if you look hard enough, you will find more options as the Keystone Fuzion seems to come with a 12-foot garage as well. You will find it in both the 2014 and 2016 models.

The Dutchman Voltage 3305 comes with a 12’ 4” garage which in our book will qualify as a 12-foot garage. 4 extra inches is not that much extra. We checked out as many floor plans as we could and most of them showed 13’ garages.

Most likely you will have to go through each brand of RVs to see which models have the 12-foot requirement.

Bumper Pull Toy Hauler With a 12-Foot Garage

Dune Sport seems to have some bumper pull toy haulers with a 12’ garage. The company is a custom outfit and they have their own brand names. Plus, you can build your own toy hauler online and the company will do the work for you.

According to their website, they have quite a few small bumper pull trailers in stock at reasonable prices. The price goes according to the length and their trailers range in size from 10 feet to almost 40 feet.

Genesis Supreme RVs have a lot of bumper pull trailers for sale but the models we looked at did not come with a 12-foot garage. They were all over 13’. Because of the size of their selection, we could not view all of their models but you may be able to find one out of the 9 model series they offer.

The 2015 Keystone Impact 312 did come with a 12-foot separate garage but the selection is slim and none. It is hard to find a bumper pull trailer that has a 12-foot garage. Most are 10 feet and the larger ones are not that common.

Another option would be the early models of the Evergreen Amped 32GS. But we are not given the year for this model. The website where it was mentioned dates to 2015. Then the Jayco Octane T32H was only 5 inches longer than 12 feet so it would qualify for this category as well.

Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler With a 12-Foot Garage


We found 2 5th wheel trailers that came with a 12-foot garage. The Dutchman Voltage 3305 mentioned earlier was one of them. The other was the Keystone Fuzion 403, also mentioned earlier.

Unlike the bumper pull trailers, there are more of the 5th wheel models with 12-foot garages. Some will be a few inches longer than 12 feet but we are giving a little latitude in this search.

The first one on the list would be the Forest River XLR Thunderbolt and its garage measures exactly 12 feet in length. it also comes with an 8-foot ramp. Next is the Forest River Vengeance Touring Edition 40D12. The garage is also 90 inches wide.

The third is the Jayco Talon which seems to have 2 measurements for its cargo space. One is at 16 feet 9 inches while the other is 12 feet 6 inches. A little flexibility doesn’t hurt. Finally, the Jayco Seismic comes with a 12-foot 6-inch space that can be used for a toy.

These are just some of the 5th wheel models with a 12-foot garage. A little more detailed searching should come up with more models from different RV brands. They are out there but they are not as popular as other garage sizes.

It seems that over 12 feet or 10 feet and under are the most popular garage sizes.

Lightweight Toy Hauler With a 12-Foot Garage

What came up in our search first were the XLR Hyper Lite Travel Trailer Toy Haulers 3212 and the 3412 models. They both have 12-foot 6-inch garages that may work for what you need. They are very basic trailers with one slide each and not many amenities.

Then the Forest River XLR Hyperlite 19HFS has a 12-foot, exactly, the garage that will hold many of your smaller toys. Next up would be the Coachmen Catalina Trail Blazer 26TH Unfortunately, its garage only gets close to 12 feet. The total length is only 11 feet 6 inches but in a pinch, it may work out for you.

Another one that meets the 12-foot requirement would be the Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 22RR. its garage space measures 12 feet 1 inch but that is close enough. You may find more models as these lists are not exhaustive. They are meant to get you pointed in the right direction and let you know a few that are available.

You would have to do your own research to find other models as many RV makers have pages upon pages of models series that may or may not have a 12-foot garage. It will take some time to look for them.

Finding a Used Toy Hauler With a 12-Foot Garage


The key to finding a toy hauler with a 12-foot garage will depend on your parameters. If you want a basic trailer with few features, we suggest you search through the different companies that make toy hauler trailers.

These trailers are not full-fledged RVs but only have the bare necessities, leaving room for your toys. They also have different weight limits that may surpass the cargo weight limits of regular toy haulers.

If that option doesn’t work out for you, then we suggest searching the many traditional RV manufacturers. They make a lot of RV toy haulers and they may be able to make an adjustment if you are set on 12’ garages. However, that is something you need to talk to them about.

Their websites had more model options than we had time to look through so there may be a model in stock waiting for you to spot it. We say traditional here and what we mean by that is the more famous and standard RV brands everyone knows about.

There are smaller RV makers out there that may take a little time in finding and may be able to meet your requirements. If not, you can go to the different customizing outlets like Dune Sport and get one tailor-made, exactly to your specifications.

The cost will depend on what you want and the size of trailer you want to pull behind your tow vehicle. We are not done with this list yet as there are still other options available.

The classified ads are always a good place to look. However, selection may be minimal and time-consuming when you use this option. You can also check those dealers that sell used toy haulers. They may have one or two or more in stock. It just depends on their price, location, and toy hauler design.

In these last two options, you may find motivated sellers who want to get rid of their toy hauler quickly. It is possible to get a great deal when you do. You can also try the many different RV discussion forums.

Many famous brands have their own and they often have a classified section attached to them. You can peruse those websites to see if there is any with a 12-foot garage for sale.

Last but not least, you can always try the vehicle auctions. You never know what they will have and this is more of a hit and miss option. The prices may be better here but that is hard to say. As with the classified ads and the selection may be minimal.

Benefits Of a Separate Garage

If you own a toy hauler with a separate garage, of any size, you do have more than one positive option when you or your teenagers need more space. If you have outgrown your adult toys, you can always convert them into a single bedroom or apartment with its own facilities.

Or you can turn it into a studio to do pottery, painting, or other crafts and artwork. The garage section does not have to remain a garage. Especially when you are facing the empty nest syndrome. It is a space you could also turn into a nice game room, patio area, or a dining room when you want to host a dinner.

It is a good area to change to an entertainment section and keep your guests from your private quarters in the other part of the toy hauler. You do not have to sell it or trade it in for another model when there are so many other constructive options you can choose to use.

Think about it. You could also turn it into a nice walk-in closet your spouse has always dreamed about having. The positive aspects are unlimited here.

What To Look For When Buying a Toy Hauler


There are several key tips to help you find the right toy hauler for you. The following are just a few guides to make sure you are on the right track:

1. Purpose- what you are going to use it for will determine the size of the space

2. Separate or combination- this is an important decision as you will be giving up living space once your toy is inside. A separate garage lets you keep your living space where you want it.

3. Price- these RV options are not that cheap. Make sure you can find what you want in the price range you can afford

4. Seller- make sure they come with a good reputation and that they follow all transaction laws and regulations. Dealing with reputable sellers is important and protects you as well.

5. Floor plan- you have to be comfortable with how all the features are laid out. These toy haulers come in several floor plans so you should look for the one you like the most.

6. Weight limits, etc.- make sure to know the limits so you know how many toys and which ones you can bring. Don’t forget to check the holding tank size as well.

Some Final Words

It may be easier to buy New York Yankee tickets than it is to find and buy a toy hauler with a 12-foot garage. We have been able to find a few but the real search is in your hands. Check the different places to see what is available and do some smart comparison shopping.

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