3.73 vs 4.10 Ram 3500: Are 3.73 or 4.10 Gears Better?

In any comparison, one side will have strengths the other side does not have and vice versa. Then, one side will be better in certain applications than the other side. These are factors that make both sides almost the same and not better than the other.

Both gear ratios have specific applications. The 3.73 is best in smaller cars with 4-cylinder motors. The 4.73 is best in high-performance vehicles because it has better acceleration. But both can be used in a variety of vehicles.

To learn more about these different gear ratios, just continue to read our article. It explores the issue so you have the right information to make your purchase decision. The 3.73 is better at fuel efficiency in stop and go traffic.

Ram 3.73 vs 4.10 Gears


In most situations, the 3.73 seems to be the most favored gear ratio option. The owners that have both say that is all you need. The 4.10 gear ratio is a quick accelerator but with the newer 8-speed transmissions, it is not needed at this point in time.

One of the weaknesses of the 3.73 is that it may not be able to pull over 10 thousand pounds. One owner stated that the 3.73 is not up to the task of pulling really heavy loads. 99% of the other times it is the perfect gear ratio to have.

According to some research, the 4.10 allows you to tow up to 2000 pounds more than if you had the 3.73. What that means is that if your tow vehicle was rated for 10,000 pounds with the 3.73, then that same vehicle could tow 2,000 more pounds with the 4.10.

Then, you may find that the 3.73 may not be that good for highway driving. The transmission seems to be always looking for one more gear to shift into. However, the 7.10 doesn’t have that same problem. Plus, if you get the 8-speed you should have smooth traveling even if fully loaded.

Pros And Cons Of The 3.73 & 4.10


Before we go much further, we should list a few pros and cons of each vehicle. That way you get a good idea of what to expect when you buy a vehicle with either ratio.

These lists are not exhaustive but are only meant to give you an idea of the performance of each option.

1. the 3.73

- Not as fast off of the line

- Lower Torque

- Better Gas Mileage

- Higher Top Speed

2. the 4.10

- Quicker Off The Line

- Higher Torque

- Decreased Gas Mileage

- Lower Top Speed

If you are not sure which gear ratio you have, you can do some math. All you have to do is count the number of teeth on the ring gear. The count the number of teeth on the pinion gear. Then divide the former by the latter and you have your gear ratio.

What this gear ratio means is that for every one turn of the ring gear, the pinion gear will turn 3.73 or 4.10 times. There is a way to do this without taking your rear end apart.

Place a piece of tape on the bottom of the driveshaft and another piece of tape on the sidewall of the driver’s side tire. Of course, to do this you will need to jack your vehicle up.

Then as the tire and the driveshaft spin, just count the revolutions again. For every 2 revolutions of the tire count the driveshaft revolutions. If the latter spins 2 3/4 times that will equal 2.73 gearing.

If it spins 3 3/4 times then that equals 3.73 and over 4 times will be equal to the 4.10. It is a simple way to do this or you can just ask the dealer for the specs and the gear ratio should be listed.

Are 3.73 or 4.10 Gears Better?


From our research, we have found that both gear ratios are quite good. However, they have specific applications where 1 is better than the other. Most people feel that the 3.73 gear ratio is better in 99% of all driving situations

The 4.10 is best in that 1% left over. While some would think that makes the 3.73 better and it is possible. But it is not better in that 1% application. But you may need to test drive both gear ratios to see the difference for yourself.

There are plenty of owners that prefer the 4.10 over the 3.73 in all situations. The key is to find the best, you need to have the gear ratio that fits your circumstances. The 3.73 is said to not be very good at towing heavy loads.

You may not be in a situation where you will tow over 10 thousand pounds all the time. Once or twice is fine for the 3.73 but not on a constant basis. It would be best to talk to other drivers who have had experience with both and see what they say.

Their knowledge will help you make up your mind and give you an experiential point of view that you may not have thought about.

Is a 4.10 Gear Ratio Good For Towing?


Yes, it is very good for towing especially if you are towing a heavier 5th wheel. The gas mileage should be about the same as the 3.73 when towing the same weight but you shouldn’t find this gear ratio in a single axle tow vehicle.

The singles come in the 3.73 option only, as of this writing. If you have a dually or want to buy one, then you have a choice between the 3.73 and the 4.10.

The recommendation is to go with the 4.10 option as you can tow heavier weight without losing on the performance. Some owners got better gas mileage on their trips using the 4.10. This result may depend on the type of vehicle you are using.

But even the 4.10 ha sits limits. For over 20,000 pounds, you would want the 4.30 gear ratio. The heavier the load the higher the gear ratio you should have. That figure is not written in stone though and talk to a good mechanic concerning the size of gear ratio you should have for any weight class.

What Gear Ratio is in My Dodge Ram?


This will depend on the type of Dodge Ram you own. The 3.73 is the only gear ratio placed in the single axle trucks. But that may be old information and we cannot verify that at the moment.

GM is using the 3.73 in its 2500 and 3500 diesel pickup models. Ford goes with the 4.10 on its F-450 series. For Dodge, it will depend on the class of the Ram truck as well as the year.

This may be hard to figure out if the stickers containing any information on this topic are lost. In our research, we found that some of the older and lower-end Dodge Rams came with a 3.21 gear ratio. Others had a 3.53 or a 3.92.

If you are not sure, you can contact Dodger and give them your VIN and they should be able to tell you in a minute or two what you have. One of the problems associated with the new tags is that they are made from paper.

It is very easy for them to get wet and be destroyed. Calling the company is the best way to go to get accurate information.

3.73 vs 4.10 Ram 2500


This will depend also on your situation. You have to figure out what you will be using your truck for and how much weight it will tow before you can make any comparison.

All of our research has pointed to the fact that you do not need more than the 3.73 in most towing and hauling situations. All the 4.10 does is allow you to tow or haul higher weights, up to 2,000 pounds more give or take.

Most owners did not report any performance difference if you used the 4.10 in more than the 1% situations where you need that gear ratio. There is no negative reason not to go with the 4.10.

The 3,73 is good and jumping to the 4.10 is not going to provide you with any significant advantage. It is just an upgrade only.

Some Final Words

Some people over-think different issues. The gear ratio does play a role in the performance and how much you can tow or haul. But that influence is minor in most cases.

Either way, you are going to be okay unless you graduate to a heavier trailer or do a lot of highway driving with a load. When you are looking for a new truck, as what the gear ratio is in each model. That way you can get the truck with the ratio you prefer.

Towing over 20,000 pounds may mean you should go even higher in the gear ratio.

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