List of 7 Foot Wide Travel Trailers (Who Makes 7 Ft Wide?)

Wider is not always better. You may be grateful that you bought a smaller trailer. The reason we say that is many older campgrounds are not wide enough to handle 8-foot or wider Travel trailers in their campgrounds. Thinner is often better than wider in many cases including smaller rural roads.

There is at least one RV, The Micro, that measures 7 feet wide. It does not have a lot of space around the bed which may put some people off. There are smaller trailers as well and we may include anything between 6 and 8 feet in this article.

To learn more about who makes and how many trailer models are only 7 feet wide approx. Just continue to read our article. It provides as much information on these thinner trailers as possible. Take a few minutes to see if this trailer option is perfect for you.

Are There Any 7 Foot Wide Travel Trailers?


Yes, there are and there seems to be quite a few of them made. The Micro as mentioned earlier is one model. The Drop only gets to 6 1/2 feet wide but it should be mentioned here.

The Coachman RV manufacturer makes the Catilina series. This series is supposed t be comprised of all trailers made under 8 feet. Most of the floor plans we saw had the width at 90 inches for every model.

That equals 7 1/2 feet wide. In 2020 Jayco made one and they called it the Jay Flight SLX 7. This trailer has a nice layout but you can only enter the bed from one side. The length ranged between 16 1/2 to 21 1/2 feet.

Palomino made the Ultra Lite series which also hit the 7-foot mark with ease. In the 7 floor plans available, they all weighed under 5000 pounds. Then there is IBEX travel trailers. They offer 8 floor plans with 4 being 8 feet wide and 4 being 7 feet wide.

The latter also weighs under 5000 pounds, with most of them coming with slides. You can also check out R-Pod as that company or model series makes 6 to 7-foot wide trailers. Some also get to 8 feet wide.

What these examples tell you is that both small and traditional RV makers do try to make trailers that fit their customers’ preference for thin and small. You do not have to look for custom made trailers to get what you want.

Who Makes 7 Foot Wide Travel Trailers?


The better question is, who doesn’t make a 7-foot trailer. We have mentioned several brands in the previous section . If you note those brands are small ones or traditional RV makers that like to build big.

At the moment we are not sure who makes the The Drop or The Micro but we are finding that all companies are making small trailers as there is a market for them. Forest River makes the R-Pod.

There are lesser known trailer makers, for example, Scamp, Casita,

Bigfoot, Escape, Trillium that do make 7 foot or between 6 and 7 1/2 feet wide trailers. Which models they produce you would have to contact them to see their full line-up.

The Drop and the Micro are both made by Winnebago and their full names are Minnie Drop and Micro Minnie. The former comes with 5 floor plans and 6 colors while the latter has 12 floor plans and 2 colors to choose between.

If you are looking for an older model series, you can try the Chalet Takena brand. It seems to have been around in the early 2000s up until the present time. Their website says you can buy direct from them.

However, this company makes pop-up A-frame trailers so they may not be included in this list. Most pop-ups can be quite thin depending on the model and maker of the trailer.

You may have to do some searching to see what 7-foot trailers are available today.

List Of 7 Foot Wide Travel Trailers

In this section, we will simply provide the brand name. Many of these companies have been in business for decades and their model lines change constantly. They may have been making 7-foot trailers for a generation but that does not mean all models are still being made.

Some may be relegated to used trailer dealers and forgotten. The used may not appear in any current manufacturer’s model lists. That will be true for used Airstream. Their older models were all 7 feet wide and have been overshadowed by their more modern counterparts. But you can check that company as well to see if they still make 7-foot wide trailers.

Here are just some brands that have or should be making 7-foot wide trailers:

Scamp, Casita, Bigfoot, Escape, Trillium, with Bigfoot mainly making wider trailers today. Their olde rmodels were said to be made between 6 and 7 1/2 feet wide. That may be true for some of the other brands in that short list.

Next will be the traditional brands-- Winnabego, Forest River, Jayco, Coachman, Airstream, Keystone and possibly more. There are smaller outfits like SunLite and Starcraft that make smaller trailers for couples with no children. Heartland is said to make a 7’ 6” model. It is best to go to each maker’s website to see what they do make and if you do not see one, they may have made them years earlier and stop production on them.

Many of the older trailers, pre-2000s were only made to be 7 feet wide os if you like vintage that may be an option for you. Again, in that era, the top makers would be the traditional RV makers you know and love today.

During that era there were a lot of makers that went out of business but a few of their models still exist. We can’t think of all their names off hand, but there were a few good ones that people loved and took care of.

7 Foot Wide Travel Trailer With Slide Out

Puma Ultra Lite made the 18RDX model with one slide-out. It weighed just under 5000 pounds and was 23’ 2” long and 10’ 1” high. The holding tanks were 34 gallons for the freshwater, and 30 gallons for both the grey and black water tanks.

For the Catalina Summit Series their 184BHS & 184 FQS have one slide-out each. They weigh 5000 and 5500 pounds respectively and approx. Plus, they are both 23’ 1” long & 10’ 1” high but their width measures 7’ 6” each.

Their freshwater tank holds 44 gallons while the grey and black water tanks held firm at 30 gallons each. Also, you can check the following models to see if they are true 7-foot wide trailers but they all have a slide-out included in their floor ploans:

1. KZ Sportsmen Classic 151RB

2. Forest River R-Pod 190

3. Jayco Hummingbird 17BH

4. KZ Sportsmen Classic 181BH

5. Lance 1575

6. Palomino 182SK

That list should just get you started. You have to decide if a slide-out is warranted for these smaller trailers. They require a bit of maintenance and that extra work may not be worth the small amount of space you do get when they are extended.

Finding Used 7 Foot Wide Travel Trailers


The good news is that you will find these just about anywhere trailers are being sold. We have given you a list of current manufacturers that make these smaller trailers.

Most likely, you will find that almost all famous brands will have a smaller trailer line-up as not everyone wants to tow or live in a large model. All you have to do is check their website and their model web pages to see what is available.

Small is not always better as cramped quarters makes it hard to get along with others. If you do not see any on those web pages, just contact them and ask if they make any.

The next place to look will be those smaller brands that you do not always see on the road. We gave you a short list of those earlier as well. Do the same thing with them and see what models they are offering, then check their floor plans to see if those are ideal or not.

Then, the best place to look if you do not mind used or vintage models will be used trailer or RV dealers. We have seen several ads pop up during our research and they offer different 7-foot models for sale.

A quick internet search will be the best way to find all those ads and see if there is anything you like. Finally, there are the classified ads. Whether those ads are national or local, they are a great source for finding good used trailers for sale that measure 7 feet wide.

You never know when you will run into a motivated seller and get a great deal for their model.

Benefits Of Owning a Smaller Trailer

1. It is cozy- when you want to be romantic, the smaller 7-foot models provide the coziness you need. These smaller trailers are perfect when it is just the two of you.

2. Less work- these trailers are easier to maintain as there is less work to be done. Except if you own a model with a slide-out. Less area means fewer places and features to go wrong or break.

3. Easier to tow- smaller is not hard to tow and you can get into smaller campsites and parking spots that the bigger models cannot get into. That opens up more campgrounds you can park at and enjoy their scenery.

4. Smaller tow vehicles- Less weight also means you can use a smaller car to tow these trailers. You do not need to shell out the big bucks for a truck with a heavy duty motor and costs tens of thousands of dollars to tow the trailer. You can get by with smaller vehicles which are more economical.

5. Less fuel- speaking of economy, those smaller tow vehicles will use less gas and are great to use once you are unhooked and want to explore the town or area. The bigger trucks may be more powerful but they use a lot of fuel and are expensive to fix.

6. Fits your budget- instead of paying items of thousands of dollars were a large trailer, most 7-foot models are very affordable and won’t break your budget. That means you can pay off the the loan faster and save on interest payments.

7. Storage is easier- if you are a summer only camper or a spring, summer or fall camper, you can save on storage fees as these trailers take up less space. Or you can slip them in your garage or yard out of sight of the HA board that monitors property values.

8. They are cute- their looks are more pleasing to the eye than those large giant trailers that look like you are towing something that belongs behind a tractor truck. You also do not take up too much road room making your travels a bit safer.

9. A minimalist lifestyle- a smaller trailer helps you decide what items are important and which ones you really do not need. Keeping what is important is better than filling your storage space with items you never use.

Some Final Words

Smaller 7-foot trailers do exist, even though they do not get the press the larger models get. But bigger is not always the best way to go when it is just the two of you.

If you are on a tight budget, then going smaller is perfect for your financial situation. Plus, you can use a smaller vehicle to help you save even more. Don’t let friends and ads push you towards those larger trailers. Sometimes smaller is the only way to go and is more fun.

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