Fogger Under Mobile Home: How to Bug Bomb a Mobile Home

No matter where you go in this world, you will find them. In some areas, bugs are very small and not that intimidating. But in other areas, they can grow to a large size. Fighting them all off takes the same methods and the same chemical solutions.

In a traditional home, this is easy as you have four walls keeping the spray inside the target area. Underneath your trailer or mobile home, you may not and you have to make sure the wind does not carry the poison away before it does its job.

To learn more on how to do this and get rid of those bugs, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about so you can get rid of those pesky bugs. However, once the poison is gone, the bugs will return.

Bug Bombing a Trailer


First off, this objective is just the same as bug bombing your traditional home. Nothing is different except that you have an area under your trailer that needs to be exposed to the poison as well.

If you are going to use the commercial solutions, then you will need to cover food items, pots, pans, and anything else that will come in contact with food and your mouths.

You do not want the poison touching anything that will get close to your body as well. Everything needs to be covered or put away in a secure spot so the poison doesn’t harm you.

You can release the bug bombs in your trailer but that may not solve the problem completely. The key would be to also cover the underside of your trailer so that the bugs outside get killed also.

This may be harder to do if there is wind in your area and your trailer does not have skirting around it. Don’t forget to follow all instructions on the can to make sure you get the full benefit of using the bug bomb. Make sure to buy enough to cover the trailer’s interior completely.

How To Bug Bomb a Mobile Home

There are several steps you need to take to do this job right. This process also assumes that you have skirting underneath your trailer or mobile home. Here are those steps:

1. shut off any electricity and or gas flowing into your home. Make sure anything that can ignite a spark is disconnected.

2. Take your pets, children, and spouse to a hotel for the night. No one should be left in the home when you lock it up and get ready to release the bug bombs.

3. Remove a portion of skirting under your mobile home. Give yourself just enough space to get in and out easily.

4. Position the foggers where you need them and when you are ready start setting them off. *** special warning, set off the ones furthest from your exit first and the ones by your exit last.

5. Put the skirting you took off back in its place to contain the spray.

6. Stay away from your home for a day or two to allow the poison to do its work.

If you want you can have a partner set off some bug bombs inside the trailer to make sure you get them all and the bugs have nowhere to escape. Spend a day or two away and relax as you will have clean-up work to do when you get back.

Fogger Under a Mobile Home

There are safety rules you need to follow when you do this job. The reason you are to shut off the electricity or gas to your home is because there are devices that have open flames.

If those flames touch the spray you could cause an explosion or at best a fire and lose everything. Make sure you read and follow all safety instructions printed on the label of the can you are using.

Even if the flame and those electric appliances are inside your mobile home, you still need to turn the gas and the electricity off. Then use the foggers like you would if you were setting them off inside the home.

There are no special instructions for when you release them underneath your home. Just make sure to use them in an enclosed area so you do not waste your money.

To get the right amount of bug bombs, you have to know the square footage under your home. That knowledge helps you get the right number of cans. A little math does not hurt anyone especially when you are trying to make your home free from bugs that carry germs and bacteria.

Do I Need To Cover My Furniture When I Bug Bomb?


It would be a good idea to do this as you do not want to spend extra money cleaning the exterior of your furniture. We checked and our research did not turn up anyone mentioning this act when talking about what needs to be covered.

Like clothes, you should cover the furniture with throw-away blankets. Sitting on poison can transfer the chemicals to your skin and cause you some problems health-wise.

If someone in your family does get poison on them and starts having medical issues, then you need to take that person to your doctor or the hospital right away. Make sure to bring the can so the doctor knows exactly what poisons are on the body.

That will help the doctor pick the right treatment for their health problem. If you do not cover your furniture, then you should get the vacuum and your cleaning tools to get rid of the poison before anyone sits in them.

This is the problem with foggers. They do a good job at killing bugs but they also make life a little inconvenient for you for a few days.

How Long do You Have To Stay Out Of The Place After a Bug Bomb?

This will depend on the type of fogger you use. Each can should have specific instructions on how long you need to stay away from your mobile home while the poison does its work.

Some will state that you need to stay out of the home for 2 hours at minimum. Others may state longer. We suggest longer for you to be sure that the fogger is done and the poison has done its work.

You do not want to air out your home too soon as that may mean that some bugs may survive. But once you do get back inside your home, turn on any ceiling or other fans you may have, open the windows and doors, and air the place out completely.

Only one person should do that task and give the open windows, etc., time to air the house out. Keep your family away for several more hours while this is going on.

Only one person should turn on and open everything and that person should wear a mask and other safety gear to make sure they do not get any poison on them. You can open everything the next day to be on the safe side and then spend the day out after doing this. Just close and lock your doors when you go.

How Many Bug Bombs do I Need?

This will be determined by the size of your mobile home and the coverage area of the cans of the fogger. Every can may have a different maximum coverage area. This is where you get to use your high school math.

You need to figure out the square footage of your home and then multiply the coverage area on the can to match the first total. For example, if your home is 1500 square feet and one can covers 500 square feet, then 3 cans would be what you need to use. Do not go more than four to be sure everything is covered.

If the can covers 1000 square feet then you would need only 2 to cover 1500 square feet of floor space underneath your trailer or mobile home. There is no point in using more cans than necessary unless you have a very large bug infestation.

If you are going to do the underneath side of your home, you should also do the interior of your home at the same time. That will give the bugs nowhere to run to and get away from the poison. Just make sure to follow all instructions correctly

What Bug Bombs Kill Bed Bugs?


There are many different brands that will have the right poison inside their bug bombs that will kill all types of bugs, including bed bugs. All you have to do is read the label to see what bugs are on the list on the label.

These cans may say specifically that they will kill bed bugs or they may only say they will kill all types of bugs. Since bugs are similar in nature the same poisons should kill them all but that may not always be the case so read the label first before you buy.

If you want brand names to try, the first one on anyone’s list would be Raid products. They have been in the bug-killing business for generations. They know a thing or two about killing bugs in mobile homes.

Bedlam Plus has a can of fogger that specifically says it is for killing bed bugs. Other brands you can consider, and we do not endorse or make promises for any of these brands, are-- Crossfire Insecticide, PT Alpine, and Actisol compact and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

You may find more bed bug-killing brands when you visit your supermarket or hardware store. Or try Amazon for lower prices. Just be careful with off-brands you find at discount stores as those can be hit or miss.

What Insects do Bug Bombs Kill?

This depends on the brand and the type of poisons the brand uses. There are some brands that say they kill every type of brand and those that say ants or fleas only.

To be sure you are getting the right fogger, you have to read the label as some will kill roaches while others may not. Take some time before you make your selection as you need to read the fine print on the cans to make sure there are no exceptions listed.

There will be disclaimers, warnings, and instructions and it is important to read them all before buying. The consistent theme with all of these fogger brands is that you have to vacate the house while they are working.

That means you need to remove plants and pets from the inside of your home and make sure they cannot get underneath your trailer or mobile home if you leave them outside.

Take the pets with you so that you know they are safe and will not get into trouble when you are not around. Make sure they do not enter the house with you when you are only opening the windows to air the place out. Keep your children and pets outside until it is very safe for them to return

Which Bug Fogger is The Best?

This is hard to say as some foggers are designed for different tasks. Ortho developed a fogger that you use outdoors. It is supposed to make a big difference around your home and it works for up to 7 days (except for mosquitoes).

Also, it is supposed to cover an area measuring 2250 square feet but do not use it inside. That is not what this product is made for. Then there is Blag Flag. Its biggest boast is its nice fresh scent that tickles not offends your nose.

This product covers 2000 square feet and should kill a wide variety of bugs. Hot Shot is another good brand and its fogger is said to kill or repel almost all household bugs, etc.

Its coverage is 2000 square feet and will kill fleas, ticks, spiders, mosquitoes, and more. The final brand that you can look at is called Alpine but it may only target flying insects that get everywhere in your home. There is no word on its coverage at the moment but it is supposed to be effective.

But you are not limited to these few options. Pick the one that does the job and does it right. That will be the best one of all. Their prices will vary so comparison shopping is in order to find one that is affordable.

What do Bug Bombs Smell Like?


Not very good. Most foggers come with a harsh chemical odor that will offend your nose. Some companies, like Black Flag, take steps to mask that odor and give their foggers a nice fresh scent so you do not have to smell the chemicals.

But the odor is not the biggest priority when selecting a fogger to kill bugs. You want a product that does what it claims to do no matter how it smells. The odor should be the last criteria you use to make your selection.

But if the smell is important to you, then pick the can hat that does the job and smells nice at the same time. No one likes that chemical odor but it does tell you that it worked and the bugs should be dead or gone.

Watch the price to see if the extra nice smell costs you a little more than the regular chemical odor fogger.

Are Bug Bombs Dangerous?

Yes, they are but only if you are careless. If you leave an open flame on in your home while fogging the place, you could come home to a home that has exploded or been burnt in a fire.

The same applies to electricity as well. But if you shut off and unplug all appliances and other devices you should not have a problem. Then, these foggers can harm or kill children, plants, or pets if they are in the home when the fogger goes off.

Or at the very least they will cause respiratory issues to them and you if you are not careful. That is why you need safety equipment when you go in to air out your home. One person only should go in and they need to be protected from the chemicals.

Make sure to wash any clothing that got chemicals on them as well.

Some Final Words

Using a fogger underneath your mobile home or trailer is like using them in your traditional home. You will have to vacate and cover everything. Plus, you have to use them in an enclosed area for them to work right.

Just be careful. When you are then using foggers is completely safe and will take care of your bug problem. Just make sure to cover everything and remove pets, children, and plants for the day.

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