Sleep Number RV Bed: Can I Put My Sleep Number Bed In an RV?

Getting rest is one thing that can be hard to do in an RV or trailer. The mattresses that are original are not always the best quality and it pays to upgrade to one that you prefer. Sleep Number may be a good choice when you upgrade but it all depends on you.

If you are thinking about putting a regular Sleep Number bed in your RV or trailer, it will depend. You need to have the space, the design, and the weight to think about and match up. There are RV versions so you do not have to go to a lot of trouble replacing the original mattress.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It gives you the facts so you have the right information to make the best decision for your sleeping areas. Take a few minutes to get all of this top information.

What is a Sleep Number Mattress?


This is an innovative mattress design. The company that makes this mattress style has added a nice touch for picky sleepers. This design allows you to make your own adjustments to get the firmness or not that you need to sleep comfortably.

The good news is that your partner can make their own adjustment and not interfere with your settings. Then if you buy a higher-end model, the adjustment can be done automatically for you.

It is a new way to sleep that makes sure you are ready for the next day when you wake up. The cost for this mattress may be out of some people’s budget range.

Does Sleep Number Make an RV Mattress?

Yes, it does. These may be shorter than regular queen and king-sized beds but this company makes sure you can get the comfort you had at home in your RV, etc. Look for the R in the mattress number to make sure it will fit your RV design.

Also, the good news is that these mattresses have the dual air technology. You can make the adjustments to match the settings you have at home. With a few twists of the dial, you should be comfortable no matter where your RV is parked for the night.

The bad news is that you still have to watch the weight. If you replace your old mattress you may reach the weight limit of your RV or trailer or surpass it. When that takes place, you will need to remove other items that you may not need.

Before you buy, make sure to ask about how heavy the mattress and frame are. You need to make sure you meet your weight limits without going over them. Even a few pounds extra can make a big difference.

Sleep Number RV Bed


There seem to be just 2 Sleep Number mattresses made specifically for RVs. The good news is that these 2 models, R5 & R3, come in 6 different styles. There is the Short Queen Short Queen Radius, Queen, Queen Radius, RV King, and King.

Both models have the same styles and the measurements are the same. The measurements of these beds are 60 by 75 for the first two short Queens, and 60 by 80 for the latter two Queen models.

The biggest difference will be between the RV King and the King size. There are 4 inches difference in the width. That should help you get a king-sized mattress in your RV especially if you do not have a lot of room to spare.

The specs include comfort levels, air zones, thick mattress foam, and Plush Fit Active foam. Also, you still get a 15-year warranty even if it is being placed in your RV. These are worth considering if they meet your budget or they may be worth saving up for so you can get rid of those original RV mattresses.

RV Queen Sleep Number Mattress

There are 4 Queen size mattresses to choose from. As we said there is little difference between the four except the 5 inches in length. You would have to measure the space you currently have to see if they fit inside your bedroom.

Since both the R5 and R3 have all 6 sizes of mattresses, you just need to choose the level of comfort you want. The R5 option comes with thicker foam pieces and more comfort zones so that is worth considering.

The R3 is just as good if you do not need any extra comfort while you sleep. Which Queen size mattress you would use will depend on the space you have. Some bedrooms are very tight fits that leave no room to walk around.

Measure carefully so you get the right mattress for your RV or trailer. Check the price, as well as the R5, is about $100 to $500 more expensive at Camping World than the R3. These are not going to be cheap mattresses no matter where you buy them

Sleep Number RV King Size


In both the R5 and R3 models, there are 2 king-size options. The RV King and the King. The former option measures 72 by 80 inches, the same length as the Queen. The latter option measures 76 by 80 and again, the same length as the Queen size models.

Which one you choose will depend on how much space you want in bed and if the bedroom is large enough to handle the larger bed. The biggest difference between the Queen and King sizes is the width. The queen is 12 inches narrower than the King.

That is an important statistic to think about. For both personal comfort and being able to fit in your RV’s bedroom. Both king-size options come with either the 7 or 5 comfort levels 10 or 8 inches of foam mattress and 2 or 1 inch of Plush Fit activity foam.

The one you pick may depend on those facts but at least you will have the 15-year warranty protecting all king-sized options.

Regular Sleep Number vs RV Sleep Number Bed

There does not seem to be much of a difference between these two options. The biggest difference will be the features you get. The mattresses for the regular bed come in 4, 5, and 6-inch thicknesses. And their overall height ranges between 8 and 12 inches.

You can also get set-up and delivery for the regular beds for a price. That price is about $200. We are not sure if that is for the RV bed as well. Those extra features are going to raise the price somewhat and make them more expensive than the RV bed.

One of those features was a foot warming device which makes sleeping a lot better. You do not have to worry about cold feet. Some models were recalled because the device could overheat.

We did not see this feature on the RV beds. But you can check with any one of the many Sleep Number stores and see what features are included. The more features, though, the more you will pay.

Can I Put My Sleep Number Bed in an RV?


Yes, it is possible to put a regular Sleep Number bed in your RV. There will be issues you will have to overcome to make sure the bed does not move on you as you drive. Securing the bed will be a big challenge given the design of the bed.

It would be easier t put the one made for RVs inside your RV or trailer. It is made to be in an RV and should remove many of those challenges. The next biggest challenge will be the weight of both beds.

You are going to need to know the actual weight of the bed and then subtract the weight of the RV you are replacing. Then see if the difference keeps you under the weight limit or sends you over it.

If you are under, then good. You may have room to spare for other needed items. If you go over, then, you have to make some hard decisions. What will you exclude to make that weight limit?

Sleep Number RV Bed Assembly

The first step would be to remove your old RV bed. You want as much space as possible so you have room to work. The second step would be to start assembling the base and inserting the foam supports.

After that, you need to connect the air pump to the dual air system. If you want space, you can drill holes in your floor and install the pump in a basement storage area or underneath your RV or trailer.

Just be careful when you take this option as you never know where those wires and pipes are. Once you have secured the pump, connect the hoses to the dual air system. Oh, and you will need a standard 110 outlet to plug the pump into.

After all this is done, you put the mattress on top of the supports, and fill the air chambers. Then make your bed and have a good night’s sleep. If your 110 outlet is not nearby, you may have to use an extension cord to get to the power supply.

If the power goes out, your bed will not deflate. But you won’t be able to make any adjustments until the power comes back on. That should be okay for one or two nights.

Sleep Number RV Mattress Installation


As you can see, it is not hard to install the mattress on your Sleep Number bed. It is just a matter of laying it out in the proper format and engage the air pump. Once it pumps up you can make slight adjustments, as long as you did not install the air pump in a basement storage compartment, etc.

The foam topper is an independent piece, so you can adjust that easier than the mattress. Once the air hose is hooked up, it may be difficult to readjust the main mattress.

There is one thing you should be aware of. It has been recommended by the company that when you are traveling through the mountains, you should make adjustments to the mattress.

When you are sleeping in higher elevations, you should lower the firmness level. When you get back to lower levels, you can return to normal comfort levels.

What this adjustment does is protect the mattress from being over-inflated which is caused by the difference in elevations. You can have the mattress explode if you are not careful.

Can You Put a Sleep Number Bed On Any Frame?

Yes, you can. Some owners have used a waterbed frame and there was no problem for many years. Others have used regular bed frames and also reported no issues.

Some owners said that for how much you pay for it, you should use their frame. They also wondered if changing frames would affect the warranty. That is a topic you should discuss with Sleep Number.

However, you should not place it on a frame that uses slats or what is called a Hollywood frame. The mattress does need a box spring under it to work properly.

There will be minor adjustments to make when you use your own frame. Just be careful and watch out for any issues that may pop up as you install the bed. Some people do not like the frame made by the company so you have the freedom to change it if you want.

Some Final Words

Comfort is the name of the game when you want to sleep at night. The more comfortable you are, the better your sleep. One of the ways to be comfortable is to remove your current RV bed and replace it with a Sleep Number.

Being able to adjust your comfort level is an ideal way to reach maximum comfort and a good night’s rest.

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