Finding a Low Pressure RV Grill With Quick Connect: 8 Options

You may get one or the other. The grill industry is very popular and the different camping companies make many different models. However, you may get models that are low pressure only or ones that have the quick connect system installed already. Getting both may be another story

Weber is one of the companies that does make a model with both features. It is called the RV Quick-Connect Compatible WEBER® Q1200 Grill and it weighs 31 pounds while costing $300 at one retail outlet. Coleman LXE is another model.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to find one of the top grills with this combination of features. There are some out there but sometimes the internet ads leave this information out.

RV Gas Grill With Quick Connect


1. Camco Olympian RV 5500 Stainless Steel Gas Grill

This low-pressure model comes with a quick connect hose and adapter. You do not need to run out and buy special parts as they are already in the ox. Plus, you get the automatic shut-off safety feature to make sure you do not lose any propane accidentally.

This is supposed to be a feature that is unique to this grill model. Made from stainless steel, you can buy an adapter if you want to use 1, 5, or 20-pound cylinders.

Rust and sticking food should not be an issue with this grill. It has 180 square inches of cooking space as well as a 12,000 BTU capacity.

2. RV Quick-Connect Compatible WEBER® Q1200 Grill

You already have the price, weight and two good features. The grill has been leak tested and its size, 24.6"H x 40.9"W x 20.5" D gives you 189 square inches of cooking area.

The burner is made from stainless steel and should provide you with a rust free cooking experience for a very long time. A 2 to 5-year warranty protects different parts of this grill.

Also, the lack of size and weight makes it easy to find a place to store this grill when it is not in use.

3. Flame King RV Gas Grill

Ideal for Rvers who like to cook outside. The integrated regulator leaves you in control of how hot the flame gets. Its capacity is 12,000 BTUs and it is a popular brand among all families.

214 square inches gives you plenty of room to cook all the food you need to at any given time. While it is quick connect ready, you have to buy the hose and adapter separately. They are not included in the overall package.

In addition, you can attach this grill to your RV’s bumper and not suffer any damage. The included bracket is strong enough to handle the weight of the grill and food combined.

4. Giantex Propane Tabletop Gas Grill

Measuring only 22 x 18 x 15 inches you can take and use this quick connect ready grill anywhere you go. It is great for RVs, picnics, or even a day at the beach.

Made from stainless steel, this little grill produces 20,000 BTUs and is very lightweight. Carrying it from its stored location to your cooking area is not going to be a strain on your back.

The two ignition systems help make sure you have a quick and easy start. The drawback to this option is that it can be quite pricey.

Low-Pressure Gas Grill For RV


There are a lot of these models on the market today. While they may not say it, they may be quick connect ready. What that means is that you will have to buy your own adapter and hose to use your propane tanks.

We have gone through many internet top best lists and for some reason quick connect is not on their radar for the majority of items they consider to be the best. Here are 5 of the many that will fit this category:

1. Blackstone Tailgater Stainless Steel 2 Burner Portable Gas Grill and Griddle Combo

This little grill puts out a combined 35,000 BTUs and comes with its own stand. When you do not have a table nearby or do not want to use your bumper this expensive grill will fill that void.

It is very portable and sets up and disassembles easily. Then this 75-pound grill has 2 16 by 16 cooking surfaces giving you a total of 512 square inches of room. The flexibility of this device is perfect for whatever type of food your family wants

2. MARTIN Portable Propane Bbq Gas Grill

This is also a brand that is a fan favorite. Its 24.02 x 14.57 x 16.54-inch size gives you 354 square inches of cooking room. Plus, you get up to 14,000 BTUs of cooking power.

Made from stainless steel, it weighs only 20 pounds making sure your weight limits are not crossed. A 2-year warranty protects your purchase and the foldable legs make it easy to carry and store.

An integrated thermometer is also part of this package so you know what temperature you are cooking at.

3. GCG RV Mounted BBQ Gas Grill

Measuring only 20″ long, 17″ wide and 8″ high this easy to store and lightweight model comes with its own 4-foot hose. You can use that use to connect to your built-in gas system.

In fact, it is made to work with 16-ounce gas cylinders or with RVs and motorhomes that have a self-contained LP gas system. Once you connect this grill to its fuel supply, you get 11,000 BTUs and 214 square inches of cooking space.

Also, it can attach to your RV for convenient cooking.

4. Camp Chef Big Gas 3 Burner Grill

3 burners say it all. We say that because this makes outdoor cooking like cooking on an indoor stove. You can make more than one dish at a time and serve your food nice and hot.

Plus, you get some cooking accessories to make this a complete package grill. It is portable and set up and can be taken down in a few minutes. However, this may be a bit bulkier than other grills when disassembled.

Types Of RV Grills


There are only two main types you can buy outside of using charcoal or alternative fuel sources. One is electric and the other is propane. Both have their pros and cons about them.

The advantage of the electric grill is that you do not have to worry about running out of fuel. Unless there is a blackout, you always have a way to cook outdoors.

The disadvantage of the electric grill is that it is not going to help much when you are not using shore power. You would need an extra battery just to run the grill.

The advantage the propane grill has over the electric is that you can use it anywhere at any time. As long as your duel source holds out. It is a perfect type when you are boondocking or when you do not want to increase your electric bill at the campground.

The biggest hassle will be hunting down more propane when dealers are few and far between. Or if you want to use the quick connect kits that are available. Some propane grills, like Coleman, may not have an adapter that will fit their fitting design.

When you run out of fuel, cooking over an open campfire is always a family favorite. This option just gives your family that old west feel to the meal.

What To Look For In a Propane Grill


Traditional home grills may not be suitable for RV life. They do take up a lot of space and they may be hard to set up and take down. Here are some guidelines to help you find the perfect RV grill for you:

1. Size- you want cooking space without sacrificing storage space. You may have to compromise on this issue as the smaller grills are perfect for your storage compartments, but they do not offer large cooking surfaces.

You can go for large cooking surfaces and use up one storage bin but that is up to your judgment

2. Portability- This is not like the last section. Instead, this category talks about the ease to carry the grill. You want one that Is not too heavy, has 2 carry handles, and is not too bulky.

3. Ease of use- there are quite a few models that come with electronic ignition. You just need a battery to power that ignition option. The drawback here is that the battery may die out on you.

Also, look at the controls, the connection for the propane cylinders, etc., and see how easy they are to use. You do not need complications when on holiday.

4. Safety features- these are important these days. You want a grill that has all the safety features that protect you and your family as well as stop any leaks from accidentally happening.

Construction material- this is an important guide as you want a durable grill that won’t break down quickly. Some brand name models have been known to break within a month or two so be careful. You want stainless steel construction, similar options, or better.

That will help keep the rust away from your food as well. Plus, you want the components to be well made so you are not replacing them any time soon. Durable and tough are two keywords to use in this category.

5. Price- Most of the good ones are going to cost you a lot of money. There is no changing that fact. However, there are some brands or off-brands that make a quality grill at a reasonable price.

The cost of a grill is not always a guarantee that your grill will last a long time. Pick the one you think is durable, strong, and fits your budget.

6. Brand name- There are a lot of famous brands out there but many times their products do not pass quality control once they leave the warehouse. You can’t always count on famous brands to be the best product out there.

While they have a reputation to maintain, they do let lemons and bad quality products out the door. Usually by accident.

The Benefits Of a Low-Pressure Grill


All a low-pressure grill does is cook your food using gas coming to it at a low pressure. There are a lot of benefits that come with using this type of outdoor grill. Here are just a few of them:

1. Lightweight- this is something you want. While RVers are getting younger each year, there are still many older RVers. That means a heavy grill may not be good for their physical strength or health.

Low-pressure grills are lighter and better suited for older RVers.

2. Portable- there is not a lot of assembly required and these grills usually come with easy to hold handles. Combine that with their lightweight and an older child can carry these grills with ease.

3. Versatile- you can cook different foods on their cooking surface or connect them to your RV, place them on a table, and so on. You have a lot of flexibility with a low-pressure grill.

4. Affordable- these devices are priced reasonably. They are perfect for those RVers who are traveling on a tight budget. They come in different designs so you can get the one that allows you to cook the most food at one time.

Some Final Words

Finding a quick connect low-pressure grill can be a bit difficult. Either they are one or the other or the ads and reviews do not mention either feature. Sometimes you just have to look at the box or the instructions to find out which feature is installed in the grill.

There are some grills that come with the adapter or hose needed for quick connection. Unfortunately, not all of them do.

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