No Water Pressure in RV Kitchen Sink (Why and How To Solve)

Turning your kitchen tap on when you are ready to do some clean-up and no water comes out. Not a great feeling especially when you like everything neat and clean. But the fix may not be as difficult as you may think.

The go-to solution would be that something is wrong with your water pump. In many cases that is the source. However, you could have been camping in some hard water areas and your faucet just got clogged up with calcium or other deposits.

To learn more about this issue, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can solve a similar problem in your RV or trailer. Take a couple of minutes to get this important information.

Why Is My RV Sink Not Working?


When it comes to the sink itself, you may have a clog somewhere in the drain line. Or you may have a broken pipe or water line. These are not hard to clear up and get the sink back to normal.

However, when people mention that their sink is not working, they are usually referring to their faucet and water supply. There are many reasons why those faucets may not be working right.

One reason would be a leak in the water lines. If the water pump is working fine, then look for a leak. Teflon tape will seal up the threads at the connections. Replacing the water lines will be another solution if you can’t seal the leak.

Those are the common issues everyone will face at some point in time. They are just not the only issues that will stop your kitchen faucet from working normally.

Once you check on the go-to options, it will be time to look deeper and start removing faucet parts to get to the real issue.

No Water Pressure in RV Kitchen Sink


This is a sign that you will have a problem somewhere in your plumbing. Unfortunately, it may not be the water supply that is the issue. It could be the water pump and you should check to see if any of the screws have come loose.

This is a natural problem as many water pumps get bounced around a little bit and the vibrations cause the screws to loosen up. All you have to do is tighten those screws and you should have water pressure again.

Or, the same vibrations caused the outside shower handles to turn on and the air is getting into your system. Or someone forgot to shut those handles when you were packing up and moving to a new campsite.

Check your outside shower to see if this is the source of the problem. Because it only takes a tiny air leak to stop the water pump from pumping water, you should look at all the connections on the intake side of the pump.

If there is a leak on that side, then all the pump will do is push air through the system and to your faucet. You may have a loose clamp somewhere or a cracked fitting so do a thorough investigation to find the real problem.

Why do I Have no Water Pressure in My Kitchen Sink?


One reason why this situation arises is that there is a problem somewhere in your water line system. Usually, it would be the water pump but not always. Make sure to eliminate that component first before moving on to other possible sources.

One possible source can be calcium deposits. This is an issue that will sneak up on you and clog your faucet before you know it. The only way you find out there is a calcium deposit is when the water stops running.

If all the other faucets are working fine except the kitchen one, then this is most likely the source of the trouble. To solve this problem you need to soak the valves in vinegar. That means disassembling your faucet.

Even the aerator can cause this issue as it too can get clogged up by calcium. Soaking it in vinegar on a regular basis will help prevent this source from happening again.

It will not always be a water pump issue. This is why regular maintenance on your faucets and connections will help you avoid this problem.

Why do I Suddenly Have no Water Pressure?


Air in the line is one of the best and most common reasons why you suddenly have no water pressure. A faulty water pump can be the source but as we just explained it is not always the source. But check it anyway so you can cross it off your list of potential sources.

If your RV or trailer came with a spray attachment, check the different plastic parts inside. Some items the plastic can get in the way of the water flow. Also, check the filters.

Some owners placed a filter on the intake side of the water pump to block out any sediment that may be coming in with the water. If the filters are dirty, clean them up so the water can flow easier.

Speaking of filters, the filter bowl may have come loose and let air get in the system. All you have to do is tighten the filter bowl and your problem should be solved.

Some Final Words

Not getting any water out of your faucet can be annoying or frustrating. However, the fixes for the most part are simple and easy to do. Just create a checklist of parts to check to make your search go faster.

This is a repair that you should be able to handle yourself and not void any warranties on your RV or trailer. But if you are not sure about that, call in a repairman to handle the work. Replacing the water pump should be left to the repairman.

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