USB Wifi Antenna For Smart TV: What Antenna Do I Need?

The world can be very large and lonely. What wifi and the internet have done is make the world smaller and friendlier. You can stay connected to family and friends but you need the right equipment to do that or you are back in that big, lonely world again.

There are 3 antennas you can use, there may be more but these three should suffice. There is the HDTV digital antenna and the second would be the old analog option. The latter option would have signal issues though. A third option would be your regular cable equipment.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It explores this issue so you have the information you need to stay connected to the world and watch what you want when you want.

How Can I Boost The Wi-Fi Signal on My Smart TV?


As you know, wifi is wifi and it won’t change if you change the technology of your TV already has. You get the same signal no matter what electronic device you use and if it is equipped to receive and use wifi signals.

The way to boost your wifi signal is to get an antenna that can easily be plugged into your digital TV That means you need an antenna with a USB plug as your more modern television sets are equipped with that port.

Or, you park in an area that has a strong wifi signal. In those locations, you will not need an antenna but the right positioning of your vehicle. Antennas are best when you are in a campground that does not have a strong wifi signal.

Then if you do not have cable, an antenna will help you pick up those free broadcasts that the networks still send out over the air. As we said earlier, you can attach your analog antenna to your Smart TV and pick up those local signals a lot better.

Check your TVs owner manual or call your dealer to see how this connection can be done and if there are any restrictions you need to be aware of.

Will Wi-Fi Antenna Work on a Smart TV?

Yes, it will and it is one of the best options you have available to help you get a better wifi signal to your RV or trailer. The key to using a wifi or any antenna will be where you place it.

As the real estate industry says, location, location, location, and where you place your antenna will affect your signal. For example, if you place it low to the ground then you will not get a great signal.

Or if you place the antenna where there are a lot of obstructions, you will not get a great signal and get frustrated at the picture and sound quality. When you place your antenna, make sure it is high up and well off the ground, and well away from any obstructions that can block the signal.

This may take a little extra effort but if you want great reception, the extra work has to be done. That means you may have to get on the roof of your RV or trailer and point the antenna in the right direction.

When you want to relax after a hard day of sightseeing, coming back to an inferior picture and sound quality will defeat that purpose.

What Antenna do I Need For My Smart TV?

Smart TVs do have a small antenna built into their mechanism but it is not that powerful and cannot draw in weak signals that well if at all. Their purpose is not so much for drawing on TV signals but for Bluetooth and wifi connections.

The built-in antenna makes pairing easier and quicker. But if both signals are weak, you may not get the service you want. You will need a digital antenna and the reason for that is that all broadcasters, or just about all, are switching to digital broadcasting methods.

The move is from the old broadcasting options to High Definition broadcasting and you need a digital antenna to bring in the signal loud and clear.

The older mid to late 20th century antennas may work but the quality you get will not be that good and may have you turn off the TV until you get a replacement.

Your results with the older antennas may differ but they are not equipped to handle the new broadcasting signal. It is best to upgrade to a more modern antenna to make sure you do not miss anything important, like the big play that changed who won.

Or some soap opera cliffhanger that makes you want to tune in tomorrow.

USB Wifi Antenna For Smart TV


Just about a USB wifi antenna should work with your Smart TV. What the label USB wifi antenna means is that it is equipped with a USB connector and fits into any USB port.

That port can be on your computer or your Smart TV. Once connected, it should improve the wifi signal and allow you to connect with family, and friends or surf the internet with ease.

Plus, it should help you watch your favorite television shows and movies. The antenna should improve the speed of the signal as well so you do not have large lag times or gaps in service.

The antenna should work in place of the following wifi options-- WiFi repeater or booster or a WiFi Mesh network. Those options may work well but may have connection requirements or issues you do not want to deal with.

Plus, you can go to a USB stick to get wifi service even if your Smart TV is not wifi ready. This stick is another option in your stay connected arsenal. If you are going to target free broadcasts then you will need a digital tuner.

The good news is that more recent Smart TVs have this device built-in saving you money and time.

How To Connect Smart TV To Wifi Booster

The instructions for this needed task are quite simple. First, make sure your wifi and network are on and working. Next, turn your Smart TV on and the setup screen will appear.

When the TV tells you to start the setup, push okay and get it started. The TV will automatically search for networks close by. You may have to choose between wired and non-wired networks.

When the list of networks appears, select yours, and when asked put in your password. After that, you should get a message telling you that your Smart TV is connected to your wifi network.

If there is an update message, go ahead and update before you start watching any shows.

From what we have seen, antennas are simply a plug and play devices. There is no real process to follow when using an antenna. If there is, it would be similar to connecting your computer to a wifi network.

Wifi extenders are good to use. Usually, the signal will be great if you own a smaller home but not so great when you live in a larger one. There may be dead zones in the latter home and the wifi extender should be able to eliminate those once they are installed.

The simpler method of connecting your Smart TV to your wifi system would be to use an ethernet cable. All you have to do is connect the cable to the router, and then plug it into the Smart TV, and you are connected.

Types Of Wifi Antennas

When you want to boost your wifi signal, it is not a matter of just going out and buying an antenna and plugging it into your TV. There are 5 different types and while similar, they have different functions that may or may not work for what you want to do.

1. Omni-Directional

While a point-to-point style antenna, this option would distribute the signal it gets n different directions so more than just one person in your family can connect to the internet.

2. Directional

Mainly used for point-to-point transmission and reception. This device can also be used for multiple point systems. It just depends on your setup in your RV, etc.

This is the best option when you are going from your router to your device. The types of antennas included in this category are Yagi, Dish or parabolic, and Backfire antennas.

These three antennas have their own strengths that make them very useful for RV and trailer use. You should study each one to find the best option for your situation.

The other 3 types of antennas were included in the directional segment of this section.

What To Consider When Shopping For a Wifi Antenna


1. Speed- you want an antenna to give your device the best speed possible. In many cases, a 300 to 500 Mbps speed is sufficient for casual internet surfing. However, if you want to avoid lag times, get one that gives you1200 Mbps.

2. Compatibility- if the antenna contains 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac technologies chances are that your Smart TV will be compatible but make sure before you buy. The antenna has to be compatible with your TV brand and technology.

3. Installation- make sure the installation process is simple and easy. Most are and it shouldn’t be too much trouble to make the connection if they do not do it automatically

4. 2.0 or 3.0- the former is slower in its transfer speed, 60 Mbps compared to the 3.0 which is 625 Mbps. Or you can double that by going with an antenna with 3.1 capability or 1250 Mbps speed.

5. design- pick the one that you like best and is designed in such a way that it won’t interfere with any other acTVty in the room.

6. Price- these antennas will be priced differently so pick the one that does the best job at the price that fits your budget.

Can a Smart TV Record From The Antenna

This is a good question as many people like to record their favorite programs and watch them at a better time. Unfortunately for those people, you cannot record those top programs through an antenna.

The Smart TVs are not set up in that way. The TVs are designed to record through cable TV designs. In other words, they can only record if you have a cable tv subscription.

Can You Split a Digital Tuner To Send The Signal To Other Devices?

You can but you would be watching the same program or movies on all those devices. You cannot share the signal unless you all want to watch the same thing in different rooms.

Can My Smart TV Be Hacked?


For this to work, your Smart TV needs to be connected to the DVB-T & Hybrid broadcast broadband TV format. However, the latter is not used that often and the former is used by a few countries only.

This means that you do not have to worry about the tv being hacked. The TV also has to be connected to the internet and tuned to DVB-T channels

Can Data Be Collected Through My Antenna?

People can access what you watch but they cannot steal any data. That would require a transmitter on your end of the line. Antennas are not transmitters but receivers.

But if you are connected to the internet then yes, hackers can collect data from you. Smart TVs are best when not connected to the internet.

Some Final Words

If you want to improve your wifi signal, then by all means get one of the best USB antennas for your Smart TV. You can enjoy a better signal and relax before you go to bed.l

Just be careful when you do connect to the internet as you are a little more vulnerable with a Smart TV than a regular one.

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