Windshield Rubber Seal Coming Loose – What To Stick With?

Windshield gaskets have one purpose, possibly two. When they come loose you should not add any adhesive or silicone-based caulking to hold them in place. You may not get the window out if you do that.

Windshield gaskets help keep the rain from coming into your cab or front seat area. However, that is not their primary purpose. Their purpose is to hold the window in place so it does not rattle and move on you. Using silicone caulk will just add to your problems.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can make the correct repair. Take a few minutes to see how this important information helps you solve your windshield gasket problem.

What is The Rubber Piece That Goes Around The Windshield?


That oblong rubber piece’s technical name is a gasket. This is a standard part placed around every windshield of every vehicle. Some people call it a seal and it does seal the windshield in place.

Its secondary duty is to keep the rainwater out and make sure your interior remains dry in rainstorms and car washes. The reason it is there is that it keeps the windshield from moving back and forth and eventually getting damaged.

You would get annoyed at the noise the window would make if the gasket was not part of the construction. You also would not be able to concentrate on your driving because of the moving glass and the noise. You would be a distracted driver and we have too many of those already.

This is not a hard part to repair or replace, but you have to be careful of the materials you use or you may get a rain leak at some point. It just takes time, a little patience, and the ability to put it back in the channel that holds it.

Once done, you can relax and enjoy the view around you.

Rubber Strip Around Windshield Coming Off


There are a number of reasons why this does take place. One is that the rubber is losing its integrity and expanding or stretching. Or it is just getting old and worn out. It is not a major repair and most auto glass repair shops should have it fixed in about 5 minutes.

While the windshield and side mirrors may be held in place by a urethane adhesive this is not the case for the rubber gasket. In fact, adhesives and silicone caulk are items you should not use to hold the seal in place.

The best item to use would be a double-sided tape that makes sure the gasket is firmly held in place in its channel. Not every double-sided tape product will work. Some are not made that good and the seal will come out again.

You will need a top brand of this tape to make sure the gasket remains in place. Also, you will need to prep the surface of both the seal and the channel to make sure the tape holds onto both tightly.

But let the pros handle this repair. They have the right products, the right tools, and the expertise to do the job completely, correctly, and quickly. Many shops do not even charge for the service.

How To Fix The Rubber Seal Around The Windshield

Rubber gaskets like this one tend to fade, harden and crack due to the exposure to the elements and UV rays. When that takes place, you need to follow the right procedure to get the new one in the old one’s place or temporarily fix the old one.

Here are the steps to take to repair the old seal when it starts showing its age.

1. Wipe the rubber seal down with mineral spirits. This will get rid of any oxidation.

2. Then clean the rubber seal with an auto cleaner and de-greaser. You can find these products anywhere car parts are sold. Also after spraying use a low abrasive cloth or pad to remove the product and the grease, dirt, and so on.

3. use some masking tape to tape off different sections of the trim and then use urethane caulk to fill in any cracks, etc. Let the caulk dry before using any rubber dye.

The dye helps lubricate the rubber as well as restores the color. The dye should come in a foam applicator and you just spray on and let it dry.

6. Once everything is done, spray a rubber protecting coating over the seal. This product will help protect the rubber from UV rays and other elements.

Make sure to clean up and put away all the items you used. Or you can let the auto glass or other windshield repair shops handle this task for you.

What Can I Use To Seal a Windshield Leak?


The first step is to find where the water leak is coming from. There are a variety of sources and it may not be your windshield that is cracked or broken. One source would be your rubber seal.

If it has worn out, water can easily get through the openings this old seal has created. If that is the case, then replacement is your best option. A new seal can solve many water leak problems.

If you just want to repair the leak, and you can do this yourself, stay away from silicone-based products. This product will expand and contract according to the ambient temperature. When it does, the leak can return to the same spot.

Before you apply the proper adhesive to seal the leak, make sure to clean any dirt, mildew, and other contaminants that may be the cause of the problem. Then either dry the area with a clean soft cloth or let it air dry. The latter takes the longest to do.

After that is dry, pry the rubber away from the window gently and apply the adhesive. You want one that sticks to both rubber and glass. Then once that is done, press the seal back down and let it air dry.

When the adhesive is dry, test the repair with water to make sure the leak was plugged. If the leak returns or you do not want to do this work, go to a professional repair shop that works on windshields and let them do it for you.

It will save you time and possibly money as this is an easy repair for them.

How do You Glue Rubber To The Windshield?


The first step is the same whenever you are using glue or other adhesives to seal two surfaces together. You need to clean the area first with the right products.

You may have a mold and mildew issue that takes special cleansers to remove all the spores and keep those bacteria from reforming. Then you have to dry the area before applying the adhesive.

Before you take that first step, you should go to a hardware store that carries all the adhesive options possible. Then find the product that sticks to both rubber and glass. When you find it, go home and read the instructions.

Those instructions give you the best chance of sealing the leak. After applying the adhesive, let it dry, and then do your water test. If there is no leak you are ready to drive in bad weather again.

If you do not have the skills or the proper tools to handle this repair, go to an auto windshield repair shop and let them do it for you. That is why they are in business. That is one of their jobs and they usually do it very well.

These repair shops can do the job faster than you, they have the skills, and they also have the proper adhesives in their shop. Take advantage of their expertise so you can do other important errands while your vehicle is in the shop.

How To Reseal Windshield Rubber


The tools for this task are simple and few in number. Here is a list of the tools you will need to handle this project:

Windshield Sealant

Standard Caulking Gun

Painters Tape

Cleaning Solution

Once you have gathered your tools, place the adhesive in the sun to warm it up. Warm the sealant is easier to work with than cold. As the sealant is warming up, tape off the areas of your windshield and care where you do not want that sealant to go.

You can use painter’s tape, masking tape, or similar kinds of tape to do this. Now put the sealant into the caulking gun, cut an 1/8th of an inch hole in the nozzle, and get ready to seal the window.

You want a steady hand that moves smoothly all the time. You do not want short jerky motions as that just adds to your work. Do a pass on one side first then smooth the sealant out evenly. Then do another side and stop and do the same thing.

Once the sealant is dry, do your water test to make sure you got all the little and big holes. If the water stays out, you are done and you can clean up your tools. If there is some sealant left over, stick a large enough nail into the nozzle to keep the air out.

That will keep the sealant ready to use the next time you need it.

Windshield Sounds Loose After Replacement

This situation is generally due to the fact that the professionals did something wrong during the installation. There are about 9 possibilities why this installation failed. One of the 9 may be your fault.

1. You drove the car before the sealant, etc., was thoroughly dry.

2. The installers did not use plastic gloves. Natural oils on the hands can ruin the compound used to seal the window by contaminating the surface.

3. The installer may not have used the right sealant or adhesive

4. The wrong adhesive was used at the wrong ambient temperature. There are proper adhesives to use when it is cold or hot out. They are not the same.

5. Make sure the installer cleaned all surfaces correctly

6. Make sure the installers did the right job and did not take any shortcuts

7. Do not wash your car for a couple of weeks. This helps the adhesive bond better

8. Was a primer used to coat the surface and keep the rust away from the bond?

9. Doors with the windows up can push the windshield out through air pressure. This can cause air gaps which ruin the installation

Windshield Rubber Seal Repair Tips

The biggest tip to give you is do not do this repair work on your own. Have a helper to make sure the seal doesn’t pop out, is stretched and installed correctly and the repair work goes smoothly.

The next tip is to watch for condensation and foggy windows. These areas will tell you that the repair did not go well and there is more work to be done. Also, if you use a professional service, make sure that they do not assign only one man to do the work.

This is a two-man job. Also, check the source for the replacement parts. After-market products are often used to cut costs. This is something you should not allow. Get factory replacements from the carmaker to make sure the repair goes well.

Some Final Words

When you have a windshield gasket issue, you can fix it yourself. But sometimes it is better to let the pros handle the repair. The chances of you getting the wrong materials is great and that wastes time and money.

Pick a reputable professional to handle this work so you do not have to worry. While they work, you get more time to do something you enjoy or take care of a few errands.

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