Sink Faucet Handle Exploded (Blew Off): Why and How To Fix It

There are reports of faucets exploding. By exploding, it is meant that they come apart due to the water pressure in your RV water lines. If it happens to you, make sure to shut the water off first before doing anything else.

The only way to fix this problem is for you to go to one of the big box home improvement stores and get a better replacement. RV makers are known for using the cheapest materials possible so get a good faucet at non-RV parts outlets.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you know what to do when this happens to you. Take a few minutes to see how this important information can help you.

Faucet Handle Exploded


No one is really talking about this topic elsewhere on the internet. It may not be a common problem. But it does and can happen and you will need to be prepared for it when it does.

There are possible sources for this one problem and there is only one solution. You will have to replace the faucet after you get the mess cleaned up. One source may be the city water connection.

When you are in an RV park the city water supply’s water pressure may be too high. When this is the case, you will have plumbing problems, not just the faucet blowing off its mooring.

Some people suggest that you put a water regulator on your RV’s water lines to prevent this from taking place. It is not commonly known how much water pressure the RV’s pipes can handle.

Some owners say only 40 psi while others say it is higher than that. It may depend on the model of RV you own. Cheaper models may not get the top-end plumbing supplies thus they cannot handle the same amount of water pressure as more expensive models can.

But as we said, this is not a common event so you may go your entire RV life without experiencing having your faucet explode on you.

Why Does Water Shoot Out Of The Taucet?


The reason for the power of the water spray when the faucet breaks down is simply water pressure. Generally, many RVs have a low water pressure problem but there will be times when you will get too much.

It is those times when you will have a problem. You never know when it will occur as different RV parks and campgrounds maintain different water pressure levels.

Some people have suggested using a water pressure gauge before you hook up. This will tell you how much water pressure you will have. Even too low of water pressure can be a problem.

A water pressure regulator helps you maintain a safe level for your RV. That safe level is between 40 to 50 psi. Keeping your water at that level should help you prevent any shooting water out of your faucet.

If you have a too low water pressure issue, then you would need a pressure booster to pick up the flow and get to that safe level. Both of these devices should be found at good hardware stores and maybe even Home Depot, Lowes, or some other home improvement store.

Plumbing supply outlets should have them as well. It should not be that hard to find but stay away from those stores that offer the cheapest prices in town. You do not know the quality of those products.

The Sink Faucet Blew Off


We spoke about too high water pressure earlier causing this problem. It is true, this can be the source of the problem. But it may not be the source when it happens to you. There are other sources you should be aware of that create the same mess and trouble for you.

One of those is that the faucet may not have been on as tight as you thought. Water works its way through the threads and eventually builds up enough power to blow the faucet off the sink. Or it may blow just the handle.

It has been known to happen to the hot water side of the faucet. Then if you never changed your original RV faucets this problem could happen due to deterioration of the product.

Since RV makers use the cheapest materials possible, deterioration is a common source. It happened to at least one owner as he had both the kitchen and outdoor shower faucets break down due to deterioration.

Also, you do not need high city water pressure to cause the break to take place. The damage can be so severe that even low water pressure can cause the break and destroy your faucets. Checking faucets from time to time is a good move.

One person didn’t have his last a year before they broke on him.

Can You Replace Handles On a Faucet?


Yes, this is a possibility but the replacement will depend on two things. One, how much damage was done to the faucet when the one handle blew. Two, the design of the faucet.

Some units are an all-in-one design and if one handle breaks, then you have to replace the whole unit. Then, some faucets have handles that are made with seats and stems.

If one of those blew you just have to remove the handle, then the stem, and finally the seat. When that is done, you just replace the damaged part or parts and you can go on using your faucet.

In many cases, it is just simpler to replace the whole faucet. You can get inexpensive models that will work for a long time. Try to avoid the cheap plastic options as they are not always that good.

They are great on the budget but in the long run, you may be replacing them more often than not. Replacing the handle and different parts does not take a very long time.

You should be able to have the repair completed in about 20 to 30 minutes depending on the amount of work involved. When you make the repair, make sure the water is turned off until you have everything sealed correctly.

Then do not forget to turn the water back on. You will need to do that to test your handyman skills. When everything works fine, put your tools away for another day.

How do You Fix a Corroded Faucet Handle?


There are different options you can use. The first step would be to use a screwdriver and remove the screw holding the handle in place. If the screw is corroded as well and does not move, then you may have to get your drill and drill it out.

That is the worst-case scenario. You can bang the handle gently with a hammer to see if that loosens the screw. If so, then you return to using your screwdriver until the screw is out and you can remove the handle.

If the handle is corroded into the mechanism, then tapping it with a hammer should loosen it up as well. Light taps are all that is required. Too hard of a tap will dent the handle and possibly make it harder to remove.

If you used your drill, the handle should slide right off since the screw head is gone. If it is still hard, use some vice grips to pull the handle off its mount. There is a tool called a screw extractor. This will come in handy if the screw is too short for pliers or vice grips to grab onto.

The removal of the corroded part is the most important and most difficult step. You may want to put some penetrating oil on the screw to loosen it up. Give it a few moments to work. WD-40 is good as well. The key to using them is time.

Once you get the corroded handle and screw off the faucet, you can check the damage and see if it is worth replacing just the handle. When you go to replace the handle, make sure you know the faucet brand, and model number.

You will need an exact match when you put the replacement on. If you are not sure about the brand or model number, take a good photo of the faucet and handle and show the clerk at the store.

Some Final Words

Faucet issues are a part of RV life. Just like they are in your traditional home. They will fail from time to time but hopefully, you will avoid the exploding faucet scenario.

Check the water pressure at the RV Park or Campground you are visiting and see how high it is. Then check your RV to make sure it can handle the amount of water psi that comes from your shore hook-up. Use a regulator if you need to.

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