Cheap Monthly Parks: RV Parks Under $500 a Month in Florida

Florida has it all. That is why so many RVers flock to this state. They get great food, warm days, lots of sunshine, great beaches, and more. Because this state is so popular, the prices for RV parks can be quite high, if you can get a reservation.

There are such things but one of the problems you will find is that these RV parks do not always advertise their rates. On one list of 10 best RV parks, only Big Tree RV Park listed its price and that was at$550. Close but not under $500.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about if you are planning a vacation in Florida any time soon. Take a few minutes to see how this information can help you pick the perfect vacation spot.

Finding Cheap Long-Term RV Parks in Florida


As we said, this can be a difficult task to do. Many campgrounds do not list their prices, even on their websites. We tried to book a month's stay at one

campground but no prices were listed even after setting our dates.

It will take some time to find out which RV parks cost less than $500 as the time of year plays a role in their pricing, popularity is also another influential factor and there are hidden costs.

One RV park wanted a $75 deposit, at least $30 per month for electrical hookups, and more. Don’t just plan on spending $500 and expect everything is included. Plan for those utility and other fees when you set your budget.

One owner stated that there are lots of RV parks for under $500 in this state. However, his information was from 2013 and a lot can change in 9 years. Other sources do not always provide up-to-date information either as one website for 2022 listed a price from 2010.

With that said, we did find Rivers Edge in Holt Florida. Their rates are approx. $31 per day, $156 per week, and $305 per month (all rates listed are starting from). You can contact them at this number- (850) 537-2267.

RV Parks Under 500 a Month in Florida


We found 5 in the state of Florida that have low monthly rates. One of those 5 has just been mentioned in the previous section. Here are the rest that we found:

1. Snowbird South RV Park- 7784 CR 702, CENTER HILL, FLORIDA 33514, (352) 568-3300.

Their monthly rent depends on how long you will stay at their RV park. 1 to 4 months is $350 per month; 5 to 11 months is $310 per month; and 12 months is $270 per month with all other fees not included.

Plus they have 60 sites with 50 amp service and 45 with 35 amp service. Call them for further details and availability.

2. Casey Jones’ Family Campground- 185 SW Arrowhead Terrace, Lake City FL 32024, 386-755-0471

Their rates are by the month and you can pay either $350 if you want cable or $300 if you don’t, other fees are billed separately.

3. Pana Vista Lodge- 3417 C.R. 421 Lake, Panasoffkee, Fl. 33538, 352-793-2061.

You will need to stay for at least 7 to 12 months to get their monthly rate of $325. As usual, any electricity you use is billed separately.

4. Old Town Campground ‘N’ Retreat- 2241 SE Highway 349

Old Town, FL 32680, (352)542-9500

This RV park’s monthly rate is $300 and their electrical system only provides 30-amp service.

All of the 5 parks offer their own set of amenities for you and your family to enjoy while you stay at their parks. Their website links are all in the names of the different RV parks and you can see what they offer and if they have sites available.

Remember that during peak season everything gets filled up fast so you may want to think about making reservations ahead of time.

Cheapest RV Parks in Florida


This is also a tough search as many resources consider anything over $2000 per month as cheap. Not one on a specific cheapest RV Park list was even close to $500. The lowest was $600 per month and that was Lake Louisa State Park.

On another list, Sunburst RV Resort was listed at $465 + fees per month which is a little bit more expensive than the ones we listed above but at least it is under that $500 mark.

Another cheap RV park would be Beck’s Lake Fish Camp and it only charges $10 per day with an unlimited amount of days stay. You can pay roughly $300 a month and stay as long as you want.

The question would be if it is equipped to handle RVs or not. What you have to watch out for is not the electricity fee but the deposit fee. Some charge low deposits, around $75 while others charge up to $250

Deposits are a hidden fee as you may only be thinking about the monthly rental and not be concerned about any other fees involved. You need to plan your budget accordingly to make sure your other expenses are covered.

When you do your search you may be required to click on individual links and do some planning before you get the RV park’s rates. This is all time-consuming so start your search well in advance of your travel dates.

Florida RV parks fill up fast, especially if you want to travel to the Keys. In some cases, you may have to start booking your reservations 11 to 12 months in advance.

But don’t let that stop you as RV parks have cancellations all the time. You may be lucky to find an open RV park right at your travel times. You just have to have a lot of alternative choices to find these openings.

How Much Are Monthly RV Parks in Florida?


This will depend on the owners of the different RV parks. They are all privately owned and the owners set their individual prices. These prices may or may not include the cost of amenities, electricity, and so on.

Location will also play a role in how much the different owners will charge. In some cases, these parks will be at or above motel and hotel fees in terms of fees. But with motels and hotels, you need to reserve far in advance as well.

If you cancel any reservations, you may be subject to a cancellation fee so keep that expense in mind as you talk to the different RV parks and hotels. Then you have to consider the camping sites. The fees charged will reflect the size of the site as many are equipped to handle RVs up to 70 feet long.

Each RV park will have its own set of requirements you need to meet as well. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to RV parks. Some are very beautiful and set in great areas of the state and others are just plain Janes.

Take a look at their websites and then make your decision to contact them to make your reservation.

Quick Comparison Chart

There are far more RV Parks in the state of Florida than we can list here. You have the 5 cheapest we found above. Here are some more RV parks to give you an idea of what to expect when you start looking for a place to go in this state.

RV Park name Per day Per week Per month
Outback Springs RV Resort $39 $220 $515
Twin Lakes Camp Resort $54 $297 $750
Destin RV Beach Resort $111 $686 N/A
Sunburst RV Resort $51 $248 $465
Emerald Beach RV Park $83 $548 $774
Orlando RV Park $45 $300 $800 to $1100
Fort De Soto Park $43.38 $300 $1290
Camp Venice $75 $510 $1290
Aztec RV Resort $59 $400 $1770
Lake Magic RV Resort $91 $550 $2370
Royal Coachman RV Resort $103 $620 $2670
Southern Palms RV Resort $60 $360 $1530
Terra Ceia Village RV Resort $68 $410 $1770

Sources for these figures are &

All prices are subject to change depending on the time of year, the owner’s discretion, and other influential factors. In fact, OutBack Springs was listed at 2 different prices on the 2 lists we used for this chart.

These figures are here to just give you an idea of what you can expect to pay and do not be surprised if the prices are higher than listed here.

Florida RV Parks For Christians


That is how these parks are listed. You would have to contact them for details and we include them here as many people of faith would like to camp near people of the same faith.

1. Lakewood Retreat Christian Camp- 25458 Dan Brown Hill Road Brooksville, Florida 34602, 352-796-4097,

There are full RV hook-ups as well as campsites, dormitory-style cabins as well as a chapel. This gives you some options if your kids or you are tired of staying in your RV.

Also, if you are single and want to get married, this RV park provides a wedding venue for any couple wanting to have a different setting for their nuptials. There are also private and public restroom facilities available if you stay in the cabins. Give them a call for rates and availability

2. Sonrise Palms Christian RV Park- 660 Tucker Lane Cocoa, Florida 32926, 321-633-4335,

When you camp at this location, you get 100 RV sites with hook-ups as well as a dumping station for your convenience. Also, you can rent by the month, week, or day depending on your vacation plans.

Located 5 miles from Cocoa Beach, you can use your toad to drive into town and see the sites or go to a different beach. Laundry and internet service are available.

Make sure to call ahead or check their website for all rules and regulations as well as availability. Don’t be alarmed if this campground is booked up in advance. Plan ahead to get a good spot.

3. Christian Retreat Family Church and Conference Center- 1200 Glory Way Blvd. Bradenton, Florida 34212, 941-749-2980,

Their RV sites have full electrical hookups, with a grassy area in case the kids want to camp out instead of sleeping inside. There is also a lodge with shower and restroom facilities.

There are Christian events scheduled throughout the week and you can also participate in many of the recreational activities on-site. This RV park is located on the Manatee River and the park also has a cafe and cafeteria if you do not feel like going into town for a meal.

Two RV Parks With a Water Park


When you love water, there are RV parks that will accommodate that desire.

1. Larry and Penny Thompson Park 12451 SW 184 Street Miami, FL, 305-232-1049,

270 acres with 240 campsites that have water and electric hook-ups. Plus, the park is located next to the Miami Metro Zoo and the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens. There is a lot to do in Miami and this may be the ideal location for you

2. Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park 500 Wonderwood Drive Jacksonville, FL 32233, 904-249-4700

This location provides 300 RV and campsites with full hook-ups. Along with the water park, there is at least one beach, surfing, fishing, boating, and more water activities available.

Some Final Words

The final 5 RV parks in Florida, do not mention their rates. You will need to contact them to find out how much it will cost you to stay there. Also, be prepared to make reservations in advance.

But as you can see, there is an RV park for everyone in the State of Florida. It may take some time to find one that will fit your budget but the search may be worth it when you have a great time.

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