Toy Hauler Garage Sizes: How Wide Are Most Toy Haulers?

The world runs on its toys. At least that is what it seems. No matter what age or gender you are, someone always has a toy they love to play with. Fortunately, for adults, RV makers have designed specific RV models to be toy haulers. Adults get to be like their children and bring their adult toys along on vacation.

There is one major factor that dictates the width of a toy hauler. That factor is the width of a road lane. The toy hauler cannot be as wide or wider than the width of that lane. A toy hauler is between 8 and 10 feet wide and any wider you would be facing a whole new set of issues to solve.

To learn more about these toy haulers and their dimensions, just continue to read our article. It explores the topic so you have all the information you need to make the right decision for your RV lifestyle. Take a few minutes to see how this important information helps you.

What is a Toy Hauler?


This section is more for those new to RVing. It is also for those who may be RV owners and have heard the term but do not know what it refers to. A toy hauler is usually designed as a towable.

The towable is designed to look like a 5th wheel trailer or a travel trailer. You may find some a built as a self-drive RV but most are made to be towed. What makes a tow hauler unique is that it comes with a large empty space at the rear of the trailer

This space is used for motorcycles, bicycles, canoes, and other toys families like to have with them when they are on vacation. Some toy hauler owners put their smaller vehicles inside the empty space (garage) and use that vehicle for their daily errands and trips.

The purpose of a toy hauler then is to enhance your vacation time and give you a lot more options when you are away from home.

The Benefits Of a Toy Hauler & Who Owns One

There are two main benefits you get when you own one of these rigs. First, you get more space to haul different items. Anywhere from 80 to 126 extra square feet approx., to stock with toys, cargo, or other supplies.

The second main benefit is that you have easy loading and unloading capabilities. The ramp comes down allowing you or your family to easily walk up and down when you need those items inside the garage.

The drawback to owning a toy hauler is that they are usually longer than a regular 5th wheel and travel trailer. That makes them harder to tow and maneuver. The people who own one of these RVs fall into the upcoming categories but are not limited to just those categories:

- Outdoor recreation enthusiasts

- Motorsports enthusiasts

- Motorcyclists

- Tailgaters

A Quick Comparison Chart

This chart simply compares toy haulers with both regular 5th wheel and travel trailers. It will give you an idea of the size and price of the RVs so you can see the difference between them.

Category Toy hauler 5th Wheel Trailer Travel Trailer
Length 35 to 45 feet 30 to 40 feet 8 to 40 feet
Width 8 to 10 feet 8 to 10 feet 7 feet
Height 10 to 13 feet 9 to 12 feet 8 to 10 feet
Weight 5,000 to 16,000 pounds 8,000 to 12,000 pounds 3,000 to 7,000 pounds
Price $90,000 $75,000 $29,000

All figures are estimates meant for comparison only. Information taken from

Toy Hauler Garage Sizes


There are different size garages you can get when you order a toy hauler. There are some standard or more common sizes and there are the ones that are longer than those common sizes.

The size you get will depend on what is available from the RV manufacturer and these RV makers do not copy each other for the most part. They will make a variety of sizes and place them in different models.

The common width size for a toy hauler is between 7 1/2 to 8 feet. This is always going to be the size that will feet almost every road in the nation. It is possible to get some toy haulers with a garage 10 feet wide but you would be limited to the roads you could travel.

The standard or common length of the garage ranges between 10 to 14 feet and that length depends on how big your trailer will be. Some travel trailers and 5th wheel options combine living space and garage space to give you more room to haul bigger toys.

If you want to spend a lot of money, you can buy a tri-axle toy hauler. Their garages get up to 20 feet long. They also can haul a lot of weight. This means you would have room and weight clearance to bring a smaller car along with you without having to tow it.

Average Toy Hauler Garage Width

To give you a better understanding of toy hauler width, you need to understand the average road width in America. The following chart will tell you how much room the RV makers have to work with. However, just because a lane is 12 feet wide doesn’t mean that a toy hauler or RV can be 12 feet wide. There has to be a safety margin

Road type Urban Rural
Freeway 12 feet 12 feet
Ramps 12 to 30 feet 12 to 30 feet
Arterial 10 to 12 feet 11 to 12 feet
Collector 10 to 12 feet 10 to 12 feet
Local 9 to 12 feet 9 to 12 feet

** information taken from

The road widths do not allow for larger than 9-foot widths for RVs, trailers, and toy haulers. There are toy haulers that do go over the 7 1/2 to 8-foot average. Not by much but they can be 8’ 3”, 8’ 4”, and so on.

There has to be a safety margin to make sure there are no accidents when trailers sway or a driver swerves to miss something on the road. If RV makers go larger than 9 feet, they are putting their customers into some risky situations.

Even though there are fewer regulations governing the length of an RV, RV makers are bound by the road width when it comes to making toy haulers and other RVs.

Common Toy Hauler Garage Dimensions

These are going to range between models. Some toy haulers are quite long while others are short travel trailers. The latter combines the garage with the living space so you have the opportunity to bring a favorite outdoor toy with you even though you can’t afford a bigger trailer.

What follows are the dimensions of several travel trailers that are toy haulers. Their dimensions will give you an idea of the size of smaller toy hauler options.

Toy Hauler travel trailer Unloaded vehicle weight Cargo weight capacity Length Width Garage length
Grand Design Momentum G-Class 25G 7900 pounds 3600 pounds 30’ 11” 8’ 3” 13’ 6”
Coachmen Freedom Express Blast 271BL 5804 pounds 3196 pounds 30’ 11” 8’ 10’
Jayco Octane Super Lite 222 5560 pounds 2440 pounds 26’ 5” 8’ 6” 8’ 6”
Forest River No Boundaries 19.1 4264 pounds 3456 pounds 24’ 11” 7’4” 10’ 6”
Heartland Torque 281 8255 pounds 4497 pounds 32’ 8” 8’ 6” 16’ 4”

**data taken from Floor plans are at that link as well

The actual dimensions you will get will be determined by the floor plan and the model you want. This goes for the 5th wheel options as well. When you go shopping for a toy hauler, you need to measure the height, width, and length of the garage to make sure you are getting enough space with the floor plan you want.

Since weight is king, you have to make sure the hauling capacity of the toy hauler is high enough to handle all the toys and cargo you want to bring along. The cost of a toy hauler will range from $20,000 to $200,000 depending on size, brand, and other factors.

What is The Biggest Garage You Can Get in a Toy Hauler?


While toy hauler’s garages come in different sizes, few are very long. One of the longest is the Momentum 30G by Grand Design and its garage measures 20 feet 7 inches long.

However, to get that length, Grand Design used a lot of the living area inside the RV. Plus, they started with 6 feet 7 inches as its width for the first 13 feet approx. and narrowed the width down to 6 feet 2 inches for the remaining length.

The Torque T281 and T285 from Heartland RVs measure 16 feet each even though the T281 is just over 3 feet shorter than the T285 model. Then while the towable toy haulers are the most common and have the largest garages, there are some Class A & C drivable that are toy haulers as well.

However, their garages are typically 8 to 10 feet long only. The exception to the rule would be the Showhauler Motorhome with Garage. Its garage reaches 12 feet in length.

One thing to remember is that size is not the final authority for toy haulers. The cargo weight capacity has the final say on what type of toy you can put in its garage.

What Toy Hauler Has The Largest Garage?

The largest garage on a toy hauler seems to be the one we mentioned in the previous section, the Momentum 30G by Grand Design. Its 20-foot-7-inch size has been the largest that we have found made by a regular RV brand.

The next largest garage belongs to the toy hauler called the Garagzilla. It looks to be a custom-ordered RV and its garage hits 20’ in length. Then the Dutchmen RV Voltage 4135 comes with an 18-foot garage but it costs around $104,000.

Finally, the Luxe 48FB has a 16-foot garage. Its total measurement is 16’ 4” long and retails for around $200,000. There were a few more listed at 13 feet but that seems to be the upper limit for most garages in toy haulers.

There may be other models that are as long as these but they did not appear in our searches.

Keystone Fuzion 430 Garage Size

When you want a larger garage, this is one of the models you should look at. Its overall length measures 44 feet 11 inches giving you lots of room for the garage. The garage is one of the larger ones that are made and it reaches 123 feet in length.

Its dry weight is almost 16,000 pounds and you should check to see how much cargo it can carry. The three slides give you extra width in certain areas so it will feel like the trailer is wider than 8 feet.

The average price for this toy hauler is $104,000 making it one of the more affordable larger toy haulers you can buy. Also, the garage is said to come with lots of upgrades so you will have more options when you put your toys inside.

To make it more appealing, Keystone put two full baths inside. One has a tub and the other comes with a shower. This is one of the more luxurious models you can find. The extra-long garage may be room enough for a small car or a dune buggy or side by side. You have room to make some great choices for your vacation

Raptor Toy Hauler Garage Width


This is another toy hauler made by Keystone. Its overall length ranges between 33 feet and 44 feet approx., depending on the floor plan, model year, and other factors. In some models, the garage is supposed to reach 15 feet in length and has an overall width of 8 feet 9 inches.

The amount of cargo this toy hauler can carry ranges between 3800 pounds and 4800 pounds approx. Its exterior height reaches 13 feet 9 inches making it close to the maximum height allowed on the road today.

The dry weight of this trailer reaches just over 15,000 so you would need a very powerful truck to haul this toy hauler to your next campsite. It retails for roughly $144,000 making it one of the more expensive options you can find.

Despite its length, the trailer is equipped with only 1 1/2 baths, even though there are also3 slides built into this trailer. But other built-in features make up forth is lack of bathroom space.

Do your comparison shopping and see why many RV owners prefer this model over its competitors. It is a nice toy hauler with plenty of garage space.

What Size Toy Hauler do I Need?

To answer this question properly you have to figure out your purpose for the toy hauler. If you want to bring your car along without towing it, then you would need a toy hauler with lots of room and is able to carry a lot of weight.

Then you would have to figure out which toys you want to put in the garage. But that is not all. You would have to look at your towing experience and determine how comfortable you are towing a larger trailer. Plus, you have to examine your tow vehicle to determine if it can handle a large or small toy hauler.

If it does not have the power, then you will not be able to buy a heavier model. You would have o go with the smaller and lighter ones. Don’t forget about the features. Not all toy haulers are made the am.

If you want the kids or grandchildren along for the ride, then you have to see how many people the toy hauler can seep. These are all factors you have to consider, along with holding tank sizes, etc., when looking for the perfect toy hauler for you.

You have to make these determinations long before you talk to a salesman. That way you can avoid the high pressure and the conversations about toy haulers you can’t afford. That is the last factor- it needs to fit your budget.

Some Final Words

Toy hauler garages come in a variety of sizes. They will provide you with extra storage space if your toys are not that large. Plus, they provide you with an easy on and off ramp to make packing the garage simple and easy.

The key is to find one that will fit your lifestyle and budget. Not to mention towing ability.

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