Speedco RV Service and Oil Change: Finding The Nearest Speedco

It is sad to say that when buyouts or mergers occur, the level of service seems to decline. That is the word about SpeedCo as they were bought out by Love’s and their RV service has gone downhill ever since. Each outlet will be different though.

The Speedco corporation has been bought out by Love’s truck Stops and the word is that some locations will service RVs and some will not. You may have to use their website to find a Speedco near you.

To learn more about this company and the services offered, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about so you can get fast RV service when you need it. Take a few minutes to see how this important information can help you.

Speedco RV Service


This may be going the way of the dinosaur. We find no mention of any RV care service on the Loves or the Speedco website. There used to be a web page for the services offered but as reported by many RV owners, that page disappeared in roughly 2020. it has not returned.

From all the information we can gather, it is up to the individual outlets if they will service RVs or not. We saw specific Speedco outlets on our results page say they service RVs, which coincides with what we have read on RV discussion web pages.

This may end up being a good thing as different RV and truck owners are complaining about the high price of the service at these outlets. It seems that Speedco tacks on a $70 RV upgrade fee to their prices and recently have raised the price of their RV oil changes, etc., to over $400.

That price change came in 2019 so it may be even higher today. You may have to call a Speedco near you to find out if they still service RVs and ask what their prices are.

Speedco RV Oil Change


As has been reported earlier, any Speedco Rv oil changes are location-dependent. What that means is that you cannot just stop in at any old Speedco outlet and get an oil change You will have to call the ones near you to find out if they provide this service or not.

Then if they do, that service will depend on if they have the right oil filter in stock or not. This happened to one RV owner as to when he called in, he was told the outlet did do oil changes on RVs but they had no filters in stock to use.

While we mentioned one price earlier on, these may be dealer-dependent as well. One specific Speedco location in Illinois was reported to do an oil change and 3 filters for under $250.

It is not sure if the Love’s discount card will work at a Speedco but you can always ask when you call them up. Both the Love’s and the Speedco website do not mention anything about RVs.

Their target customer is big trucks. You can try to find a Speedco near you and talk to them about their services and costs. But it will be hit and miss as some employees are not nice about answering your questions.

One bit of good news is that it has been reported in 2021 that the RV surcharge may have been canceled. It was applied in2019 and possibly 2020, but since then there has been no word on if it is applied or not. This may be dealer-dependent as well.

Finding The Nearest Speedco To My Location

We have given you the website web page you should use if you are needing to find a Speedco outlet near you. It was linked to above and it should work for any area you are camping, etc., in.

Or you can try the Allstays website. That website has maps of different states as well as a list of different businesses they track. Speedco and Love’s are both on that list but it may take a little navigating to get to the exact locations you need.

Google Maps is another option you can try. You already know how to use that feature. Just do not be confused when you see Speeco results as well. It looks to be a different company. Watch your spelling when you use the search engine.

If you check the websites for Love’s and Speedco, you should be able to download apps to help you find their locations. Some Speedcos are located on the same property as the Love’s truck stops.

The Love’s website has a news page and they list 8 new Speedco locations on it for 2021. There may be more since then. It looks like these apps are available through their Facebook page.

However, that page and post was done in 2013. You may want to double-check their Facebook presence to see if those apps are still available. If you can’t find the apps, contact the different love’s truck stops or talk to your local Speedco outlet to see how you can get them.

Some Final Words

This is the problem with mergers and buyouts. The bigger the company the more cost-cutting they do. One of those cost-cutting measures makes it harder for RV owners to find a Speedco outlet that will change their oil, lube their joints and change the different filters.

Unfortunately, you will have to find the location and phone number of a Speedco near you and ask them. You can always cross your fingers and hope that the company has changed its policies this year and now provide RV service once again.

If not, maybe a few complaints will change their minds.

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