Can You Use an RV Toilet in a House

RV Toilet vs Regular: Can You Use an RV Toilet in a House?

All sorts of creative ideas are considered when looking at odd spaces in homes. People try to economize and see if one fixture designed for a similar purpose can be used in different settings.Can You

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RV Water Pump Keeps Running All the Time (Cycling)

RV Water Pump Keeps Running All the Time (Cycling)

The water pump is vital to many of your RV activities. When it doesn’t work right, your vacation experience may suffer a little bit. You want the water pump to work when you turn the faucet on but you

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How to Clean an RV Toilet Seal (Replace and Lubricate)

When families or older couples head off on vacation, they often choose to use an RV. One of the reasons for this is that they do not have to share a public bathroom with strangers. They can remain comfortable

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Can You Flush Tampons Down an RV Toilet

Can You Flush Tampons Down an RV Toilet?

Toilets, even RV models, can easily be seen as a tool to protect one’s privacy. It is a quick disposal unit and hides many aspects of life. Yet it should not be seen as the go to disposal unit for all

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How to Keep Your RV AC From Freezing Up (Helpful Guide)

For most of the time you use your RV the air conditioner works well. You get lots of cool air, you are comfortable and you get a break from the heat. Life couldn’t get any better. Then your air conditioner

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How Does an RV Water Pump Work and How To Operate It

Having a good time with your RV means you need to take time to get to know the vital parts and how they work. Knowing how your RV pump works and how to operate it correctly can save you a lot of vacation

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RV Water Pump Runs But No Water! How to Fix it?

When you use your RV Little issues keep cropping up. That is the nature of the beast. Your RV is filled with lots of parts that can go wrong. One part that is essential to a good camping experience is

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How to Recharge an RV Air Conditioner: Helpful Guide + Tips

RVs are a good vacation option. They help you bring a little of your home with you when you leave your home. They have extra room, home necessities and of course, a little air conditioning. Air conditioning

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RV AC Ducted vs Non-Ducted: Differences and Comparison

There are two types of air conditioning systems in RVs and they do the same job. Comparisons will always be made and people will take one side or the other. They will also disagree on which one is bestRV

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Why Use RV Wheel Covers

Why Use RV Wheel Covers? (How To Measure and Install)

These little items may be a hassle to put on and take off every time you park or move to your next site. Yet they come in handy and offer a lot of protecting to your tires and wheelsWhy Use RV Wheel Covers?

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How to Clean or Replace an RV Air Conditioner Filter

The outside air is not always as pure as it could be. That is why you need filters on your RV air conditioners. These filters block a lot of harmful elements flying through the air. You need a good filter

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When and How to Grease RV Wheel Bearings (Helpful Guide)

Preventive maintenance saves you money. It also saves you a lot of time when you need to be in your RV and trucking down the road. Plus, preventive maintenance on the little things like wheel bearings

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Life Expectancy: How Long Does an RV Air Conditioner Last?

You can travel without living leaving the benefits of home behind. Plus, you can save money on eating, sleeping as well as you do not have to share the facilities with strangers. RVs are a good way to

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How to Make Your RV Air Conditioner Quieter: 6 Helpful Tips

One of the reasons you go on vacation to the great outdoors is to get away from the noise of your city. It is peaceful and calm in nature and you enjoy those moments where there is no noise bothering

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Running RV AC on batteries: Can You Run an RV AC on Battery?

Not all campgrounds that allow RVs have electrical hook ups. That means you need to bring an alternative power source with you if you want to run the features included in your RV. Generators work well

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RV Siding Types: What is RV Siding Made of?

RVs are more than just looks. But how they look is the first thing you notice about an RV. What makes an RV’s looks stand out are the exterior construction materials used. These materials not only have

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Manufacturers and Suppliers: Where to Buy RV Siding Panels

Maintenance is vital. When it comes to keeping your RV in top shape and ready for the road. Hail and other weather issues can take their toll on your RV’s exterior. Finding the right sources to correct

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Pros and Cons of Airstream Trailers

Pros and Cons of Airstream Trailers: Are They Worth It?

Every brand name has a certain number of “stereotypes” attached to it. Stereotypes are the associations people get when they hear a brand name. They can have both positive and negative connotations.

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How Much Is Travel Trailer Insurance (Lower Average Cost)

How Much Is Travel Trailer Insurance (Lower Average Cost)

Having a home on wheels away from home is thrilling. Every day a new location, new people, and new sights. However, having a travel trailer, an RV, or a camper comes with some responsibilities.If you’re

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Troubleshooting RV Propane Furnace That Won’t Ignite

Chilly weather outside? Not great news for an RVer like myself and so many others. Luckily, each motorhome comes equipped with a decent propane furnace which keeps everyone warm inside the vehicle. But

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Rust-Oleum Leak Seal vs. Flex Seal (Which Is Better and Why)

Gaps, cracks and holes aren’t fun! Although they are a normal consequence of the deterioration of any material, they can certainly cause many annoying problems for home and car owners. The number one

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How to Buy a Used RV Tips: How Much, When, Best State, Sites

Personally, I love traveling. I like to allow myself to travel for miles on end, without having to stay in hotels too much. For this purpose, I began buying RVs prominently. Some of these were new, some

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Travel Trailer Brands to Avoid (Worst RV Brands Ever)

Purchasing a recreational vehicle (or simply an RV) is an investment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. In fact, it might be one of the most expensive things someone could buy. Therefore, it’s imperative

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Crock Pot Wattage: How Many Watts Does a Crock Pot Use

When you are a real-life wanderer and you spend your time trailing across the country in your beauty of an RV, you’re probably living your life to the fullest. What’s more, you’re probably the type

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Gas Prices in Canada per Gallon vs US Price per Litre

We were a bit surprised by the fact that the manufacturers don’t want to make an effort and let Canadians know that the MPG numbers they find in American publications are based on the way smaller US

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Where Can I Weigh My Trailer near Me? (Cost and How To)

If you want to weigh your RV, you’ll probably find a weighing station in your vicinity, or at least somewhere near the interstate. We know that many of you ask yourselves: “Where can I weigh my trailer?”

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Can You Use a Generator While Driving an RV? Legal or Safe

Whether you’re a family of weekend campers or a retired couple looking to travel full-time, every RV beginner has a bunch of questions bothering them before making the maiden voyage. Today, we’re going

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How to Winterize an RV With Antifreeze (The Complete Guide)

If you own an RV, then you must know that this type of vehicle requires winterization. Now, there are several ways to winterize an RV, but the safest way to do it is with RV antifreeze.If you’re not

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How to Dump RV Waste at Home (RV Sewer Hookup)

When a man has to go, a man has to go, as the urban saying goes. The same sentiment applies when you’re traveling in your RV. Wastewater tends to build up, and it’s important to regularly dump it and

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State and National Park RV Size Limit (Length Restrictions)

There’s nothing better than owning an RV — it gives you the freedom to go wherever you want without having to compromise on space and comfort. Therefore, it might be the perfect time to choose your

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How Much Does a 5th Wheel Weigh on Average?

As we all know, trailers come in many different shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for a trailer that will suit all your needs, you’ll have to arm yourself with as much patience as you can muster.

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How Tall and Wide Is an RV? Complete Camper Dimensions Guide

One of the most important things that we look for in an RV is the dimensions. When we first plan to buy an RV, we are concerned about whether we’ll be able to park it back home. Not to mention that many

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How Much Does a Travel Trailer Weigh?

The most common scenario in which people ask how much travel trailers weigh is when they are trying to figure out whether their car can tow one. And they’re usually looking for a quick answer. So to

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Do RV Fridges Make Noise? Fix Clicking and Gurgling Sounds

RVers, campers, and people who just like to travel in general already know how important a fridge is in an RV unit. After all, a camper has to eat. Luckily, most RV manufacturers have high-quality refrigerators

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How Many Amps Does an RV Refrigerator Draw? + Tips to Reduce

We know that there is a refrigerator in almost every RV out there. But what concerns us the most is usually the power consumption itself. If fridge amp usage is too high it may have a negative effect on

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8 Tips for RV Shipping and Transport (Rates, Cost per Mile)

Let’s say that you are an RV owner. Or maybe you just bought an RV and you need it to be shipped to your home. Whatever the case is, getting an RV shipped can be confusing. You might get caught between

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The Average RV Gas Tank Size and Tips to Go Further

Traveling in an RV is perfect for those who are adventurous, bold and at the same time want to cut some costs. If you want to travel around without spending tons of money on high flight fares, RV is going

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How Much Does a Pop-Up Camper Weigh? Average Weight and More

Pop-up campers weigh anywhere from 500 lbs to 2000 lbs or more. The average weight of a pop-up camper that’s small usually goes from 500 lbs to 650 lbs. We can also call it the tent trailer weight, simply

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