How to Clean an RV Toilet Seal (Replace and Lubricate)

When families or older couples head off on vacation, they often choose to use an RV. One of the reasons for this is that they do not have to share a public bathroom with strangers. They can remain comfortable all the time they are away and can really enjoy their vacation.

How to Clean an RV Toilet Seal: It is not hard to clean and lubricate a toilet seal in your RV. One method just requires some toilet paper and a paper clip. Another method is using a good toilet cleaning brush to reach all parts of the seal.

Clean your seal or replacing it is another one of those easy RV jobs that sound worse than they really are. Just keep reading to find out the best ways to clean the seal in your RV.

How to Clean RV Toilet Seal

It is a dirty job but someone has to do it. To thoroughly clean the seal, you can use some latex gloves and toilet paper and let your fingers do it all. Another method would be to take an old screwdriver, heat about 2 inches at the blade end.

Once it is hot enough just bend it to 90 degrees and let the blade get all the dirt and grime out from the seal. You can also use an old toothbrush or other slender cleaning brushes with a long handle.

The key would be to not let go of the brush until it is safely out of your toilet.

RV Toilet Seal Cleaning Tool

There are a variety of cleaning tools already in your department or grocery stores’ cleaning department you can use. You do not need to buy a special tool to clean the seal in your RV’s toilet..

What is important when you turn to a cleaning brush to handle the chore is the length of the bristles. They shouldn’t be too long yet they should not be too short either. You want to make sure you get inside every crevice and get the gunk out quickly.

Some people have been fairly innovative and have altered screwdriver designs to do the job. Others have turned to paper clips and toilet paper. Then still, other people become very brave and use their fingers.

What kind of tool you use is up to you and your courage.

RV Toilet Seal not Holding Water

This is a common problem that happens to a lot of RV owners. If it happens to you, you are not alone and you may find quite a few remedies out there to help you. One trick you can use is olive oil. Sometimes the seal dries out and needs a little lubrication to get it working again.

After you pour the olive oil on the seal, just work the flapper a few times t make sure the seal is coated correctly. Another problem would be that some dried waste got caught and broke the seal. A long brush and some water can repair that issue quickly.

Finally, fill the bowl with hot soapy water and let the seal soak for a bit. After that scrub the seal and empty the water.

How to Lubricate RV Toilet Seal

How to Lubricate RV Toilet Seal

One way to lubricate your dried toilet seal is to use your hands and some Vaseline. Take a little bit of Vaseline out of the jar and spread it over the seal. Or you can use a tooth brush to spread the Vaseline.

If you do not want to lubricate in that way, there are good RV toilet seal lubricants and conditioners on the market right now. These products are designed to penetrate the seal and keep it in top working order.

You do not have to buy a specific brand as they should work with all toilet seals. These lubricants also help keep waste from sticking and causing a break in your seal.

RV Toilet Seal Grease and Lubricant

If you are having trouble finding a good lubricant or grease to use to keep your toilet seal in top condition there is hope. Thetford produces a good lubricant that will penetrate the seal and protect it from drying out.

The good news is that this product will work with any brand of seal. You do not have to waste time looking for a lubricant or grease that works with the seal on your RV’s toilet. This one handles them all.

Plus, you can find this lubricant just about anywhere RV products are sold.

Vaseline on RV Toilet Seal

As you may have noticed, we have recommended Vaseline a couple of times in this article. That tells you that it works and may be an inexpensive way to keep your RV toilet seal in perfect working order.

Vaseline is easy to put on the seal and does not create a big mess. Also, you can find it just about anywhere you shop. Compare prices with RV toilet seal lubricant and see if it saves you some money.

You won’t need a lot so a jar could last yo along time.

Replacing an RV Toilet Seal

It may sound complicated to do but the most time spent replacing a toilet seal is on disconnecting and reconnecting your toilet. These two tasks can run you a total of about 20 to 25 minutes.

Replacing the seal takes you under a minute. Yo just pull the old one off and put the new one on. It is that simple. Just make sure your water supply is disconnected properly and you shouldn’t have too many issues.

Some Final Comments

Toilet seals in your RV may be hidden and kept out of sight. But they do a big job for you. Their task is to make sure the odor from your black water tank does not escape and fill your RV.

That is what makes keeping the seal properly cleaned and lubricant so vital. You can enjoy your vacation without being interrupted by some awful odor, you wish yo did not smell.

The task to lubricate and clean may sound like a dirty job. Yet it has to be done if you want your RV smelling just right.

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