How Tall and Wide Is an RV? Complete Camper Dimensions Guide

One of the most important things that we look for in an RV is the dimensions. When we first plan to buy an RV, we are concerned about whether we’ll be able to park it back home. Not to mention that many national parks have certain restrictions when it comes to the length. Dimensions also tell us about the level of comfort that we can expect from a certain vehicle. We can all agree that comfort can be very important during the long trips across the country.

For someone who hasn’t owned an RV before, the dimensions might be frightening. And basically, they are. RVs are big, and that's a fact. You’ll need a big enough garage to fit one, since leaving it outside exposed to different weather conditions all the time may take a toll on the vehicle itself.

We don’t want to scare you off of buying one, but you have to understand that owning an RV can sometimes be a hassle. Aside from national parks, many states also have restrictions when it comes to both the width, height, and length. Basically, all those restrictions exist because of the infrastructure. So parking your 45 ft long RV might get you a ticket in some areas. Always make sure to check the laws and regulations both of the state that you live in and the ones that you’re planning to visit.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll discuss the dimensions of different class motorhomes, and we’ll give you average numbers, so that you know what to expect before deciding to buy an RV. In the end, we’ll look more closely into certain popular motorhomes out there and see their length and some of the other characteristics.

How Wide Is an RV?


RVs are some of the largest vehicles that we encounter on the road. Many of us usually think that the length of an RV might pose a problem. Thus we forget to think about the width which can be even more important. The average width depends on the class of the RV that you are planning to buy, as it is with other dimensions.

If you want to invest in a class A motorhome, you must be aware that in some places that might not be a good idea. We all know that sometimes RVs is a synonym for comfort and luxury. But, the average width of a motorhome is usually somewhere around 8.5 ft. With that width, you’ll be OK driving on the interstates, but you may run into trouble if you steer off towards the state-controlled roads.

Some states have the maximum width limit of 8 ft. In Arizona, Maryland, West Virginia, and Kentucky you will need a special oversized load permit if your vehicle is 8.5 ft wide or more. You can also add to that list states like Florida, Georgia, D.C., Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, and others.

So before you plan your trip, always make sure to check the regulations and get the needed permits. It’s not just about not getting a ticket, most roads aren’t designed to handle the vehicles that have large dimensions. Especially when it comes to motorhomes.

How Tall Is a Travel Trailer?

When it comes to the height, one can expect that, on average, a travel trailer is 11 ft high. That shouldn’t come as a surprise since they are usually towed by powerful SUVs. There is one thing that you should mind when it comes to the height. Namely, the maximum allowed height for vehicles on the interstates and highways is 13.6 ft. That basically means that the cap can only be much lower on the state-controlled roads. Even though we all like a good amount of space in our vehicles, you should be careful not to overdo it. The regulations are there for a reason. None of us want to damage the vehicle by hitting into the bottom of an overpass or something else entirely.

Travel Trailer Width

The average width of a travel trailer is quite similar to the width of other motorhomes and RVs. As with them, you’ll also need to check for the regulations in certain states, though you’ll probably be safe while driving on the interstates.

Travel trailers come in all shapes and sizes, but on average a travel trailer is around 8 ft wide.

Class A Motorhome Length and Height


Class A motorhomes are the largest and usually the most luxurious motorhomes available on the market. If you’re planning to buy a class A motorhome, you will need a large storage space. You’ll need to take into consideration the size of your garage. Having a large RV means that you will need some extra space on top of its length. In total, we’re talking about 45 ft or more.

When it comes to the length of class A motorhomes, you can expect it will vary from 20 ft to 40 ft or even more. But, when it comes to the average, you can expect them to be around 30 ft long.

Now, we should also pay a special attention to height. Why? Well simply because large motorhomes tend to be restricted in many states. We already know that the maximum allowed height for vehicles on the highways is around 13 ft. Although there are RVs that are that high, they are usually 10 ft high on average.

Class B Motorhome Lenght and Height

What’s interesting about class B motorhomes is that they are smaller both from class A and class C. That means that if you invest in a class B motorhome, you’ll probably get a vehicle that will fit into all standards and regulations. As a plus, you’ll need less space for storage. So if you don’t plan to bring many passengers with you, or you don’t need a large sleeping capacity, going for a class B motorhome might be a secure and a proper way to go.

Class B motorhomes are both shorter and have a lower height than others. Though, the average width is still around 8 ft, as it is for all RVs. The average height of a class B motorhome is around 8 ft. The average length is around 20 ft.

Class C RV Length and Height


Class C motorhomes are the average of average. They stand between class A and class B in almost everything. If you want to compensate on the price, but not on the actual size of your RV than class C is the way to go. That doesn’t straightforwardly mean that you will also have to compensate for comfort and luxury. You will get a decently sized motorhome for a price that is much lower than that of a class A vehicle.

What’s worth noting about class C is that you will have a wide variety of length to choose from. So basically, you’ll be able to get a class C motorhome that is as short as 20 ft or as long as 33 ft. And as we stated before, an average class A is around 33 ft long. Though, the average length of a class C RV would be somewhere around 27 ft. However, if they are shorter, be aware that they might compensate that by adding to the overall width. So some of them can be even 9 ft wide, and that can pose a problem on many roads. When it comes to the height, you won’t see much of a difference either. They are usually 10 ft high.

How to Measure an RV?

Measuring the overall dimensions of an RV is a simple process. You will basically need the height, the width, and the length. One of the most important things to know about taking the measurements of an RV is that it should be done from bumper to bumper. Though you’ll probably want to separately measure the ones that are sticking out and that might pose a problem on the road.

Knowing the measurements of an RV is very important, mainly because most of the roads are not able to support their size. Additionally, you’ll probably have to deal with many regulations that restrict the size of RVs.

Since the overall width cap for a motorhome has been raised from 8 ft to 8.5 ft, many manufacturers also started making bigger RVs according to the new regulations. What can’t be stressed enough is that you are allowed to drive an RV that is 8.5 ft wide only on interstates. But, each state has its own set of regulations that might differ from the aforementioned one.

So be very careful when you’re choosing an RV, because length and comfort don’t mean anything if you’re not able to actually use your vehicle across the state.

Motorhome Dimensions


We’ve talked about average numbers, and we’ve seen what we can expect when it comes to the height, width, and length of motorhomes. We’ve also touched upon certain regulations and restrictions that you might experience while on the road. Finally, we’d like to give you an insight into what the situation really looks like. We chose the most popular models of RVs in the past years and decided to compare their dimensions. Among the following paragraphs, you’ll be able to see for yourself whether one of these models will be able to fit into your garage.

Jayco Swan

Though it doesn’t look roomy at first glance, Jayco Swan has a decent amount of comfort to offer. Though it’s practically a trailer camper, it will offer you more than you can expect. Its travel length is 5,365 m, but once you unpack it, it has more than 6 meters in total.

Jayco Eagle

Another model from Jayco that is always worth considering is the famous Eagle. The newest variation of the Eagle promises a lot of comfort. In it, you will actually feel like you are living in a small apartment. Height is a bit larger and goes up to 12.98 ft, but still within’ the common regulations. As for the length, the Eagle also falls into the average category with 36.92 ft.

Jayco Hawk

Jayco Hawk or Jayco White Hawk is a very popular model among the motorhome enthusiasts. And it’s popular for a reason too. It offers a fair amount of space and many useful amenities. It is a bit smaller than the Eagle. It is 28.17 ft long and 10.9 ft high. One of the most attractive things when it comes to the White Hawk is the price. We found it to be a lot cheaper than the Eagle.

Jayco Flamingo

Flamingo is another awesome camper trailer from Jayco. When spread, you will get as much as 13.78 ft in length.

Forest River Flagstaff

Now, Forest River Flagstaff is something special. It’s not just about the size or the overall quality of the model. There is also something in the carefully arranged floorplan that draws us to it. As for the dimensions, the Flagstaff is 31.92 ft long, 8 ft wide, and 13 ft high.

Winnebago Revel

There isn’t much left to say about Winnebago. They are a famous manufacturer and their model Revel is quite popular among the campers too. It is 19.5 ft long, 9.10 ft high and 7.1 ft wide.

Winnebago Minnie

Winnebago Minnie has many versions but for the sake of presenting you the smallest one, we chose to look into the 2200SS. Its exterior length comes at 26.9 ft. It’s 10.6 ft high and 8 ft wide.

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