Manufacturers and Suppliers: Where to Buy RV Siding Panels

Maintenance is vital. When it comes to keeping your RV in top shape and ready for the road. Hail and other weather issues can take their toll on your RV’s exterior. Finding the right sources to correct those issues is essential to good RV time.

Where to Buy RV Siding Panels: One of the best places to buy your RV exterior siding panels is at a RV parts dealer. They specialize in RVs and the parts needed to keep them on the road. One such supplier is RV Parts Nation. They have one of the largest selections possible.

To get more information on where to buy siding for your RV just continue to read our article. It has the answers to your questions and gets you on the right road to finding those siding sections you need to fix your RV.

Where to Buy RV Aluminum Siding Panels


The good news is that there are a lot of suppliers available throughout the nation that can sell you aluminum siding for your RV. One such company, if you happen to be in the Arizona and California region is RV City Surplus. You can view their supplies at their website

RV Parts Nation can be contacted through this link and you can contact them to help you find the aluminum sections you need. Another company is All-Rite Custom Manufacturing and you can talk to them by clicking on the following link.

These are just some of the examples that can be found through a simple internet search. You can also try your local yellow pages too find the aluminum siding supplier nearest you.

Plus, talking to more experienced RV users should be able to get you some out of the way places that have cheaper prices than national RV parts stores. These experienced RV users also would know which company provides the best customer service.

Where to Buy Fiberglass RV Siding


Finding the right parts for your RV is not as difficult as it once was. In the early days, RV use was minimal and very few people saw the value of investing their time and money in supply parts and labor for RV users.

But times change and with the popularity of RV vacations finding the parts you need is not that difficult. There are a myriad of RV parts and service stores throughout the country that will help you get the fiberglass siding you need.

Three of those places are already linked above. Some people have even turned to Amazon to help them find the fiberglass material at a cheaper cost. See this link and find out that Amazon even sells their fiberglass materials in sizes ranging from 2 to 40-foot lengths.

And of course, a look in the local yellow pages will also help you find the supplier who will sell you the fiberglass sections at a cost you can afford. Another place to ask is the local RV dealer. They may not have the material on hand, but they can direct you to a reputable company that does sell the fiberglass siding you are looking for.

RV Siding Suppliers


RV siding, no matter which kind you have on your vehicle, can get damaged. Some more easily than others. When that happens you need a list of good suppliers to turn to in order to find replacement siding.

It is good to know that most RV parts suppliers handle a variety of RV exterior siding. They know that not all RVs are made the same and that to stay in business they need to offer a selection of exterior siding to meet their customers’ needs.

They also carry an assortment of styles, colors, textures and more. One company you can contact is Interstate RV Metal & Supply and they are found at this website. Another is Hemet Valley RV Siding and Storage. Their inventory and contact information is found at this link

You can also check at those home improvement box stores to see if they carry the siding type you need. Their prices may be a bit lower than their competitors making a stop there worth your time.

Let your fingers do the walking before you hit the road and find RV parts suppliers along your route. Making a list of available suppliers will save you a lot of time and frustration.

RV Siding Manufacturers

According to our information, there are over 3,600 RV siding manufacturers in the word today. The bad news is that about 98% are located in China. Very few in comparison are located in America.

But that does not stop people from making RV siding in this country. One such company is also mentioned above, All-Rite Custom Manufacturing and their contact information is already linked to this article.

What you need to be aware of is that these manufacturers may have a minimum order size before they will accept your purchase. For example on company is looking at 200 square meters of siding at between $5.65 and $12.35 per square meter.

Local manufacturers may not require that much material nor sell it at such expensive prices. This means that you will have to do some research to find the right manufacturer who can handle small orders at a very low price.

Alibaba lists some siding sections for as low as $5 per square meter and their minimum order is 1 square meter. You can check their prices at this link. Your search can be more specific and you should be able to find some manufacturers near your location.

RV Aluminum Siding Cost

To figure out how much the aluminum siding is going to cost you, you need to remember that the prices come in either square foot or square meter increments. Then the overall cost is going to depend on how much aluminum siding you are going to need.

One company charges on average $2.15 per square foot. That means if you need only 10 square feet of aluminum siding, you will only need to pay $21.50 plus shipping if applicable.

If you need to replace all of your Aluminum siding and your RV measures roughly 500 square feet of siding, then you are looking to pay over $1000 just for the material alone. Labor and hardware should be extra.

Then if you need to make a special order or your purchase is under a specified amount, look to have your costs go up. Some companies charge an extra $75 for small purchase priced orders. They may also have a no return policy on special orders and a 75% fee for cancellations.

Before you order make sure you can get the materials you need without incurring nay more fees or charges.

Buying Online vs Local RV Dealers

It is going to be difficult to get a break on shipping costs whether you buy online or buy from the supplier or manufacturer. The latter base their rates on square footage then they add in shipping, crating and other fees before they send it off.

Those shipping fees fluctuate depending on the which freight company the supplier uses to get your order to you. Online shipping is going to be about the same and will have many factors including weight as criteria for setting their prices.

To give you an idea, to ship 22 pounds of siding through Alibaba, if you use a Chinese supplier, you are looking at paying about $690, and that is from Shanghai to Beverly Hills.

Local shipping costs should not be as high as that but you are still looking at a high cost as one experienced RV user drove 200 miles both ways just to save on those fees. Some companies require you to call first and talk to them before they will quote you a shipping price.

Regardless, shipping fees will be determined by weight and distance. The further away you are and the heavier your order, the pricier your shipping costs will be.

RV Siding Crating Costs

This is a service provided by many RV siding suppliers. They want their product to arrive at your destination undamaged. To do this, the suppliers will crate your order and charge you a fee for doing it.

To give you an idea of the money involved in crating your siding, here is what one company charges:

8 foot crate any size- $70

Box crate- $85

1 by 6 inch crate up to 18 inches wide- under 24 feet- $125, over 24 feet- $155

1 by 6 inch crate over 18 inches wide- under 24 feet- $155,over 24 feet- $175

Packaging- $15

When you order make sure you get a specific list of all charges going to be added to your purchase price. That way you can be prepared and have no surprises when your materials arrive

Also check to see if the shipping company delivers to your curb side or if you need to find a way to get it from the shipping warehouse to your home.

Where to Buy Used RV Aluminum Siding

To find used aluminum RV siding, you may have to contact your local RV dealers, suppliers or manufacturers. In our search we found no RV siding provider that offered used aluminum siding for sale. There were no hits on used RV aluminum siding dealers.

The reason for this is that most TV owners do not replace their siding until it is damaged. Damaged aluminum siding is not a very good replacement material. Not only has its integrity been compromised but it won’t look good.

Even if you bang the dents out, you may not get that clean smooth look new siding offers its RV owners. Also, the potential for water leaks is greater and you could cause more interior or frame damage by using old materials.

While it is cost effective to use used aluminum siding on your RV, the future repair costs may wipe out any advantage you had. In other words using used materials is not the best idea an RV user can have.

Some Final Comments

Because of the popularity of RVs, it is not hard to find the siding you need. No matter where you are in the country, you can get your damaged RV siding repaired. Now you can do it yourself or save your labor by having a pro do it.

When it comes to fiberglass and its varieties, you may want to have an expert do it as the job needs exact specifications and materials to do properly. When searching for a good supplier, it is always best to talk to more experienced RV users, dealers and let your fingers do the walking.

That way you should be able to find the best customer service with the lowest materials cost.

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