Why Use RV Wheel Covers

Why Use RV Wheel Covers? (How To Measure and Install)

These little items may be a hassle to put on and take off every time you park or move to your next site. Yet they come in handy and offer a lot of protecting to your tires and wheels

Why Use RV Wheel Covers? One reason to use RV wheel covers is t help your tires remain protected from the sun. Each RV tire comes with built-in UV ray protection, but that protection only works if the RV is moving. Wheel covers protect your tires from the sun.

To find out more about wheel covers and why you need them, just continue to read our article. You should also learn how to measure and install them before you finish reading this article.

What are RV Wheel Covers For

One of the main reasons most experienced RV users turn to wheel covers when out on the road is because the sun can damage the tires and make their RV unsafe to drive. Another reason is that they think that by using these wheel covers, they are protecting them from any other possible damage and extending the life of the tire.

Another reason to use wheel covers on your RV wheels is to keep any hard water off them. Hard water can leave a mess on your tires and possibly create air leaks. If nothing else, you have peace of mind that your tires are protected against the elements of the campground and the sun.

UV rays are the main concern for most RV users as UV rays can damage RV gel coats and vehicle paint. The only thing you need to be aware of is that when you put them on, make sure are can circulate.

If you put them on too tight and there is no air circulation inside, you could create hot spots and spot weaken your tires.

Are RV Wheel Covers Necessary

Are RV Wheel Covers Necessary

The jury is still out on this and there is no real consensus among RV users as to how necessary RV wheel covers are. Some people do not use them and claim their tires do not get damaged by the sun.

Other RV users swear by them and feel that their tires last longer, look better and have better performance. Then concerning the life of the tire, RV tires are made to last approx. 7 to 10 years regardless.

Then as to UV rays, there is no real evidence proving that these rays damage RV tires. A cover may keep the rays off and give you a little peace of mind, but it is hard to say how much damage the sun does.

The necessity of RV wheel covers is ultimately up to you and how you feel. If you want to cover them, then cover them. If you don’t, then don’t use them. There is no hard and fast rule stating that you need to use them when boon docking for long periods of time.

Do RV Wheel Covers Work

Yes, they do work. They do a great job doing what they are designed to do. They will keep the sun’s rays off your wheels and help the tire last a bit longer. The less the tires are exposed to the elements the stronger they remain.

There is another job where wheel covers come in handy. If by chance you are out in the rural parts of the country and you are far from any repair shop or store wheel covers can protect your bearings and brakes, etc., if you lost your dust cover.

Lacing the covers over the wheels when the dust cover is off, and you are parked for the night will help stop the wind from blowing dust and other debris inside your hub. When the dust cover is off, your interior wheel parts re vulnerable to what the elements bring.

placing a wheel over your wheels in this condition protects your RV wheels, and you from a possible expensive repair bill. In this case wheel covers are very necessary.

Are RV Wheel Covers Worth it?

The answer to this question is up to you. Some people feel that wheel covers are well worth the money they spend purchasing them. They do provide some peace of mind and a little protection for your tires.

If you read the above section, then you will see a situation where wheel covers are worth their weight in gold. They are great protection when you have an issue with your dust cover or some other interior wheel part.

As you read, they will help protect your wheel bearings, brakes, and other parts from the damage dust and debris can bring. There are times when RV users have not noticed the missing dust cover and are too far to drive to get a replacement right away.

One RV user didn’t notice and ended up with an over $1000 repair bill to his bearing and brakes. Yes, wheel covers are worth it when you have these unique situations that crop up from time to time.

How to Measure RV Wheel Covers

When trying to find the right size of wheel covers do not assume you know how to measure your tires. One mistake is to use a tape measure. This action always ends up with the RV user buying the wrong size of wheel cover.

Another mistake is thinking that you know the right size when you actually do not. Some RV users’ memories are not as good as they thought and frequently give the wrong size to the dealer.

There is only one way to get the right size of wheel covers. You have to know how to read your RV’s tires. Here is a little sample to demonstrate how easy it is to get the right wheel cover size

Your tire’s measurements

Your Wheel cover size


13 inches


14 inches


15 inches


16 inches

If your sidewalls are a bit worn, you may have trouble reading the tire size. Get a little help if you have some problems. Also, your owner’s manual should have your RV’s tire size listed inside.

How to Install RV Wheel Covers

Installing RV wheel covers are not hard and should only take you about a minute or two per tire. The slip-on versions just slide over your tire going from top to bottom. Then to secure them so that the wind does not carry them away, just attach the Velcro straps and you are done.

Another style of wheel cover uses bungee cords too make sure the covers stay where you put them. These wheel covers simply slip over your tires and uses reinforced grommets to make sure the bungee cords do not slip off.

When you are shopping for wheel covers, you will find that you can get them in double axel sizes or independent wheel sizes. They also come in a variety of fabrics to choose from. Having choice keeps you in control of how your RV looks when parked.

How too Make RV Wheel Covers

If you prefer to make your own, a little sewing talent is the main ability you need to do a good job. YOU can pick your own materials but one of the better ones to use would be a marine exterior fabric.

You want a fabric that can handle the moisture or rain when you are camping for one or several nights. Then you need tough and durable thread. P-92 polyester thread should do the trick. It should be able to handle the moisture your RV wheels face each night.

After this you should get at least 2’’ Velcro straps to secure the fabric in place. After you have gathered your materials, cut the fabric too the size that will completely cover the top and side of your tires. Sew the fabric into the shape you need and add the Velcro straps where they will be the most secure.

Then slip them over your RV’s tire too see if they fit and secure tightly. If not, just make a few adjustments too get the right fit. The fabric and thread you use is up to you. Also, you do not have to use Velcro straps if you prefer another security method.

They key is to get the right fit and the right protection for your RV wheels.

How to Remove RV Wheel Covers

Before we get to the part on how to remove your RV wheel covers, there is one confusing point that needs to be cleared up. In this article we have been using the term ‘’wheel cover to refer to the little covers that cover your entire wheel.

These covers are made from a variety of materials and are very lightweight. They are also only used when you park your RV for a night or a full season. The term wheel cover not only refers to those RV accessories, but it is also used to refer to the hub caps on your RV’s tires.

To make sure there is no more confusion, we will give you the process to remove booth types of wheel covers. For hub caps, all you need is a tool that is similar to the one you use to remove your car’s hub cap. A flat head screwdriver, a crowbar or even a hub cap removal tool is all you need to get the hub cap off your RV tire.

To remove the fabric wheel cover off your RV’s tires, simple unhook the Velcro closure from around your axel and pull the cover off. Then you just need to return it too its storage spot until the next time you need them.

If you are using another version, then all you have to do is unhook the bungee cords, straps or buckles and do the same.

The Benefits of Using Wheel Covers on Your RV Wheels

Whether you think using wheel covers are necessary or not, you still get some great benefits when you do put them on your tires. Take a look at some of those benefits

  • Your tires are protected from the elements and the wind
  • Your tires are protected from UV rays
  • Your tires stay cleaner
  • They are easy to use
  • They are lightweight and easy to store
  • You may get longer life out of your tires
  • You get a little peace of mind
  • You have protective equipment on hand when a wheel emergency happens

Some Final Comment

When to comes too fabric wheel covers for your RV, the jury is still out. You will find as many arguments for using them as you will against using them. If you do not want to take the chance on having the sun’s UV rays damage your tires, then go ahead and put them on. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

These wheel covers are not that expensive, and they store away nice and easily when you decide not to use them. Then when you are staying in one spot for more than a week or storing your RV for the winter months, you can pull them out and slip them on.

The key in getting the right size of wheel cover is to know your actual tire size. You will find that information placed on the side of your RV’s tires. You will need all the tire size information to get the correct size for your RV.

Whether you are for or against RV wheel covers, they can be a great assistance to you if you notice that your bearing’s dust cover has worked its way loose and gone missing. You can use the wheel cover too protect your bearings from any further damage.

On top of that you can be innovative and creative by making your own wheel cover. Just place your family or travelling logo on them and make your RV look cool. Whichever way you go, you will find a good use for an RV wheel cover.

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