Can You Flush Tampons Down an RV Toilet

Can You Flush Tampons Down an RV Toilet?

Toilets, even RV models, can easily be seen as a tool to protect one’s privacy. It is a quick disposal unit and hides many aspects of life. Yet it should not be seen as the go to disposal unit for all items used in daily life.

Can You Flush Tampons Down an RV Toilet? Technically, yes you can do this. Practically, it is not a good idea to do. Tampons do not break down like RV toilet paper does and they can cause a lot of problems in your black water holding tanks.

Now that you know the answer to this question, continue reading to find the answers to other pressing questions. Special wastebaskets can be used to dispose of a lot of items RV users wish their visitors would not see.

Can You Flush Wipes Down RV Toilet

Like tampons, wipes can be flushed down an RV toilet. The real issue is what happens to them once they get into the holding tank. There such a thing as flushable wipes but since the world is not perfect, most of these products do not break down as claimed.

Without those specific exceptions, it is not a wise move to flush wipes down an RV toilet. Wipes will do the exact same thing as tampons. They will not break down and can cause clogs and other issues inside your black water holding tank.

The trick to flushing the wipes that do break down is not to empty your holding tank right away. You will need to wait 2 to 3 hours before it will be safe to remove the contents.

Also, you should use plenty of water when you flush.

Can you Flush Toilet Paper in an RV

You can flush toilet paper down your RV’s toilet but you should be careful as to the brand you use. Regular toilet paper may not hit the water right away and stay a solid for some time. This could cause you some problems when you empty and clean the tank.

Plus, regular toilet paper usually contains a lot of chemicals that are not safe for your septic system. Instead of using regular toilet paper, you should turn to RV friendly toilet paper.

This version of toilet paper breaks down fast and easily. It also does not possess any harsh chemicals that will hurt your septic system. The good news is that there are a few brands of this toilet paper on the market so finding some for your RV use should not be difficult.

How Much Water to Flush an RV Toilet

This question actually has many answers to it. First of all, how much water you use on an RV flush depends on your personal preference. There is the possibility of using too much water and too little but that would be up to you to gauge.

One answer is to let 2 to 3 inches of water do the first flush, then wait 1 or 2 seconds before shutting the valve off. Another option is to fill the bowl with water before flushing.

A third choice would be to count to three after the flush and then stop the water from running into the black water tank. You can measure by eye how much water comes out of your black water tank to double check to see if you are using too much water.

The more water in the tank may be a sign that you need to cut back on your water use a bit. It will be a bit of trial and error to find the right balance for you.

RV Toilet Flush Capacity

RV toilets are designed to be more water efficient than your regular household toilet. The latter can use about 18 1/2 gallons a day when flushing normally. Of course that figure depends on the type of toilet you have in your home bathrooms.

On the other hand, a good RV toilet is designed to use only 1 1/2 gallons per day under normal flushing conditions. Again, this amount may vary depending on the brand, make and model of your RV toilet. It also depends on your flushing habits.

If you use a lot of water per flush, then you may exceed that figure and the reverse is true. If you use less water per flush, then you might not reach that figure for a couple of days.

What to and Not to Flush

The list to flush is extremely short. While you can flush a variety of materials down your RV toilet, your RV toilet and holding tank are not designed to handle those materials.

Here are some things you can flush down your RV toilet:

  • RV friendly toilet paper- it may not be soft but it won’t clog your septic system
  • Recycled toilet paper- as long as it doe snot use dyes, fragrances and chlorine
  • Marine toilet paper- it is good for boats thus it is good for RVs
  • Marine toilet paper- it is good for boats thus it is good for RVs

Here are those items you should not flush down your RV toilet:

  • Food- your RV toilet i snot a garbage disposal. Food can clog up your septic system
  • Sanitary products- this includes tampons. Tampons expand not disintegrate making them terrible items in a holding tank
  • Diapers- these are not made to dissolve or go away quickly
  • Wipes- while there are flushable wipes, most do not dissolve in the holding tank
  • Creams, lotions & chemicals- these can cause damage to your pipes and holding tank
  • Napkins, facial tissues & paper towels- these products do not always dissolve the way you think or as fast as you hope

Some Final Comments

RV toilets are a lot like regular toilets you have in your home.They provide temptation for quick disposal of those items you want no one to see or may cause a mess.

Unfortunately, RV toilets and holding tanks are not made to handle those products. Also, the chemicals involved may cause you a lot of repair expenses when they damage your septic system.

If you have room in your RV’s bathroom, place a garbage can with a lid to handle those products when you need to get rid of them. Or you can put plastic bags inside the bathroom to make sure users can resist temptation.

Making sure there are disposable options other than the toilet protects your RV and saves you a lot of money.

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