Jayco VIN Decoder: How Do You Read a Jayco VIN Number?

First, you have to find it. That is the trouble with many RV makers, where certain pieces of information should go does not mean that they put them there. Usually, the VIN on a trailer is located on the

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10 DIY RV Deck Ideas: Plans For Building a Deck Off a Camper

Who says you can have a travel trailer like a home? There are ways to improve your stationary travel trailer so that you can feel more like it is a home and not a trailer. Building a deck or two is just

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How to Lift a Carport (Metal Carport Leg Extensions Options)

These easy-to-make structures are just basic protection against the elements. They are made just tall enough to handle the standard car or truck. When you get an RV, the carport may not be tall enough

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Safe T Plus vs Roadmaster Reflex Steering Stabilizer (Review)

You may find that your current steering situation is not all that it could be. That is because RV makers do not always use top-quality parts or components. However, it is possible to improve on your steering

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Is The Ford 7.3 Gas Engine Reliable? (Problems and Specs)

Back in the day, Ford stood for found on road dead meaning that their engines were not that great for the most part. However, Ford keeps on trying and the 7.3 gas engine may be the answer to their engine

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Jayco Under Trailer Spare Wheel Carrier Options (DIY Guide)

Spare tires are important. They are great to have around when you get a flat. All you have to do is pull it out, take the old tire off and place the spare on and you are on your way. The problem is where

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How to Reset DEF Light (Sprinter, Peterbilt, Kenworth, F350)

Modern technology is full of surprises. DEF is supposed to help the engine as well as the environment which is why it is used in diesel enginesThe reset process may be different in different brands of

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Recurve R3 Hitch Problems and Adjustment (Review and Tips)

Crosswinds are not fun. In fact, they are the bane of every trucker’s and RVer’s existence. You can get crosswinds from traffic passing you or from nature. The trick is to make sure you are prepared

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Finding RV Friendly Gas Stations Locations (Truck Stop App)

When you take your RV out for a holiday the need to find RV-friendly gas stations is great. Finding places to fill up becomes quite a challenge especially when you are traveling in the different cities

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Kirkland Costco 6v Battery Review (Price, Specs, Dimensions)

Getting close to nature means getting away from campgrounds and RV parks. When you do that alternative you have to give up secure power options for battery power. There are some good batteries out there

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Do Gas Stations Have RV Dump Stations? (Love’s, Pilot, 76)

Many apps find RV-friendly gas stations and part of that friendly service includes dump stations. There are probably more apps that locate the latter than the former. That is good news when your tanks

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EternaBond Primer Substitutes: Do You Need a Primer For It?

Water leaks are known for their silent destruction. Often you do not know if you have a leak because the damage is done somewhere in the interior of your RV or trailer. To stop leaks, you need to apply

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5th Wheel Rack: How To Haul Kayaks With a Fifth-Wheel Camper

Boys and their toys. Finding ways to haul those favorite vacation toys with you as you travel can be a creative process. They say that where there is a will, there is a way so if you try hard enough, you

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Travel Trailer Broken Frame Guide: What To Do and How To Fix

It doesn’t matter where it is or how small, there will be an accident from time to time. Whether they are inside your RV or when you are on the road, accidents will happen. The worst accident you could

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How to Use an RV Sewer Donut (What Does It Look Like?)

When you do not have a threaded connection. There are many RV parks and campsites that do not have a threaded sewer connection. The threaded version comes in handy as it makes a nice tight and secure seal.

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What-Is-The-Jayco-Glacier-Package-(Do-You-Really-Need-It) (2)

What Is The Jayco Glacier Package? (Do You Really Need It?)

When the sun goes down, everything cools off including your RV or trailer. At those times it pays to have extra insulation guarding your pipes and tanks. Frozen pipes and tanks make it difficult to use

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AC Troubleshooting: Coleman Mach Air Conditioner Not Cooling

Almost every RV and trailer comes with some sort of AC unit that helps keep you cool during hot days and nights. Unfortunately, these units do not always last for years and years. When they break down,

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RV Floor Construction Guide: What Are RV Floors Made Of?

The goal is to be light. Too much weight means that certain tow vehicles are disqualified from towing some very nice travel trailers. Or you spend too much on fuel. RV manufacturers try to keep the weight

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Vented Sealed Battery Box? (Box Ventilation Requirements)

They need to be sealed. One reason for sealing a battery box is to prevent theft. Another is to prevent damage to the battery. However, sealed does not mean air-tight and there should be enough vent holes

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JWM40 Troubleshooting: Fixing Jensen RV Stereo Problems

Music is a gift to the soul. Having a top-rated brand-name radio or stereo in your RV or travel trailer can make long dark nights shorter and more enjoyable. Music makes everything feel better. That is

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How to Make a Swivel Wheel Trailer (Plans, Kits, Assembly)

Adding a swivel wheel trailer is not always adding a second trailer. In some states that do not allow double tows, they classify these additions as extensions. This classification makes them street legal

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How to Make a PVC Flag Holder (Easy Flag Pole Instructions)

There is nothing wrong with being patriotic. In fact, it is a very good trait no matter which country you live in. Displaying that patriotism can come through simple demonstrations such as flying your

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Ratchet Straps: Can You Tie Down a Truck Camper With Straps?

One thing about ratchet and similar straps. They do come in sizes that allow them to hold down many heavy objects you do not want flying off your truck. The key is to make sure they are strong enough for

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Jayco RV Bunk Ladder: Buy or Build Your Own RV Bunk Ladder

Bunk beds are cool, at least for young kids. they get to climb up and down and enjoy the different levels as kids do. The key to their fun is the ladder. But, the ladder may be missing when you buy the

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Fixing Dish Playmaker Problems (Dish Not Finding Satellites)

When you have exhausted all the fun things to do, sometimes camping out in the wilderness loses its appeal. That is why many RV owners have a satellite dish. Watching t.v. can shorten the night and make

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Are Westlake Tires Any Good? (Common Westlake Tires Problems)

The rubber meets the road. When you want a safe and fun RV experience, you have to pay special attention to your tires. The type of rubber, who made it, and its quality are all important factors. Not every

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What Size Slide Topper Do I Need? (How To Measure Guide)

Slide-out toppers are also known as slide-out awnings. No matter the name, the project of adding or replacing your slide-out topper is quite simple and it has been done in 20 minutes with 2 people handling

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Sumo Shocks For RV: Cost, Reviews, Installation Guide

Technology tries again. It seems that wherever you go, technology is always trying to improve on something. This case will be the ride of your RV that gets the attention. These Sumo Springs are supposed

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How to Hook Up RV Battery Cables (Hook-Up Picture Diagram)

It can get confusing. Car electrical systems are a bit different from RV electrical systems. That is because of the different wiring. One color code will be for your car battery while another will be used

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RV Battery Disconnect Switch On or Off? (How and When to Use)

Even when you have a battery-operated system, keeping those batteries charged can cost you money. One way to preserve battery power and lower your charging costs is to have a battery disconnect switch

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Jayco Camper Parts List and Catalog (Where To Buy Online)

Sometimes it is a treasure hunt. When you own an RV or travel trailer, it can be a fun search to find the right parts. This is especially so when you are an owner of an older Jayco RV or trailer. Getting

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How to Keep a Pocket Door Closed (RV Pocket Door Strap)

Pocket doors save space. That is one of their most attractive features. Instead of swinging out into the room, you can slide it out of the way into its personal pocket. The drawback to these doors is trying

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Dometic Hot Water Heater Not Working on Electric or Gas 

Technology grows at a fast pace. That is the trouble of living in a technological world. The advances go so fast that the body of troubleshooting knowledge cannot be accumulated in the same amount of time.

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List of Electric Fireplace Error Codes (Furrion 88, E1, E3)

One thing about having an electric fireplace in your RV, it makes your trailer, etc., feel like you are in your traditional home. It is a grand feeling when you are out on the road and makes one more comfortable.

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5 Jayco Bike Rack Ideas (Eagle, Swan, Starcraft, Hummingbird)

Even on vacation, you should stick to a good exercise program. Keeping moving is one way to stay younger, healthier, and looking good. One way to stick to your exercise program is to carry bikes with you

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Do I Need a Solar Disconnect? (RV Solar Disconnect Switch)

Solar power is a good thing. It provides you with the extra power you need without costing you anything. The solar system is easy to set up and wire to your batteries. It just takes a little electrical

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Slide Out Motor Repair: Finding a Schwintek Motor Replacement

When your RV or trailer seems to be on the small side, it is always nice to have a slide-out or two to enhance your living space. Slide-outs make RV living better except when the motors do not work or

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Coleman Mach Thermostat Wiring Diagram: How Do You Hook It Up?

When you want to run your Coleman air conditioner or heat pump, all you need to operate it is a little power. To get that power, you need to wire the thermostats correctly and the unit should run as advertised.

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Where To Find Grand Design Replacement Parts (Parts Lookup)

Parts will break on you. This is a fact of life. But when they do, you do not need a hassle trying to find a replacement. Yet, that is the way it is sometimes as RV companies may not have the right license

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Common Grand Design Axle Issues (Lippert Axles vs Dexter)

It is hit and miss. When you buy an RV, especially a travel trailer, you never know if you are getting quality parts even when it comes to the axles. Because RV makers look for the cheapest parts possible,

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How to Install Slide Topper On a Camper (Adjust and Tighten)

DIY projects can be fun. They help pass the time of day and they can provide better protection for more sensitive parts like your side-outs. Plus, they help those parts last longer and work better. A good

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Are RV Slide Toppers Worth It? (Common Problems and Cost)

This depends on how much. You like cleaning all the debris, bird droppings, and other items out from your slide-out. You may not think they are worth it but those that do own slide toppers find that their

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How to Get Stains Out of RV Sink (Can You Paint RV sinks?)

You are never free from housework. Even when you own an RV housework does not change, except its location.The good news is that getting stains out of an RV’s or travel trailer sink is the same as getting

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Troubleshooting a Norcold 1210 Refrigerator Not Cooling

In a perfect world, RVs would be the right size all the time, have all the best features perfectly made and none would ever break down. However, since we live in this world, things are going to break down

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Can You Put a Regular Sink in an RV? (Replacing an RV Sink)

There are only two general rules when it comes to adding features to or replacing them on your RV. One, will it work and two, will it fit? Not every RV or travel trailer has the room for those unique additions

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Finding a 50 Amp To 110 Adapter For RV (Can 50 Amps Convert?)

Getting connected can be hard to do when your RV is not wired in the same way as the campground you are staying at. There are ways to remedy this situation and usually, it involved finding the right adaptor.

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Black Tank Flush System Diagram: How Does The Flush Work

Waste needs to go somewhere. Learning how to use and fix the black water tank is essential for RVers. Proper flushing and maintenance of the black water tank may be a dirty job, but the mess that comes

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Why Is My RV Sink Not Draining? (How to Unclog RV Sink)

The biggest change you may experience will be buying an RV or travel trailer and exploring the nation. Once inside those RVs, you may notice that the change did not happen everywhere. You still have to

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The 1997-2001 Coleman Sea Pine Pop Up Review (Specs, Manual)

Coleman is a trusted name. For many decades this company has produced great camping equipment. They are also said to have produced some top-of-the-line pop-up campers. Though short-lived production-wise,

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Fixing RV Fresh Water Tank Overflow Valve Problems (Leaking)

Boondocking is a lot of fun but you must have a supply of fresh water on hand to enhance that fun. However, things do not always work out the way you want and sometimes your freshwater tank loses more

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What Is The Fuel Mileage For a 6.7 Powerstroke? (Average)

When you are towing a heavy travel trailer or 5th wheel you want a lot of power under the hood of your tow vehicle. Ford has heard those concerns and has created a new motor to help you get to your destination

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Putting -Hard-Sides-On-a-Pop-Up-Camper-DIY-Guide-and-Tips

Putting Hard Sides On a Pop-Up Camper (DIY Guide and Tips)

Many pop-up campers have toyed with this idea. However, while it may be feasible, it may not be practical. There will be a lot of work involved and you may or may not be skilled enough to handle all the

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Trailer Axle Flip Pros and Cons (Is Flipping an Axle Safe?)

There is a debate on this topic. Some experts say that the axle will flatten out and decrease its capacity. others say that this is a good idea because they avoid damage to the undercarriage. You may have

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Finding-and-nstalling-Your Grand-Design-RV-Backup-Camera

Finding and Installing Your Grand Design RV Backup Camera

When you are driving, seeing the road all around your RV is very important. While RVs have lots of windows, the trailer you are towing may still block your view. It is a wise move to attach a backup camera

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2005-Toyota-Tacoma-V6-Towing-Capacity -4-4-Cyl-Double-Cab

2005 Toyota Tacoma V6 Towing Capacity (4×4, 4 Cyl, Double Cab)

When you are looking at different trailers to buy, towing is up to the tow vehicle. If the trailer is too heavy for your vehicle, then you have to set your sights on something lighter or change your tow

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The Coleman TSR Air Conditioner (Mach, Specs, Parts, Manual)

Some people have a hard time finding out information about the Coleman TSR Air Conditioner. The reason for that is because it may be listed under the Mach 3 name and not the TSR label The company may not

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Can I Connect PEX to CPVC? (Connecting PEX to CPVC Guide)

With the cost of professional labor going through the roof, it makes sense to try and DIY. You certainly save money and you learn new skills as well as techniques. The only problem is that you also have

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Pop-Up Camper Battery: Tent Trailer Battery Install Guide

Even pop-up campers need power. They may not have a motor but some components inside the pop-up do. Those appliances and luxuries need the right kind of battery to power them. All you have to do is find

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Are Fleetwood Niagara Pop-Up Campers Any Good? (Value)

One of the places to start to answer that question is to read the reviews. These opinion pieces will give you an insight into an owner’s experience, and let you see a snippet of the actual quality of

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Installing a Shower In a Pop-Up Camper (Shower Toilet Combo)

With the right tools & parts just about anything is possible. Add in a little skill and knowledge and it is possible to add alterations to your pop-up camper. The question will be is ‘do you have

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Finding Pop Up Camper Bed Supports (DIY vs Jayco vs Viking)

You want to sleep comfortably all night. You have the blankets, the right mattress, and pillows. But when you get into bed, you find that it may be sagging. Not because you are overweight but because the

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2005-2008 Fleetwood Evolution Pop-Up Camper (E1 vs E2 vs E3)

When you go searching to buy a new one or a new-to-you pop-up camper, you may be surprised to find that there are more models to choose from than you originally thought. It can be a time-consuming chore

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How To Make a Canopy Taller (Pop Up Tent Leg Extension Ideas)

When you want everything to work together. It is a great goal to have unity in your campsite or RV. However, not everything is made the same height and you have to make adjustments. Canopies always need

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Finding an Awning For Aliner Campers (Aliner Canopy Ideas)

When there are no trees to help block the sun, you need to turn to awnings and canopies. These little accessories help block the sun and let you enjoy the fresh air without getting a sunburn or too hot.

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Apache Hardside Pop-Up Camper Guide (Interior, Specs, Parts)

When it comes to RVs, travel trailers, and small campers, you won’t run out of brands to look at. Some brands are independent while others are part of a large conglomerate with all hoping to get their

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2005-2015 Scion xB Towing Capacity: Can an xB Tow a Trailer?

The original versions of the Scion xB may not have a great towing reputation. But as the years went on, Toyota made improvements so that this car could tow at least 1000 pounds and carry extra gear and

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How to Haul Bikes With a Pop Up Camper (Adding a Bike Rack)

Getting exercise takes discipline. It takes even more discipline when you go on vacation. One way to maintain that workout ethic is to bring your bikes with you as you travel. All it takes is finding the

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Viking IDT Lift System Diagram, Recall, And Repair Tips

Upgrades happen all the time. Technology finds ways to improve on previous designs. When this happens it is difficult to find the parts you need when you do not have the upgraded system. This is what happened

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Generator-30-Amp-Outlet-How-to-Get-30 Amps-From-a-Generator

Generator 30 Amp Outlet: How to Get 30 Amps From a Generator

Not every generator can pump out the electricity at the levels you need. You may have to use some adapters or parallel generators to get the level of power for your RV. Or you simply have to upgrade to

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15 Pop-U-Hanging-Pantry-Option-Rockwood-Forest-River

15 Pop-Up Hanging Pantry Options (Rockwood, Forest River)

Pop-Ups are not known for their storage space. That is one of the issues you have to contend with when you opt for a pop-up trailer over a regular travel trailer. While there are some larger pop-ups, the

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Finding a Pop-Up Camper Shower Curtain (DIY, Coleman, Jayco)

Privacy is important. That is especially so when you are trying to use the shower inside a pop-up camper. You need a good shower curtain to make sure you have some ‘walls’ between you and the rest

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Propane Weigh Guide: How Much Does a Gallon of Propane Weigh?

When you are in an RV, you use propane almost every day. RV users like the benefits but don't know how much propane weighs. When you are figuring out your weight issues, you need to know this figure to

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2008-2016 Town and Country Towing Capacity Chart and Guide

Trailers can be fun to live in. You get to go almost anywhere you want and have a little luxury along for the ride. Plus, they save on hotel and other costs. the only problem is that your vehicle may not

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DIY Pop Up Camper Canvas Replacement (Cost, How To Replace)

Canvas is a heavy and thick fabric. This is the first factor you need to consider when attempting this DIY project. It is not a material you can easily sew by hand and you may end up quitting before you

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How to Set Up Awning On Pop Up Camper (Starcraft, Viking…)

Extra living space is what awnings provide when you have a smaller camper. Those extra square feet come in handy when you want to sit back relax and just enjoy the area you are camping in. But setting

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Pop Up Camper Faucet Replacement (How to Measure and Replace)

While many people think faucet replacements are easy, and they can be even in a pop-up camper. The ease or difficulty will depend on the type of water system you have. If you have pressurized water all

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Best Pop Up Camper Sheets: What Size Sheets For Pop Up Camper?

Part of a good night’s sleep is having the right bed sheets on your mattress. This is an easy task to do when you own a traditional bed. It's not so easy when you have a 4-inch foam mattress and a pop-up

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How Much Does It Cost To Repair a Pop-Up Camper Roof? (Tips)

They say that if you have to ask, you can’t afford it. But that is not always the case. Pop-up trailers are small and do not have large roofs so you should be able to afford to repair the one on your

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Troubleshooting Common Problems: Thetford Toilet Won’t Flush

The necessities of life. You can’t get along without them. One of these necessities is a working toilet. When it doesn’t flush things can get quite uncomfortable. Learning how to fix your non-flushing

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Finding a Pop-Up Camper Mattress Replacement (How To Change)

Soft or firm. How you like your mattress to be is totally up to you. Some like the mattress soft and others like them more firm. No matter what type of mattress you like to sleep on, everyone agrees that

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40 Watt Solar For RV: What Can a 40-Watt Solar Panel Power?

Alternative power sources come in handy. When you want to run smaller electrical items, having a secondary power source will help. The key is to make sure that the power source will provide enough energy

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RV Propane Line Cap: How to Cap an Unused Propane Line

Sometimes simple alterations to your RV or trailer can create bigger hassles. When you remove a fridge and do not replace it with another one, you need to do something with the propane line. That can be

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Pop Up Camper Electric Lift Conversion Vs Buying New

Everyone eventually reaches that age where having a little extra help is essential. They just don't have the strength to lift their pop-up camper to full height and there is no one else around to help.

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Harbor Freight 700 Watt Tailgator Generator Review (Problems)

The concept of paying a lot of money to get power is a myth. There are a lot of good generators out there that are affordable yet are an excellent power source. Harbor Freight Tailgator may be one of those

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RV Ice Box vs Fridge Guide (Suppliers, Reviews, Vintage)

Ice boxes are not a new idea. These little coolers were the forerunners of the modern electric-powered fridge. Almost every home had one at one time or another. They are a good idea and work well with

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Complete Toyota Dolphin RV Guide (Full Specs, Price, Review)

The one thing you need to know about Toyota RVs is that they could be made from the same mold but come with different model names. Toyota had over 60 model names all produced by a myriad of RV makers using

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What Body Filler to Use on Fiberglass (14 Options and Guide)

Getting the trailer fixed. Many RV and trailer owners become DIY experts. Instead of paying the professional, they do the work themselves. This includes working with fiberglass. It is not a difficult project

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Tips for Pulling a Camper Up a Steep Driveway (DIY RV Ramps)

Keeping it on the level is going to be something you may find hard to do with some driveways. Private property comes in all angles and backing your trailer up a driveway may give you trouble. It's a good

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Fixing Tail Lights Not Working: RV Tail Light Wiring Diagram

When you are going to be towing a nice, expensive trailer, one thing you will need is working tail lights. You need to get that connection put together just right or you may find that your tail lights

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Does The Length of a Travel Trailer Include The Hitch?

This is an ongoing debate. What adds to the debate is that many manufacturers measure their own way. If you do not know this, you may be confused when you do some comparison shopping. The length of the

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Propane Duo Therm Heater Troubleshooting (Won’t Ignite)

Fixing those heater issues range from easy and quick to having to replace the old heater with a safer upgraded model. Sometimes people won’t work on the older heaters and you end up replacing the heater.One

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Best Way to Bond Wood to Fiberglass (Tips and 20 Glue Options)

There will be times where you will want to make some alterations to your RV. One example would be adding curtains where no curtain rod exists. This situation would mean you would have to attach the brackets

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Best Camper TV Trays (5 Options For Kids, Foldable, Light)

RV TV trays may only be a small niche and you may not find what you are looking for. Even an owner with Thomas Payne chairs cannot find TV trays that fit that brand of chair. If you do find them, they

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Aliner vs Cabin A Expedition Travel Trailer (Weight)

When you go light with your trailer, it means that you can use an economical car to do the towing. That is a gas-saving you won’t be able to enjoy with larger tow vehicles. Light may mean small but then

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How Much Does a Casita Trailer Weigh? (Spirit, Patriot, Etc)

When it comes to towing weight is just about everything. If the trailer is too heavy, you have to change vehicles just to go on vacation. When the trailer’s weight is just right, you can use any vehicle,

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King’s Highway Motorhome Guide (Specs, Review, History, Price)

It was on a television show. The King’s Highway Motorhome was found to have appeared in the old TV show C.H.I.P.s. but even that appearance or two did not memorialize it into RV history. There is not

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How Much Does a Parkliner Camper Cost? (Specs and Review)

It seems that the Parkliner company went out of business a few years ago. We checked their website and it has not been updated since 2016 according to the copyright and an RV website. It is too bad as

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Finding an Empty RV Shell For Sale (14 Options)

One of the great things about the RV industry is that you can find companies that will provide you with an empty RV shell. The rest of the components you can add yourself to save money or just build the

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Finding a Used Oliver Legacy Elite II Travel Trailer For Sale

When you get tired of the inferior craftsmanship of mainstream RV brands, you can always build your own. That is what two brothers did. When they decided to build their own they designed the trailers to

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Forest River R-pod Reviews and Problems (Quality + Specs)

Headroom is always a concern. Average height people don't think about this but above average height people do. Most trailers just do not have the height for tall people to be comfortable and the R-pod

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