The Jayco Songbird Camper Review (Specs, Weight, Interior)

One thing about older travel trailers like the Songbird, you can get a lot of unique features that most modern versions do not have. That uniqueness lets you carve out your own RV identity and make you a more interesting person to be around.

The 1979 version of this Jayco model weighed in at 3900 pounds, had 2 axles, was self-contained, and measured 24 feet by 8 feet in size. Its unique feature was the 1 to 1 1/2 foot pop-top that provided extra headroom. Two twin beds were inside as well as a nice dining table.

To learn more about this unique travel trailer, just continue to read our article. This is not a model that has a lot written about it but our article gets the most information possible so you can make an informed decision

Our Jayco Songbird Review

In looking at some nice photos of this trailer, this is a basic travel trailer that you would find at any time back in the 70s and 80s. It had a lot of cabinet space, a nice dining area that sat about 4+ people. The bed could be twin or queen size depending on the version you bought.

The 1984 version had bunk beds, a queen-sized model, and fold-down beds in case you needed to sleep more than 4 people. It is a comfortable trailer with all the windows in the pop-up section as well as near the rear bed and dining area.

The trailer came with a nice kitchenette that served you well. The tongue was extremely long providing you with some extra storage space if you needed it.

Jayco Songbird Specifications


In 1981 there were 2 Songbird models produced by Jayco under 20 feet. One was 16 feet in length and just over 7 feet wide. This model weighed 1750 pounds and had one axle.

The other model was almost 18 feet long, also had one axle and it weighed in at 2400 pounds. Both were self-contained. That same year Jayco made 4 models over 20 feet in length and they were dual axle trailers. Their weight ranged between 2000 and 4000 pounds. They were also between 7 and 8 feet wide.

Jayco Songbird Weight

This spec depends on which year and which model of Songbird you bought. Most of these trailers under 20 feet long weighed in under 2000 pounds. The trailers that weighed the most were those models that measured 8 feet wide.

Their weights ranged between 3000 and 4000 pounds. The 1979 8 foot wide trailer weighed almost 4000 pounds and its length was 24 feet.

Jayco Songbird Camper Interior


The interior of the models we saw was quite nice. The front entry door made sure there was plenty of room to organize everything Jayco placed inside. The 1984 model had smaller cabinets placed all over the interior. Under seats, small free-standing options and small overhead ones.

The Kitchenette was well designed with a fridge, stove, oven, and a nice metal sink that was easy to clean. There were 3 cabinets in the kitchenette itself with one overhead one. The floor was linoleum and was quite attractive.

The 1980 version was more simplistic but well organized as well.

Jayco Songbird Renovation


This would be a good project if you like rebuilding old trailers. RV Parts Express and Parts Bros may have the vintage parts you would need to do a good rebuild. You can start from scratch as well and redesign the interior to fit your lifestyle.

The key to doing a thorough and good job would be to check the flooring and walls for any water or other damage. You may have to replace the flooring if the trailer has not been taken care of. Check the wiring as well as that may need updating.

Buying Jayco Songbird Parts


In North America, this may be a challenge. Every web page and website that came up in our research was from Australia. That was for selling this model option as well as for parts. You can check around in both Canada and America using junk yards and those dealers that sell vintage parts.

But that may be a task you may not want to do. We checked our results page again and everything points to Australia.

Download the Jayco Songbird Manual

The first place to contact would be Jayco itself. Doesn’t matter the country, one of the offices may have an online version of the manual you can download. Or they may know where you can get one.

This company and website may be your best place to look as they list a lot of different manuals going back to 1973. If they do not have it, they invite people to contact them and they will help you find one.

Finding a Jayco Songbird for Sale


If you live in North America, this may also be a challenge. Most of the results we got for this search also ended up in Australia. In only 2 of the North American results, we came across neither had a Songbird for sale.

You can try the new and used travel trailer dealers in North America to see what models they have on their lot but since this is a 40-year-old trailer model, chances are your selection will not be that great.

Check the classifieds as you may have better luck using those outlets. or have one shipped from Australia. That is where the majority of models are.

Some Final Words

This trailer looks like an ideal model to own when you do not have a lot of money to spend. It is well organized, comfortable, and should meet most vehicles' tow capacities with ease.

Plus, they were made with different lengths and widths so it should be easy to find one that would fit your lifestyle. That is if you can find one anymore.

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