How to Replace The Rubber Seal On a Propane Tank (Guide)

Liability issues is the main reason why you may not see many parts for sale. Stores and other retail outlets do not want to have to face lawsuits when a part they sell is defective. This rubber seal may not be on sale for the same reason.

The way to remove it is easy. Just place a knife under the O ring and pry it up. Putting the new one in its place is a matter of stretching it to fit. The trick is actually finding the right seal for the replacement. They may not be sold separately.

To learn more about this tricky situation, just continue to read our article. It has the information about this important topic you need to know about. Take a few minutes to see if replacement is a viable option or not.

Propane Tank Missing o Ring


This is a very important part of a propane tank and if you have one that is missing, do not use it. The O ring is supposed to seal the tank so that there are no leaks coming out at the valve.

To remedy this problem you may need to go to a plumbing or propane outlet. This ring may not be on sale at RV stores or even the big box stores. You can look there if you want but do not be surprised if you can’t find one.

The issue of liability rises in this situation and stores may be reluctant to sell this small part. You just have to check and see.

How To Replace The Rubber Seal on a Propane Tank


You may have to have old propane tanks on hand to get the right size of the seal. The word is that finding this part is very difficult if it can be done at all. The best place to look for a seal would be a propane dealer.

If they do not have one that is sold separately, you may have to replace the whole valve instead. That would be the quickest and best option in this case. If you can find another seal, then use your knife to pry the old one off.

Then it is a matter of just fitting the new ring in place. This is not a difficult repair to do but it can be tricky if the new ring or seal is defective.

Propane Gasket Material


The material for these seals is rubber. Propane does not have any effect on rubber so these seals should last you a long time before needing to be replaced. If they go, it may be time to exchange your tank for a new one and you can avoid this task.

There are different designs for O rings and most designs may not be the right size, diameter, or shape so you may have to spend some time comparing the old ring with the new options.

Don’t worry about damaging the old ring when trying to get it out. You are not putting it back in so you can be a bit rough on the removal portion of the replacement process. Just make a good comparison so you do not have to make a return trip to the store.

Where To Buy a Propane Tank o Ring


In spite of what we said earlier, you may be able to find O rings on Amazon. That marketplace has a large variety of O rings for sale and they are labeled as fitting propane tanks.

The prices are very reasonable and if they do work, you will have quite a few on hand when this problem arises again. We make no guarantees or warranties that these models will work.

Many propane tank owners have said they have made searches and have yet to find one to replace their old seal. Keep that in mind when you do your search. You may or may not be able to find a replacement outside of the valve.

How To Change a Propane Tank Gasket


The first step is to make sure the propane tank is empty. You cannot do this task if there is propane left in the tank. The second step is to remove any connections to the tank and move the tank to a safe spot before you do your work.

Next, take the valve off so you have access to the O ring. Once you have that access, use your knife to pry the seal off. It does not matter if you damage it or not unless you need it to find a replacement.

You can buy a special tool to remove the O ring but that purchase may not be necessary if you do not make this repair very often or have other uses for it. That special tool can help you put the new O ring on the valve.

Propane Tank Seal Replacement Tips

The first tip would be to consider the time and cost of replacing the O ring. If it can’t be found, you may be going from store to store looking for one and not finding it. Sometimes replacing the tank or valve is the best option.

Then once you make the replacement, use soapy water to check for any possible leaks. There would be any number of reasons why the new one would leak. Finally, when placing the valve back on, do not over-tighten the connection. Just do it tight enough to preserve the ring.

Some Final Words

O rings are very small parts but they play an important role in many activities including using propane. Make sure to check your old valves and seals to see if any are leaking. Then go out and either get a new seal or a new valve.

Play it safe as propane can be very volatile under the wrong conditions. Also, make sure the tank is empty first before you do this repair.

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