Is Compass RV Warranty Worth It? (Reviews, Cost, Coverage)

This remains to be seen. When dealing with companies with common words in their titles it is hard to get in-depth information about the specific company. For example, Compass is used by a variety of RV related businesses, and finding information about Compass RV is not going to be easy.

This will depend on who you talk to. Some people are satisfied with the warranty and have it honored in different ways. Others were not so lucky, or so they said and it is hard to take their complaints at face value due to the lack of specific examples. Coverage will be with the plan you buy.

To learn more about this warranty option, its costs, and so on, just continue to read our article. It does its best to filter out the wrong information so you have the right data to make your decision. This warranty is going to be like any other warranty around.

Who Owns Compass


This is the issue when you go looking for specific information. There are so many different RV-related companies using that term that it is hard to separate all the details.

For example, there is a Thor Compass model RV that clogs up the first results page with many opportunities to buy it. Then when you check Thor industry's list of companies owned, they have a European RV-making company of the same name.

On top of that, there is a Compass RV resort in Florida and a Compass self-storage facility. However, there is also a Compass RV in Lebanon, TN which may be independently owned. We can’t be sure as the website does not have an about page or too much extra information about the company.

We will go with AGWS or American Guardian Warranty Services as they offer the Compass RV protection warranties. They do not seem to be associated with any of the Compass companies we listed above.

Compass RV Extended Warranty Reviews


There are very few reviews on this insurance package as the warranty seems to need to be bought through American Guardian Warranty Services out of Chicago and not through the Compass RV company.

Some people are okay and satisfied with the service but then to get good service, you need to dot all your ‘i’s and cross all your ‘t’s. When you need repairs, you do need to go to the authorized repair shops or you may find that your replacement parts and labor will not be covered.

Some people are saying that the dealers who sell these extended warranties are making a lot of money through their markups and that is about it on reviews for this insurance plan.

AGWS does have an A+ BBB rating which tells you that most of their customers are satisfied with the service they get even though they are paying a hefty price tag for the extended warranty coverage.

Your experience will be different most likely and there may be better companies to deal with when it comes to these add-on packages. Do some shopping around first and look for better deductible and payment options.

Compass RV Protection Plan Coverage


According to the AGWS website, there are 3 packages you can buy. The first is the Coach/Living System which covers items like frame, interior, and exterior, seals, gaskets, tax, fluids, lubricants, wear and tear, water heater, air conditioning, and many more components that other warranties may not cover.

The next level is called the Gold Plan and its coverage extends to the engine, transmission, steering, air conditioner, heating, axle, suspension, heating and cooling, fuel delivery, brakes, and much more.

Finally, the third package is called the Platinum Plan which is the most extensive warrant coverage you can buy. The only things on your RV that are not covered are the components listed under the What this agreement does not cover section.

The description of these plans is all found under the Compass RV Protection web page at the AGWS website. We did not see any premium costs for these plans but the website did have links to dealers and agents that you can contact to get the accurate price for these plans.

AGWS has been around since 1998 and they have developed different extended warranty plans for your RVs and travel trailers, etc.

Compass RV Protection Cost


As we just mentioned, the company’s website doe snot list any prices for their extended warranties. But we do know that at least one owner is paying $3450 for his and that is after shopping around and when the dealer came down from the initial $6500 to $4500 when faced with losing a sale.

This is the problem you will face when looking to buy this type of insurance coverage. The dealers and agents seem to have a lot of leeway when setting the price for these policies. They will mark the price up so that they get a better cut of the pie.

They may also negotiate the deductible making it lower if you use their facilities for your repairs. How you get in contact with those agents and dealers is another story. The two web pages did not list any nor their contact information. You may have to contact AGWS directly or become a member of their website to get that information.

To file a claim, you do need to contact AGWS first before proceeding with the repair. In that phone call, you will need the last 6 digits of your VIN number, service contract number, personal information, the name of the repair facility and its contact number as well as the problem description.

Is The Compass RV Warranty Worth It?


This is hard to say as we cannot see the total premium price nor can we get access to any real information about these plans and how well the policy holders are treated. It is also tough to say as many people who buy extended warranties rarely use them but they do come in handy when you do have a problem.

If the component that fails is covered by the policy, having protection preserves and protects your budget as well as your savings. This is a factor you have to weigh as you contemplate buying this policy or not.

Weighing the policy premium with the expected component failures and how much they will cost to get fixed is also important before you make a purchase. The actual worth of the policy will be determined if the company actually pays for the repairs or not.

Compass RV Protection Phone Number

To file a claim, you need to use their toll-free number - 1-800-579-2233. That is the only phone number the company provides on its contact us page.


We will quote a few questions and answers from their FAQ page so you have straight information about claims:

1. How do I start a Claim?

-Protect your vehicle from further damage.

-If necessary, have your vehicle towed to the nearest repair facility, do not drive the vehicle.

-Locate a licensed repair facility of your choice.

-Give the repair facility your contract so that they can contact the Claims Department at AGWS

-Authorize the repair facility to diagnose the problem with the vehicle.

-Once the repair facility has diagnosed the issue they must obtain repair authorization from AGWS prior to completing repairs.

2. How Do I Find The Current Status Of My Claim Or Claim Payment?

Basically, you have to contact the repair shop making the claim to find out where the process is at. Or call the company at the toll-free number listed above.

3. Do You Have A List Of Repair Facilities In My Area Where I Can Have My Vehicle Serviced?

AGWS recommends that you take your RV back to the dealer who sold you the vehicle or trailer Or you can do the following:

-You can take your vehicle to the repair facility of your choice as long as they are both a licensed business and are able to confirm their appropriate business insurance.

-Otherwise, AGWS has National Fleet Accounts with Firestone, Pep Boys, AAMCO, Interstate Transmissions, MultiState, and Mr. Transmission.

4. How Will My Claim Get Paid?

-More than 90% of claims are paid to the repair facility directly by Corporate Credit Card, though payment by check is available upon request.

Some Final Words

For more answers to your question, go to the AGWS website and click on the customer FAQ link at the top right-hand side of the page. It will be up to you to decide if this extended warranty policy is worth it or not.

Try to do some in-depth review research to get the whole story before buying a policy. Not everyone is satisfied with the service or the coverage. If you have any problems, use the toll-free number for the company and talk directly to them.

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