Jayco Pinnacle Vs North Point: What Is The Difference

There is nothing new about RV assembly lines. Workers put together the different models and dealers sell them as quickly as they can. However, two different models can come off the same assembly line and have totally different quality levels.

One big difference is that the Pinnacle is 6 inches wider than the North Point. It may not seem like much but inside that can be a lot of extra space for people to move about. The North Point is equipped with a tankless water heater while the pinnacle has the traditional style.

To learn more differences between these two 5th wheels RVs just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can make an informed purchase decision. Take a few minutes to see which trailer is best for you.

What Is The Difference Between Jayco Pinnacle and North Point?


There are some basic differences between the two 5th wheel trailers. The North Point is running at about 43.7 feet long while the Pinnacle measures in at about 40 feet. The weight category also goes to North Point as it is almost 1000 pounds lighter than the Pinnacle, weighing in at 13,495 compared to the 14,677 the Pinnacle weighs.

Also, the Pinnacle has a suggested retail price of $112,000 while North Point’s suggested retail price is only $93,000. That is a big difference when you compare interiors. Both interiors look like you are in a home and not a 5th wheel trailer.

The North Point is lighter, airier, and brighter inside than the Pinnacle. To some that will make a great difference to them. The floor plans are not that much different from each other.

The Pinnacle may have more features inside including an extra t.v. but that will be put down to personal preference as you do get to make some feature selections.

Is Jayco North Point a Good RV?

Since it is a towable, you won’t have to worry about the motor. That saves you a lot of repair work. Most of your issues will be the slides, batteries, and so on and for the most part, it is a toss-up. Some owners really love the North Point because of its 4 extra feet in length even though that disqualifies some campgrounds to stop at.

This model of the 5th wheel is said to be a luxury model and when you look inside, it certainly deserves that label. All items included in your purchase look top-quality and with all the windows you get a good view.

Plus, the dual axles make towing this 5th wheel smoother and easier. The floor plan is well laid out giving you lots of room in the center of the trailer to move about. Spacious beds and 3 slides keep you nice and comfortable.

Some owners have had nothing but trouble with their North Point but this is not going to be a perfect model series no matter how luxurious the design and features are. Others have had no problems with this trailer and give it high marks.

Common Jayco North Point Problems


Some people point to the steel construction material. Its ability to rust has the North Point showing its age a lot quicker than other 5th wheel trailers and the wheel wells can rust quickly on you if you camp a lot near the ocean.

Some owners have had problems with the slides. They just do not work right all the time and can be a very big pain to open and close. Then, one owner complained that there were small openings in the construction allowing a squirrel to make a home inside the trailer.

Others point to the fact that the tankless water heater takes too long to heat up and that is a problem for those who want to shower quickly. Also, the owners are quick to point out that the bunk beds may not be level and you have to take care of that issue yourself.

On top of all that, the windows are supposed to be plastic and they will not open or close properly soon after you start using the trailer. If you think you have a squirrel living inside your trailer, it may be a rodent instead as they are quick to find new homes for themselves and their babies.

Is Jayco Pinnacle a Good Fifth Wheel?

Most owners seem to like this 5th wheel option over the Pinnacle. They cannot say enough good things about its construction, handling, and super nice interior. One owner described it as the trailer is more like a house than a trailer which is high praise for any RV.

The floor plan is also well laid out giving you lots of room to maneuver inside. Plus, you also get 3 slide-outs to make sure you have more than enough room to enjoy t.v. or a good night’s rest.

Plus, there is lots of cabinet space but unlike the North Point, this 5th wheel trailer only sleeps 4. The North Point can sleep up to 6 people at one time. This does not mean it is not a good trailer, it just means that you cannot have a lot of people inside at night.

This 5th wheel also has dual axles keeping it in the class of top-rated trailers. Its ride should be smooth and you should not feel the over 14,000 pounds of weight when you tow it.

Jayco Pinnacle Problems

For the price, you would expect to have a lot of comfort and no problems to deal with but that is not going to be the reality. The floorboards can squeak on you at times and in harder rainstorms, you may find that the roof leaks.

Some complaints have been about misplaced water lines that tend to leak from time to time. Also, the electrical work is not always up to top-quality levels. We will not say that these conditions are present on every model, but they are present for some owners.

With the leaking possibility, you may encounter a musty odor coming from the bathroom. That odor is due to developing mold and mildew in hidden places. Then you have to be careful about the plastic door holders. They can break fairly easy on you.

There is a possibility of the microwave or the stove burners not working up to their potential. These problems are hit and miss and it is possible that Jayco has cleared them up in their newer models.

Jayco North Point vs Pinnacle Quality


These two 5th wheel trailers are said to be built on the same assembly line. They are to serve as an example of how vastly different the quality of trailers being built by the same people is.

The North point is said to be of a lower quality than the Pinnacle but that may or may not be true. Most owners that we saw researching this comparison favor the Pinnacle over the North Point and say that the extra $20,000 in purchase costs is worth every penny.

But there are also many North Point owners who would say the exact same thing about their model of the 5th wheel. In some cases, bad reviews are only bad because the reviewer was not lucky and ended up with a poorly built model. All the other models in the run may be a lot better quality-wise.

It is hard to say and you should really look at the trailers yourself after reading all the reviews to get a better idea of their quality.

Pinnable vs North Point Accessories

There are just too many options and standard features to list in this section. Suffice it to say that both 5th wheel trailers come packed full of accessories and wonderful features that make you think like you are in a traditional home and not a trailer.

The Pinnacle comes with 3 mandatory packages called the Customer Value package, the5 star handling package, and the Luxury package as does the North Point. The accessories in those packages are basically the same.

The biggest difference between these two trailers will be in the options you can pick up for a little extra investment. But on further examination, it seems that the same options are available for both models.

We did notice that Jayco upgraded sleeping arrangements for the 2022 models. The Pinnacle can now sleep up to 8 people, while the North Point can sleep up to10. It will depend on the floor plan you buy and what options you pick up that will make the difference.

Jayco North Point vs Pinnacle Weight


The weight will be the same as the overall weight will range due to the type of features you have inside each floor plan. The 2022 North Point is said to range between 12,180 to 14,545 pounds. A little bit heavier than we reported earlier but that weight total was for an older but recent year.

The Pinnacle weighs in at between 12,900 to 15,195 pounds depending on the floor plan and the length of the trailer. This model’s length can vary and be anywhere between36 feet 6 inches to 44 feet 4 inches. A far cry from the average 40 feet reported earlier.

The North Point trailer measures between 36 feet 2 inches to 44 feet 0 inches. These measurements are for the new 2022 models.

Pinnacle vs North Point Price

The price has reason somewhat from what we reported for older models. The newer 2022 5th wheel trailers for North Point options start at $105,150 and will go up depending on floor plans, size, weight, and what options you include in your purchase.

The Pinnacle’s 2022 price is starting at $117, 618 and the same factors apply here as well. To get an exact price for the model you want, you would have to talk to your local Jayco dealer.

These prices may vary as often they are listed as MSRP or manufacturer’s suggested retail price. The dealer will have a little negotiating room to make sure your purchase will fit your budget. Your price will also depend on where you live in the country as some regions are more expensive than others.

Do some shopping around to see the best deal you can find.

Jayco Pinnacle vs North Point Reviews


Both Jayco models come with some outstanding reviews. On one top 6 luxury list, the North Point was rated higher and had a lot better review content than the Pinnacle. But when you go to the owners’ forums, there is a different story.

Most owners seem to prefer the Pinnacle to the North Point. They feel that the pinnacle is a class above the North Point option and would not step down, as they said, to the other option.

A couple of owners did not like the fact that Jayco continues to use the shallower slide out for the master bedroom and complained about the lack of space at the foot of the bed. For some reason, Jayco only upgraded the North Point giving it a deeper slide out and more space at the foot of the bed.

Both sides have legitimate points and in the end, it will be your preference and lifestyle that will have you pick one over the other

Some Final Words

Both models of 5th wheel trailers are made by Jayco. For some owners that brand is the deal breaker and will move on to a different RV brand. Your view of either trailer will depend a lot on how you view this company.

These are well-built models with lots of features and accessories to make trailer life seem like you are in a traditional home. If you want luxury, comfort, and status, these are two trailers that offer those characteristics.

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