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Jayco vs Grand Design: Is Jayco or Grand Design Better?

You may think that if you have seen one RV brand, you have seen them all. In many cases that is true. So many RV brands are owned by one company that it is hard to tell the difference between them. Some

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Idaho Tote Problems and Review (Used Idaho Tote For Sale)

They are not Idaho Totes anymore. They used to be called that name but ever since Tru North Industries bought the company in 2018, they have been known as Freedom Haulers. Tru North used to make two models

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Puma vs Keystone Reviews: Are Puma RVs Any Good? (Quality)

When you want a great deal and save money, comparison shopping is what you have to do. You need to shop around and make comparisons. Not only will you find an RV that fits your needs but you could save

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Blue Ox Sway Pro vs Equalizer: Is Blue Ox Any Good? (Review)

It is up to your preference. Most things are set-up that way. If you like an integrated hitch, then you go with the Equalizer. If you prefer a chain hitch, then you go with the Blue Ox. Both options seem

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Beware of Forest River Wolfpack Toy Hauler Problems (Review)

We will state it upfront. Not every Wolfpack toy hauler will have the upcoming problems. And if some do, that does not mean that all of them are bad trailers. We are just pointing out the different issues

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Is The Serta Queen RV Mattress Any Good? (Serta Review)

Mattresses are subjective. That is the way it is when it comes to sleeping. What one person likes, another may find uncomfortable. To find the perfect mattress you may have to shop around a little bit

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Dynamax DX3 Problems, Fuel Mileage, Review (Helpful Guide)

The DX3 is a powerhouse with its DD8 7.7L 375 HP engine and professional paint job. It will turn heads as the cab is the same design as a tractor-trailer cab. This rig is built with 4-floor plans and between

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Michiana-Mattress-Evergreen-For-RV-(Review- Cost,-Company)

Michiana Mattress Evergreen For RV (Review, Cost, Company)

This may not be good. As you know, RV makers like to cut corners. They do so to minimize expenses and boost profits. Unfortunately, you are caught in the middle of that quest and may not get the mattress

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Finding an R-Dome for R-Pod 171 (Who Makes, Price, Reviews)

The R-Dome may sound like a fancy RV or travel trailer accessory. But when you see it, this nice device looks like a tent that attaches to the trailer. It is easy to set up and provides a nice living room

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Magic Chef 12V RV Refrigerator: Amps, Fixing Problems, Review

Magic Chef has been around for over 90 years. With that experience, the company knows a thing or two about making a good refrigerator. So far their RV option seems to have impressed a lot of owners with

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