Best Sway Control Weight Distribution Hitch for Sale (Top 6)

When you are on the road it pays to have the best sway control devices attached to your rig. These devices make sure that you have better control over your trailer when those sway sources arrive on the scene. It always pays to go with the best devices around, so you are in safer hands.

Best sway control weight distribution hitch for sale: One of the top sway control bars on the market today may be the Pro Series Value Friction Sway Control. It comes with good reviews and a good rating. Plus, it does its job without complaint or fanfare.

To read all the details on this and other top-quality sway or weight distribution bars just keep reading our article. It is filled with the information you need to know. This information is valuable as it helps you make the right decision for your towing needs.

How to Choose a Sway Control Bar/Weight Distribution Hitch


There are a lot of different sway bars or weight distribution bars on the market right now. It makes finding the right one for you a little difficult. The key to finding the right one is that there is no one size fits all sway control device.

There are factors involved that make it necessary to do a little work and see which one fits your trailer and vehicle best. Here are some tips to help you find the right sway control bar for you.

Braking system- some friction control sway bars are great for single axle trailers under 24’. You only need one if your trailer has a GWR of 6,000 or less. If your trailer is over 6,000 pounds but under 10,000 you will need two of these to cut the sway. But, these friction bars do not work on trailers with surge or hydraulic trailer brakes.

Weather conditions- some friction sway bars need to be turned off when the road conditions and weather turns wet, snowy or cold. Then they have to have the tension relieved when you are backing up. If you do not relive the tension then, you may cause some damage.

Control- a 2 point weight distribution bar may give you more control over a friction bar but it gives you less control than a 4 point weight distribution bar provides. You are going to have to decide how much control you are going to need or want.

Cost- this is always a factor when shopping for new trailer equipment. The friction bars can be relatively cheap. Whereas, the 2 point WD bar is more expensive than they are and the 4 point model is more expensive than the 2 point alternative.

Power- there are those units that come with their own electronic power to protect you from sway. If you decide to go this route keep in mind that this is an expensive way to go and like the manual friction bars, they are not compatible with surge or hydraulic trailer brakes. But they are easier to use, and some can be plug and play models.

Ease of use- the winner of this section may be the double cam sway control bars. They are very easier to use, do not have to be disengaged when backing up and they provide you with more control. Ease of use is an important factor because it may save you some money by allowing you to install it yourself.

Trailer size- this is another important factor as some of the sway bars mentioned in this section do not play well with small or large trailers. You need to make sure your trailer length before you go out shopping for a sway bar system.

Weight- This is another key factor as weight plays a large role in your sway issue. The heavier you go the better protection you need. For some trailers friction is a good system but only if you have a smaller trailer that doesn’t weigh a lot.

Travel Trailer Sway Bars for Sale

1. Pro Series 83660 Value Friction Sway Control


This anti sway control bar does install quite easily., You should not have any trouble putting it on your tow vehicle or trailer. Plus, if it goes on easily, it should remove just as easily. This model does do that as well. Check latest price here >>

On top of that, you get a heavy-duty metal friction bar that is strong and can handle a lot of tough treatment. It is durable and reliable when you need it to be. Then it can be attached to either side of your trailer so when you only are using one, you have a choice as to which side it will fit.

All hardware you need to install it is included in your purchase and it weighs roughly 6 pounds making it lightweight yet very strong.


  • Hooks to a master haul hitch with exceptions.
  • Easy to install.
  • ​Not very expensive.
  • ​Made from solid metal.
  • Controls the trailer through friction.


  • Made need some modification to work right.
  • Makes a loud noise.
  • Some sway still present.

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2. EAZ LIFT Screw-On Sway Control

If you have trouble staying in control when a big rig passes you or a sudden gust of wind comes up, then you may want to turn to this anti-sway bar to keep your trailer under control. It specializes in those sway source elements protecting you and your family from the trouble they can cause. Check latest price here >>

In addition, you get easy release function when weather conditions turn a little bit bad. Rain, ice or snow does not stop you from releasing the tension and staying in full control of your trailer.

Plus, it does not reduce your road clearance. This anti-sway bar makes sure you do not have to worry about clearing obstacles as you drive. A socket and spring clip system makes attaching this option to your vehicle simple and easy.


  • Easy to install.
  • Very inexpensive to purchase.
  • ​Socket and spring system.
  • ​Double friction pads.
  • Protects against wind gusts and tractor trailer issues.


  • Some hardware may be missing on delivery.
  • May not work at high speeds.
  • Missing key parts.

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Travel Trailer Anti-Sway Hitches

1. CURT Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch


Get a smoother ride once you install this weight distribution hitch on your vehicles. It adds a little more control as it distributes the weight evenly around your rig. Plus, it has an anti sway control bar included in its design. Check latest price here >>

On top of that, you get an automatic grease function which means this hitch stays greased even if you do not do it. This function helps reduce towing noise and keeps the hitch in top shape for a better towing experience.

Then this hitch handles 8,000 to 10,000 gross trailer weight and about 800 to 1000 pounds tongue weight. With corrosion resistant construction this trailer hitch should stay with you for many years and serve you faithfully throughout that time.


  • Corrosion-resistant construction.
  • Handles a lot of weight at one time.
  • ​Evenly distributes the weight.
  • ​Fits all standard 2 inch hitches without trouble.
  • Tough and strong along with durable.


  • Shipping issues.
  • May rust quickly.
  • Missing parts.

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2. CURT Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch

When you want control over your towing you want this top of the line weight distribution hitch. Its construction includes sway control bar and levels your load at the same time. The tongue weight is also evenly distributed so you do not have to worry as you drive. Check latest price here >>

Then its towing capacity reaches between 10,000 and 14,000 GWR and 1,000 to 1,400 tongue weight. It’s an ideal hitch for bigger heavier trailers. The head is made from fabricated metals and it works with the 2 steel bars to make sure your sway issue is under control.

Once you take this hitch out of the box, the corrosion-resistant construction materials get to work and make sure rust, etc., does not ruin this hitch.


  • Made for the road.
  • Handles rough treatment well.
  • ​Levels your load.
  • ​High towing weight capacity.
  • Works with standard 2 inch hitch shanks.


  • Needs larger sockets to install.
  • Adly written instructions.
  • No torque specs provided to you.

Best Sway Control Hitch for Travel Trailer

EAZ LIFT 48058 1000 lbs Elite Kit


This unit may cost a little more, but it is probably the best at what it does. First, you have interchangeable bars which gives you more positive latching action. Something you need when you are on the road. Check latest price here >>

The sway control may be second to none. It’s tough set up keeps your sway action to a minimum. Then with the 1000 pound weight distribution hitch, you can get your tongue weight spread evenly over all your axles for better control as you drive.

On top of that dual chains locate don the spring bars help hold your trailer in place even when those big rigs fly by. Pre-installed U bolts make sure those chains do not leave you. All mounting hardware is supposed to be included with your purchase. That makes your installation time a little simpler to handle.

After you put this hitch on your trailer, you should get a smoother ride. This translates into a safer ride for you and your family.


  • Dual chains to hold your trailer.
  • Pre-installed U bolts.
  • ​1000 pound tongue weight ability.
  • ​Interchangeable bars for a smoother ride.
  • Ready to go hitch ball.


  • Serrated washers may slip after some use.
  • Very noisy hitch.
  • Swivel latches for chains too tight.

Best Sway Control Hitch on The Market

Equal-i-zer 4-point Sway Control Hitch

Best-Sway-Control-Hitch-on-The Market

When you have a hitch that can handle 1000 pounds of tongue weight and at least 10,000 pounds of GWR then you have a top hitch on the market. This model does that and more. There is the 4 point sway control that makes sure your trailer rarely goes anywhere when pressured by wind gusts and other factors. Check latest price here >>

After you get this hitch hooked up, it transfers the tongue weight to all the axles without batting an eye. Then it keeps the front of your tow vehicle in constant contact with the road at all times.

These two features alone provide you with a very safe towing experience. On top of that once you hook up this hitch, you get better steering and better braking ability. With its versatility capability, this is a hitch that can tow just about any trailer you own.

And if that is not enough, this hitch comes in a variety of sizes to make sure you get that perfect fit you want.


  • Comes in a variety of sizes.
  • 1,000 pound tongue weight.
  • ​10,000 pound GWR.
  • ​Very versatile and easy to install.
  • 4 point contact for better control.

Some Final Words

When you are on the road, nothing but the best should do for you and your family. This includes finding the right anti-sway bar for your towing needs. Sway can cause a lot of accidents and ruin a lot of happy vacation times, so you want the best anti-sway bars working for you.

To find the best make sure to follow the tips given in the what to look for section. They are there to help put you on the right track to finding the best anti-sway bar on the market today.

Once you get the best home from the store, they are not that hard to install and should have all the hardware included in your purchase. When you have the best anti sway device on your tow vehicle and trailer, then you can drive with confidence knowing you are safer than ever.

You always go with the best when you want the best results.

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