Are Rainier Tires Any Good? (Rainier Trailer Tire Review)

Like most products, you can either get lucky or get a lemon that causes you nothing but problems. It is hard to judge as even reputable companies can produce some bad quality products at any given time. In other words, you take your chances that you will be lucky this time.

Are Rainier tires any good? Some have said they have not had any problems with their set of Ranier Tires, have also changed them out for another top brand within 2 years. Others have had to change them after only 800 miles due to blowouts.

To learn how good these tires really are, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about before traveling too far on them or buying a set. If you have the luck of the Irish, then you may not experience any issues with this brand of tires.

Are Rainier Tires Any Good?


Even if the set is good, some people place a 3-year use cap on these tires. One owner had a blowout at 3 years yet there were no signs of cracks or other blowout sources. These tires are rated for 65 mph and no higher. That will tell those fast drivers that they should consider another brand if they want to make their destination in time.

According to some owners, they are good for the short term until you can save up some money to buy better quality brands. The issue is more with load capacity than anything else.

You have to keep the air pressure up to maximum levels then check for bulges when you stop. The tires are made in China and depending on how you feel about that country will influence your view of these tires.

But if you see bubbles starting to form, that is an indication that there is a defect in the rubber. It seems that Ranier has more than its fair share of defects according to our research.

Who Manufactures Rainier Tires?


We are going to pass onto you some 7-year-old information that came directly from the horse’s mouth at one of the Jayco owners forum’s threads. The e-mail that came from the company rep states quite clearly that Tredit owns the rights to the mold and anyone with a Rainier tire at that time, got it from Tredit.

Tredit had the tire made by a company called Wanda which is in China. That information still seems to be correct as we checked the Tredit website and they still advertise the Rainier Tire.

To get the specs on the different Ranier tires before you buy, just click on this link. It will take you to the Tredit tire website and you have to scroll down a little bit to find those specs.

With that said, there are many former Rainier tire owners that do not believe in the speed rating system anymore. They say that the actual tire speed rating for Rainier tires is 0 because they can blow at any time for any reason.

What do Rainier Trailer Tire Reviews Say?


The reviews are mixed as some people give them 5-stars while others give those tires 1-star. At Amazon, the 5-star ratings 82.5% while the 1 star was only at 2%. But when we read what the different owners had to say, the figures were basically reversed.

Their opinions will depend on their experience as those who have had no troubles with the tire are giving them an excellent rating. Those that have had nothing but bad experiences are giving out the 1-star rating.

Some people really like those tires and they have performed well. Others have changed them within 2 years. Some are based on the bad reputation these tires have and others due to the blowouts that have come with less than 1000 miles on them.

The key to their longevity will be in how fast you drive and how much air pressure you keep them at. If you keep them at their proper air pressure and drive 65 miles per hour or less, then chances are your Rainiers will last.

The best thing to do here after reading the reviews is to go with your gut and analyze how you drive. if you are packing a heavy load, it might be wise to replace the Rainiers with a better quality tire and a higher load-bearing rating.

Are Rainier Tires Made in China?


Yes, they are and they are sold through Tredit company, whom we already linked to above. The Tredit company has the specs and owns the mold but the Chinese make the tires.

The company is owned by an investment firm called Cypress Companies. Tredit seems to own and operate 6 outlets one in Oregon, one in Texas, Illinois, South Carolina, Florida, and finally one in Pennsylvania.

But those outlets do not manufacture the tires as the company has stated upfront that their tires are made in China by a company called Wanda. The way to tell if a tire is made in the US or not is to look at the code on the tire sidewall.

If the code right after the DOT lettering starts with an M or a U then those tires were made in America. While Tredit has stated that most tires are made in China, that doesn't seem to be the case. Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, Bridgestone, and Yokohoma tires are all foreign-owned companies that have tire factories in the US.

Copper and Goodyear are the only two American-owned companies left making tires in America. If you want to learn the different tire codes and all the subsidiaries of the different tire companies making tires in America, just click here.

Where are Rainier Trailer Tires Made?


We searched the Tredit website but that internet location did not say where their tires were made. Since we came across someone who e-mailed the company directly and got an answer from them, we are going by that information.

It seems that all of Tredit Rainier's tires are made in China. Doesn’t matter if it is an RV or a trailer tire, that is where they are produced. This information comes from a Jayco owners forum and the link to that e-mail and a subsequent one are at this link.

According to the second e-mail response, Tredit doesn't sell one American-made tire. To get to both e-mail posts you will have to scroll down a little bit and they are easy to spot as they are highlighted.

Of course, the responses from those e-mails did not produce any confidence in the tires, and the man who made the contact will be switching to a different brand. A lot of owners are questioning the speed rating on the tires stating they do not think it means anything anymore.

That may be your biggest worry as while rated for a certain speed, the tires could still have defects making them blow even if you are adhering to what the rating says to travel at.

Where to Buy Rainier Tires


Tredit Tire has 6 locations and a website. Their exact locations are listed on their website at the bottom of the web pages. If you do not live in those cities, you will be happy to know you can buy these tires at a few other places.

Walmart seems to be one of the better locations you can buy them at. We are not sure if every Walmart outlet has these tires for sale but you can check at your local store when you get the chance.

Amazon had at least one style of this tire for sale. You would have to search that marketplace to see their cost, shipping charges, and if they have the type of tire you need. Don’t forget, that if you buy certain RVs, you will get Rainier tires with the rig.

Then you can check your local and national tire chain outlets. They may stock that brand of tire. Those tires are made specifically for trailers so anywhere trailer tires are sold would be a possibility.

We are not sure what tire outlets are in your area so you would have to check with those stores in your town or city.

Some Final Words

When it comes to reviews on certain products, the opinion of the reviewer is usually influenced by the experience they have had with that product. When it comes to Rainier tires, you are going to read, hear and see extreme ratings based on those experiences.

But reviews do not always tell the whole story and there is always the possibility that one or more may be lying, whether good or bad. Let’s just say that there are better quality tires you can buy that are American made and that will be the deciding factor in your purchase decision.

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