What Does Check Tuner With SiriusXM Mean? JVC, Kenwood, Sony

Tuned out? It can happen with the new modern entertainment systems. Just one little error is all it takes to block you from listening to Howard Stern or some other Sirius disc jockey. But then that may be a blessing n disguise.

In some cases, you may have put the antenna in the Sirius XM port instead of the AUX port. When that happens, you will get a check tuner signal and not hear your favorite stations. Or your stereo may not recognize the Sirius radio app, etc.

To learn more about this situation, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you should be able to solve your check tuner issue. Take a few minutes to see how this information helps you.

What Does a Check Tuner with SiriusXM Mean?


There are at least two issues that could send this message. The first one is that the antenna is plugged into the wrong port. It is a simple mistake and a common problem.

If you are not sure which port to plug your antenna into, read the manual again to make sure. If the unit turns on and the antenna is plugged into the right port then you have a more serious problem.

The second problem is an internal issue that has failed you. This may take more time to diagnose and you may need an electrical technician to help you figure out what is wrong.

This problem is not as common but it still takes place from time to time. However, if you have a dedicated Sirius XM antenna plugged into the XM port, then you should not see the check tuner signal.

Unless something else is wrong with the unit. Other issues that may cause this signal is the connections are loose, your radio is not in AUX input mode, and your FM side of the stereo is not turned off.

How do I Refresh My SiriusXM Signal?


There are a couple of methods you can use and each method depends on the type of radio you have in your car. Like many other electronic devices, all you have to do to reset the Sirius radio is turn it off and then back on after a few seconds.

That instruction is for standard radios installed in most cars. If your radio is a portable or what is called a dock & play model, then you have to pull the radio out of its place, then re-install it.

Other car models and their radios may need you to turn your car on, then turn the radio on. After that is done you push and hold the radio power button for about 5 seconds. Or until you see the radio reboot.

If these methods do not work for you, then check your radio’s manual. Those normally have reboot instructions near the troubleshooting pages. Or talk to the dealer you bought your radio from.

They should have the instructions on hand to help you with your specific radio. As you know different radios will have different methods to reboot or refresh Sirius or the radio itself.

How do I Activate My XM Radio Tuner?


If you own a SONY stereo in your car, Sony has specific instructions on what to do. We will quote those instructions here so nothing is lost in translation:

To receive XM Satellite Radio service through a Sony® XM-ready car stereo, you will need:

- a car stereo that is XM Satellite Radio ready.

- a separate XM Satellite Radio tuner module, which includes an XM protocol adapter and connection cable, that supports the Sony brand.

The XM Satellite Radio tuner module connects through the UniLink™/CD Changer Control connection of the car stereo receiver. After the necessary connections have been made, the Reset button on the car stereo receiver needs to be pressed.

To activate the service and start listening, the following is needed:

- The 8-digit XM Satellite Radio identification (ID) number.

NOTE: The 8-digit XM Radio ID number can be found either on the back of the XM radio or by tuning your radio to Channel 0 or Channel 255.

- A major credit card.

- The name of the audio package you want. “

According to Denon, you will need the following items:

You will need an XM Radio antenna (either indoor or outdoor), an XM Tuner Docking Station, an XM Radio Tuner Card, and an XM Radio Subscription”

And finally, an anonymous process tells you to

To activate your new SiriusXM radio with a different subscription option, simply: Purchase a radio from SiriusXM or one of our retail partners without a subscription. Then call 1-866-518-3922, or activate online at siriusxm.com/myaccount with the package and renewal term of your choice.”

Different brands may have different methods that will work for their systems. Since not all radio stereos are built the same it is best to contact Sirius directly and ask about your specific brand if the above directions do not work.

Audiovox Xpress Plug-and-Play XMCK10A XM Satellite Radio Receiver has longer instructions and you can read them all at this link. There are just too many to print here.

Those last instructions provide you with 2 methods you can use and they may take some time to complete the activation process.

Some Final Words

The check tuner message is not something that refers to a major problem, in most cases. Usually, it is simply telling you to check your connections to make sure everything is in the right ports.

Once you get past this problem, you should be able to get access to the 150+ radio stations on Sirius Satellite radio. Check your manual to make sure you know which port those connections go into and if you still have a problem talk to the dealer where you bought your package.

Your dealer should have a technician on staff to help you out.

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