Troubleshooting Winegard Air 360 Problems (Not Working)

It is not always 360. When this TV antenna is placed in the wrong spot, for example behind a rooftop AC unit, then you may miss out on 90 degrees of service. Placement is the key and it is not always the RV owner’s fault for that placement.

The Wingard AIR 360 is an omni-directional antenna that does not need special positioning to pick up channels. Plus, it picks up both UHF and VHF signals while working in temperatures ranging between -25 to +145 degrees F.

To learn more about fixing any issues you have with this television antenna, just continue to read our article. It explores the issue so you have the information you need to apply the fixes that should work for your problem. Take a few minutes to see how this information helps you.

How Does Winegard Air 360 Work?


The technology behind this antenna does not seem that complicated. There seem to be 3 4G wifi cards inside the unit that help draw in those signals you are searching for.

Then you need a supplemental gateway that attaches to your RV’s ceiling and transmits those signals to your television set. It all seems nice and simple until something goes wrong.

The gateway is required for all WiFi, 4G LTE, and GPS applications. Plus, there is a built-in port to hook the gateway directly to your satellite TV antenna. Once hooked up you only get a 55-mile range.

Besides the antenna, you get a 2o-foot coax cable, 12-volt power supply, 12-volt rocker switch, cable doc, as well as printed instructions. All of this is in the box at your purchase.

The whole package weighs just under 8 pounds and its dimensions are approx. 20 by 20 by 9 inches in size. After you set it up or have a technician to set it up, your new Winegard Air picks up signals from all directions at the same time.

There is a 2-year part & 1-year labor warranty that is part of the deal. Then if you like the radio, it also picks up FM radio signals on the normal FM band frequency.

Winegard Air 360 Not Working


One of the first things that you need to be wary about is any additional installations you want to make. The manual put this warning in a bright red box so you do not miss it:

Do NOT install couplers, splitters, etc. between the power supply

and the antenna. Installation of any item on the downlead may cause a short

in the system. The downlead supplies +12 VDC to the preamp in the antenna”

If you have done this, remove those extra installations and see if your antenna can be fixed.

Then the first step in troubleshooting any problems is to make sure your TV set is working as it should. Then switch the power supply on and off to see if that changes the picture quality or gets you a picture.

Then disconnect the cable and check for +12 VDC. If it is there, then the power supply is not the problem. If there is no +12 VDC, then disconnect the power supply and check for any damaged parts. Replace any that you find.

This antenna has a test point #1, which is where you do the previous test and a test #2 which is where you test the cable. If you find +12 VDC at the test point #2, then there is a problem with the cable.

If there is no +12 VDC, then check to see if the green light is on. If not, check the wires to make sure they are connected to the right terminals. If those are connected properly and there is no +12 VDC, then your problem is in the power supply.

All of that is from the manual but there are many other instances that the antenna will go wrong and the manual does not cover those. One example, a Winegard owner used to get lots of channels, then the reception degraded at a later date then still later, he got no signal.

Yet a neighbor using the same system got 28 channels clearly. Then one day he returned home and got perfect reception. This would be a case of a loose connection somewhere in the system.

Another problem may be that you have not turned the amplifier on. That will give you strange problems like not picking up closer signals while picking up those signals from further away.

If we have not covered your problem, then contact their support group at this link. They have a small form to fill out or you can call them directly.

Common Winegard Air 360 Problems


One problem may be in the placement of the antenna. One RV owner had it placed right behind his AC unit and he could not get full 360-degree coverage. This antenna was installed by the RV manufacturer.

The only fix to this situation is to move the antenna and do some reverse engineering to get the cables in the right spots. Another problem you may run into is that the RV maker did not install the Winegard 360 in about 2020 on the 5th wheels.

All they did was put in a signal amplifier with a switch and red light even though the manual calls for a wall plate and a green light. In other words, watch out and check before you buy to see what type of components have been installed.

Most common problems have to do with faulty connections or bad installations. The first thing to do when you are not getting any signals is to check your connections. Make sure they are working and connected to the right ports.

Tighten any loose connections to see if that helps. If not, you can go either to one of the RV discussion forums for your brand of RV and make a post on one of the Winegard threads or contact Winegard support directly.

There are more problems than can be covered in this little section.

Winegard Air 360 Troubleshooting


We gave you about the whole page of troubleshooting tips found in the manual earlier. Their idea of troubleshooting is to do tests to see what parts failed and if those failed parts have any burnt, broken, or loose wires, etc.

If you do not have a manual to help you, you can download one at this link. It is the best manual site that we have found so far. Or if the manual does not provide any help, then contact the Winegard support center for more help.

The most you may be able to do is test, check, and replace only a few parts. If the problem is technical, you will need the aid of their support staff. You can ask some RV owners on the different discussion forums but they may not have experienced your specific problem.

Some of the problems will be technical and most often beyond many RV owners’ skill set to fix. It is best to get a technician to help you solve those technical issues.

Just do a check of the connections first before you call in professional help.

How do You Test a Winegard Antenna?


According to the manual the following steps need to be taken:

While the steps to perform a channel scan may vary between televisions or

compatible devices, here are some general guidelines to follow.

Using the television remote, select "Menu" and then "Settings."

Select "Channel Setup."

Select "Antenna" or "Air," depending on your

TV. Make sure you are not on "Cable."

Select "Channel Search" or "Channel Scan."

Keep in mind that the steps to perform a channel scan may vary. If the wording in your TV differs from the options shown, refer to your TV user

manual for help.

Running a channel scan is NOT the same as pressing Channel UP/DOWN on your remote. To receive maximum programming, you have to run

a channel scan after setting up the antenna.”

Also, make sure your TV is set up properly and looking at the right input. Sometimes it is not the antenna that is at fault. Rather it is how it is connected to the television set or the programming on the TV is set up.

In addition, check your amplifier as when it fails, you will not get any channels. Do not assume the fault lies with the antenna when you are not getting any reception.

Some Final Words

When it comes to these new features, there may be some problems that are easy to fix. The wiring, the cables, and the connections are all repairs you can do on your own. The same goes for testing the antenna.

Beyond that, you should contact the Winegard support system to get better help for more complicated problems. It seems that the antenna works well when it works.

But part of the problem may be where it is placed. You may have obstructions cutting off your signals. Change locations if you can.

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