Who Manufactures Summit TV? (Summit TV Remote Control Code)

Off-brand television sets are cheaper than the brand name options. Plus, they do seem to provide you with a great screen and viewing experience. However, programming them to a universal remote may be something of a nightmare as those remotes do not recognize off-brand names.

The rumor mill is in full swing with this off-brand TV set. One owner thinks Mitsubishi makes this TV brand, while other owners figure this is a Chinese brand that makes its TV sets cheap enough for some RV makers to buy and install in their RV models.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It is not easy trying to find the maker of off-brand television sets and appliances. Often the manufacturer is hidden and kept very secret for some strange reason.

The Summit TV Brand For RVs


The biggest issue that we have found with this off-brand of television sets is that owners are having a hard time programming it to universal remotes or to their wifi systems.

Other than that, we have not run into very many complaints about the quality of the set or its viewing screen. Not many people are dissatisfied with it and they do not make a lot of complaints about it.

However, this off-brand of television set does not make the top best lists either. It is just another TV set in a very competitive industry. What that means is that while you pay less for this television, you may not be getting your money’s worth.

It is possible that one of the bigger Television making companies has sourced out components or contracted another company to build their TV sets for them. According to Consumer Report, this is done all the time.

The newest trend is to completely outsource the construction of the television sets and then let their quality control teams monitor the quality of each set. Summit may be one of those off-brands that has been outsourced by a major player in this industry.

Usually, it is the entry-level television sets that are outsourced while the better models are still built by the famous name brand.

Is Summit TV Made By Toshiba?

So far no one knows. What we have been able to discover. Because one Summit TV accepted the Mitsubishi remote code, one owner assumed the set or brand was made by Mitsubishi. We have found no truth to that assumption.

We also checked the Toshiba website and other websites and Summit does not appear as a product of this company. While these big-name brands do contract out for components, they may not have any association with the company that sells or makes Summit TVs.

The manufacturing company may make enough of those components to build its own brand which seems to be the case for this off-brand TV set. We have found different television-related companies called Summit but their countries of origin vary and may not be related to the off-brand used in RVs.

There is also a Summit Broadband company but most likely there is no relation between the two products or the companies behind them. The best that can be said is that neither Toshiba nor Mitsubishi manufactures Summit television sets.

We are not sure if any top of the line, famous brands are behind this off-brand you see in RVs and trailers.

Who Manufactures Summit TVs?


The best information we have so far is that a small unknown company called CCE or Continental Corporation Electronics is behind this brand of television sets. But we cannot confirm this.

In a search for that company, it does not appear near the top or even on the first page of our search results. There is a company called Continental Electronics Corp. But they do not make television sets.

That company is into electronic communications and makes different transmitters, etc., for different applications. They are also into navigation, radar, and UPS production, and again, nothing close to television production.

Despite its lack of transparency, it seems that the Summit TVs are well equipped to connect to different modern technologies like wifi, Alexa, streaming services, and so on.

This is a full-scale television off-brand that does the job most RV owners want out of a television set. We have not come across many complaints about the television brand except for remote and wifi connectivity issues.

Your experience may be different than from what we have found out as this does seem to be an off-brand TV set that is made in China somewhere.

Is a Summit TV a Smart TV

According to the best source we have found on this TV set brand, yes it is a Smart TV, or at least some of the models produced by whoever makes it are. But that is the best source that may not be so good.

By that we mean is that there is so little information on the internet about this TV set off-brand. You may have to contact one of the RV makers who install this brand in their RVs for more information.

We found a Felix Storch Appliance out in the Bronx in New York that makes a Summit brand but the products in that or other brands made by this company do not include television sets.

You can check the manuals for the different models. Here is a list of about 4 of them for you to check out. When we checked a couple of those manuals, all the manufacturer’s information was excluded from the files.

Or you just contact the different RV makers and ask them. There is very little information about these TVs on the different discussion forums that we were able to search. Going to the source may be your best option to get more information.

Are Summit TVs Good?


We have not seen very many topics or complaints on these off-brand of television sets. The biggest complaints we have seen are about remote codes and connecting to the wifi.

From what we can tell from our research is that these television sets hold their own and do a very good job. If they were junk, the discussion forums would be full of threads discussing all the problems with this off-brand.

In our different searches, nothing turned up about the quality of these TV sets, their problems, and other issues that would detract from your viewing experience and use of this television.

We have also not seen where, like the China bomb tires, RV owners have stated that they got rid of the television set at their first opportunity. In other words, this off-brand may be fairly good but an argument from silence is not always the best argument to make.

The only rating we have seen on this TV option is a 1-star and no comments are attached to that rating. In fact, the Consumer Report organization does not put it on any of its lists. Your experience will be the determining factor in this topic.

Summit TV Remote Codes

Since people are talking and complaining about connecting their universal remote to their Summit TV, we have this information. It was the easiest information to find on the internet.

According to our source, the following codes can be used with any universal remote that has the ability to program 3, 4, and even 5-digit codes. The following codes should also work for your existing cable and SAT remotes if programmed properly.

3-digit codes-- 506 & 508; Cable and SAT codes are as follows:

AT&T (U-verse) remote control code – 1043

Comcast remote control code – 10030

DirecTV remote control code – 10030

DISH remote control code – 506

RCA Universal remote control code – 0030

To program your specific remote just follow the instructions that you got when you purchased it. Or follow the ones we are about to give you:

- The first step is to turn the Summit TV – RV you want to configure ON.

- Then we press the TV button on your Universal Remote.

- Next, we need to press and hold the SETUP button of the Universal Remote until we see a light indicator flashing. (When the universal remote does this, it means that it has entered the Learning mode)

- Now you have to enter the code, which you can find on this website or on the instructions of the device you want to configure.

- Once you have entered the code, point the universal remote at the Summit TV – RV and press and hold the power button.

- When the screen switches off, then you can release the power button.

You can also check the different RV discussion forums as many owners have found that more famous brand codes will work their Summit TV set.

For example, the Mitsubishi code worked for one owner. You may find that other codes may work for your Summit television set.

How To Reset a Summit TV


According to the manual, the reset process is very simple. It is found on page 23 and comes under the heading restoring default settings. This is what the manual says to do:

Press the > arrow button to automatically reset all adjustments back to their original factory settings”

We suggest you read the whole page as that > arrow button is used for different applications as well. You can view and download the manual that you need at the first link above.

There are a lot of menu adjustment headings in the manual and you will have to read through them all to get your television set the way you want it to look as well as set the time and date.

All the instructions look straight forward and should be easy to follow.

How To Program a Summit TV Remote

The manual provides you with images and instructions. Then the television screen will show those images and you simply follow their set-up wizard to program your television set.

This is a step-by-step process and you first have to turn the television set on for the first time and there is no channel scanning. It is best to have the manual with you so you can see what you need to do with each step.

You just need to follow the wizard and use the arrow buttons to make your selections. The manual has over 10 pages on different functions this TV set can perform.

As you go through the manual you will find the sections on parental controls. If you have small children staying with you, these are good sections to read and implement.

Where To Buy a Summit TV


This is something you may want to know about if you are satisfied with the performance of the set in your RV. But, there is not a lot of demand for this brand so finding a replacement may take a while to do.

We found 1 on sale at eBay, and none at Amazon, although those marketplaces may get them in stock from time to time. None were listed at Lowe’s or Costco. No other major store popped up in a search for where you can find this brand of TV sets.

Except for Camping World. Their website listed 4 TVs on sale at their outlets but when we clicked on the brand, their website did not produce any results. So it may be hit and miss at Camping World if you like this brand of TV.

Some Final Words

Not every feature or product inside the RV or trailer you buy will come from a famous brand or top-quality source. Summit TVs seem to be in this category as there is little to no transparency about who makes it, where those TV sets are made, and so on.

If you like your model you may have to go to your RV maker and see if their dealers can sell you another one. Or you can try Camping World if the price is right.

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