Is DIRECTV HR24 Discontinued? (DIRECTV HR24-500 Receiver)

For what it is worth, businesses make decisions that always affect their bottom line. While they may say they are your friends, business, like Direct TV, are only concerned about profit. That is why you can’t enjoy the DirectTV HR24 anymore without some hassle.

Despite customer complaints, it seems that Direct TV is moving on from older technology. The HR24 system has been in place for 12 years or more and it is time for them to upgrade. This means that many customers are not going to get the service they once did.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It explores the issue so you have the best answers possible. For some people, it is hard to accept change and DIRECTTV thinks it is time for a change in their systems.

The DIRECTV HR24-500 Receiver


The HR24 is the model and the 500 indicates that it has a 500 GB capacity. You can store a lot of recorded shows and movies using this device. The 500 GB translates into about 100 hours of HD programming and 400 hours of SD programming.

Plus, it could record 2 shows at the same time, and it can work with RVs and tailgate parties. This device has been an RV mainstay since 2009 as it replaced then older equipment.

On top of all this, this device is able to record in MPEG 2 & 4 formats for better viewing pleasure. Its features such as one-touch record, auto record, manual record, and bookmarks, enable convenience. In addition to letting you pause and rewind a live program for up to 90 minutes.

Many RV owners found this to be the perfect companion to the Genie system they have installed in their RVs and trailers. But times are changing and actually, this system was originally designed to last only about 3 years.

RV owners have been fortunate to have it last for roughly 14. It remains to be seen if the upgraded equipment will be equal to the HR24-500.

Is DIRECTV HR24 Discontinued?


Yes and no. Yes for residential and RV, marine users, but no for commercial users. There is a very legitimate explanation for why commercial accounts can continue using the HR24 while residential users cannot.

It seems that according to the company, there are far fewer commercial accounts than there are residential ones. This means that it is not cost-effective to cancel those commercial accounts and upgrade the system

The investment would not bring a good ROI so commercial users get to retain their older devices while RV and other owners have to upgrade. It has been stated by different RV owners that the company has said you can keep the HR24 if you open a commercial account.

If you do not want to go that route, then you will have to lease the upgraded equipment which has the DVR option but it may not be as great as the old HR24 system.

The tricky part of this issue is that DiIRECTTV may still support the older HR24 for some time but you won’t be able to buy a new model if your old one fails. And you may not be able to activate one you buy used.

Right now HR 21, 22, and 23 receivers are still supported even though the HR245 era so if your unit remains strong, you should still get the same service. But that decision remains with DIRECTTV.

What is The Difference Between DIRECTV HR24 And HR54?


The latter device is the upgraded version of the former. Its specs are as follows:

- works with 4K UHD (Only when DIRECTTV sends them by satellite)

- SWM power inserter

-faster than previous models

-simplified motherboard

- its maximum video resolution is 2160p

- storage capacity is 1000 GB

- 5 tuners

The HR24 only has 2 tuners and 500 GB of storage and it does not have the technology the HR54 has. The additional cost to your bill is said to be only $3 but you will need a 24-month service contract to enjoy this upgraded model.

The other difference is that you need more than one TV to enjoy the complete benefits that the HR54 brings with it. Plus, according to the DIRECTTV rep, there are only a couple of 4K channels in service at this time.

While upgrading to the 54 may not be in everyone’s interest, there is still the HR34 & 44 models you may want to try over your older HR24. Also, according to the rep, the change may require technical service.

Now, the 54 is said to plug in the same ports as the older 34 with no reprogramming needed as the IR codes are supposed to be the same. Then you will need a C-61 genie mini for the same TV as well as high-speed internet and a 4K TV to watch those few 4K channels DIRECTTV may offer.

Download HR24-500 Manual


Our go-to manual website does have one of these listed in its supply of myriads of manuals.

This link brings you to the manuals page and you will have to select which one you want.

The website lists 2, one is 178 pages long and the other is 182 pages long. Then according to DIRECTTV all HR manuals are the same. You can read the company’s answer to this question at this link as well as try the link they supply.

Some Final Words

It seems that DIRECTTV is not shafting its customers as some owners have complained about. Instead, they are simply upgrading their current older technology to meet new demands and other technological advances.

If you buy an older HR24 used, do not be surprised if it won’t be activated. Only commercial accounts get to use that device now. There seem to be some great new devices that should work just as well if you do not mind changing and going with the technological times.

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