How Does The Lippert One Control Wifi Hotspot Work? (Plans)

Staying connected is an issue that most RV owners face. Lippert has heard their concerns and has tried to create a great system for RVers to stay connected with loved ones. It is a good idea as wifi connections are always hard to find when on the road.

This system was once called On-the-Go and it was designed to let RV owners create their own wifi network. It works through the provided touchscreen or your cellular phone. It is supposed to transfer a hotspot signal to the local LAN network for a stronger signal.

To learn more about this on the go system, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about. Take a few minutes to see how this important information can help you stay connected with family and friends

What is The Wifi One Control Hotspot?


This is a fairly expensive system as it costs roughly $466 directly from Lippert. But it is a device that helps you bypass weak signals coming from your campground’s wifi system. It boosts the signals so you have better communication.

The system is supposed to be wireless and weatherproof. The 2 antennas needed for this system to work operate on the 2.4 GHz frequency. Plus, you can connect up to four more devices through their ethernet ports.

This is supposed to be a very secure and encrypted system that is safe and reliable. Also, you have the option of buying the 5GB plan or the 10 Gb plan, The former costs $37 and the latter is $65. Whether that is by month or year, you will have to ask Lippert.

However, there are some restrictions. You can only buy this system through Lippert as the built-in SIM card is connected to their gateway. Once you make your purchase, you get the following items:

- Externally mountable 4G cell antenna array (1)

- Portable 4G cell antennas (2)

- 2.4GHz WiFi antennas (2)

- 120V AC power supply (1)

- LCI WiFi On-the-Go router (1)

- 10’ 4G cell antenna cables (2)

- Wired 12V DC/DC power supply (1)

- #8 hex/slotted head mounting screws (6)

The numbers in the brackets indicate how many of each item should be in the box.

How Does The One Control Hotspot Work?

The system is linked to the Direct Link Technology which helps you increase your signal strength as you travel. This is a travel-designed wifi system and it brings you up to $G LTE connectivity and up to 150 Mbps speed.

Where it differs from a smartphone hotspot is that it allows you to connect more devices without giving up any speed or reliability. That means you get more freedom when you are on the road.

When you are in a campground that has no wifi, slow wifi, or too many wifi users, you get your own network that you do not share with anyone. This means you have better security and more stability when you are online.

What makes it even more attractive is that this system's mounting plates are compatible with the pre-prepped plates on most recent RV models. Right now that compatibility is limited to the 2022 Cherokee brand and select models like the Grey Wolf, Rouge, Artic wolf, and a few more.

You may need an adapter for those models, not on the compatibility list. Once installed, this system transforms your RV into a nice wifi hub so you can remain connected while on the road.

One Control hotspot plans


We reported earlier that there were only 2 plans, the 5, and 10 GB options and that is true. However, there are 2 options available for each of those plans. That makes 4 plans altogether and there is a 5th one called the Telematics Plan that goes for $10 per month and it is used to monitor your RV.

The first plan is the basic set-up. You can get the 5GB option for $37 per month and it provides basic internet connections. The same goes for the 10 GB plan and which sells for $65 per month.

But there are 2 upgrade plans one for each GB level. The 5 GB adds in the telematic monitoring system for $42 per month and you get everything you need to monitor your RV and connect to the world.

The 10 GB option gives you the same thing but more data but it costs $70 per month. We can’t give you any more details as we have to sign up to get more information on these plans.

These plans provide you with a secure connection, stronger signal, and reliability as well as safety.

One Control Hotspot Reviews

Some owners say it is well worth the expense if you go out on the road for a week or longer at one time. It certainly does a better job than the usual smartphone hotspot connections do according to them.

However, the weather may make the smartphone connection better as the One Control has trouble in bad weather at times. The best another reviewer had to say was that this system allowed you to avoid using public hotspots where connection and security are questionable.

There are different people on different websites asking for comments and opinions on this system but so far, no one has answered them. Then the professional reviewers have remained fairly neutral.

They do not say whether it is a good or bad system. They just let you know what it is supposed to, what equipment you need, and what comes in the box and then give the specs.

This could be a very good system but no one is offering any real opinions on their experience and other factors involved with this system. It sounds good and it should be helpful when you are far from home.

At least you will get privacy and not have to worry about other users on the same line.

How do I Install The One Control Hotspot?


If your RV is pre-wired for this system, then all you have to do is take the cover plate off and attach the two wires to the antennas and you are ready to go. The drawback is that the cover plate has more screws than the antenna’s base plate.

That means you have to use some silicone to fill in those extra holes or the cover plate will leak on you. To get the app so you can monitor and use the system through your smartphone, you need to download it from one of the App stores.

Then you have to enable both the Bluetooth and wifi settings on your phone. Once that is done, open the App and read the licensing agreement. Then click on agree.

When that is done, you are taken to a screen with multiple steps you have to take. The first step is to set up your account and this requires the usual information of email, password, and so on. Once done click on set up an account and then continue when that button appears.

The next step will be to connect to RV. This is a little more involved as you will have to provide information about the gateway attached to your RV. The information is on the gateway so it is easy to find.

Another step involves providing information about your RV. The best thing to do is follow all directions and click on the right continue or let’s go buttons to get everything set up.

The last step is to set up a 4 numeral PIN. That screen will appear and you simply enter the numbers you want to use. Once all this is done, you are installed and ready to use the system from your smartphone.

One Control Hotspot Activation

The prerequisites for this step are as follows. The following is a direct quote from the manual:

Activation of the ConnectAnywhere system requires access to an existing Internet connection† and the use of an AT&T or Rogers standard size SIM card and data package.”

To activate once you have met those requirements you will need the 15-digit IMEI. This is printed on a sticker and placed right on your gateway. This is handy as if you write it down and lose the piece of paper, you have it recorded on the device.

There are a lot of instructions for activation along with some cursory instructions in case you are using one sim style or another. It is best to use the links to the manual we will provide at the end of this article to get those instructions.

It is just better that way as then nothing is lost in translation and you have the specific guidelines to follow. Plus, you should have a way to get a hold of Lippert directly if something goes wrong.

The instruction videos and dealers, etc have a way of making installation and activation sound simple with nothing going wrong. Reality has a different story and sometimes things do go wrong in the process.

One Control Hotspot Antenna


The antenna is an external weatherproof model that attaches to the roof of your RV or trailer. It should connect to just 2 wires if your RV is pre-wired for this system.

It operates on a 2.4 GHz frequency and that allows it to be a private connection for you and your family. The antenna replaces the cover plate so you may have an extra part as well as extra screws on your hand.

The antenna and the system should support the LAN 2, 4, & 12 bands as well as provide you with up to 150 Mbps download speed and 50 Mbps upload speed. The power for the system is a 12-volt DC/DC or a 120-volt AC/DC adapter.

Plus, the antenna is rated at the IP65 waterproof level. Once installed you should be able to pick up a stronger signal no matter which internet-compatible device you connect to the router.

The antenna and the whole system should be compatible with 4G signals. If you follow the set-up and installation instructions correctly, then you should be able to enjoy the internet right away. Just as long as you have already purchased your plan.

Download The One Control Hotspot Manual

So far we have located 2 places you can get a manual. The first place is on Lippert’s website and they have a manual category on their support page. You can reach that page through this link.

If you want to read the activation manual first, then simply go to this link on Forest River’s website. This one is 10 pages long and has diagrams, drawings, and lots of instructions to follow.

This link takes you to the manual where you connect the tablet to the system and it is a 21-page booklet. It also has troubleshooting suggestions for you to look at as well.

Here is a link to one final manual you can use. We are not sure if you can download it or not, but you certainly can scroll through it and read the contents.

If you have any trouble getting a manual, make sure to contact Forest River or Lippert directly. They will be the best sources available and you may not have to pay to get them. That is the key as many of the manual links we provide are paid services not free ones.

Some Final Words

If you want to stay connected with family and friends or make new contacts, then the One Control system from Lippert may be your answer. All the advertising makes this look like a great system that has few problems.

But the best advice we can give is to check the system out for yourself. Your RV or trailer may not be compatible with the system and you need to know that before you buy it.

It sounds like a great way to protect your privacy while getting a strong signal when you are away from home.

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