How Do I Update My Jensen Navigation System? JRV215N Updates

When it comes to updating an app on an electrical device it can be difficult to do. Not because people are technologically illiterate but because the companies behind the apps make updating very difficult to do.

The Jensen navigation system can be updated but it is going to be difficult. There is a 3-step process to follow and the first step is to go to the appropriate shop and the second step is to pay for the update. Yes, this update will cost you.

To learn more about this topic and how to update your Jensen Navigational system just continue to read our article. This is not going to be easy as it sounds. But it can be done if you work at it.

How do I Update My Jensen Navigation System?


One source claims you need to find a technician to help you do this task. But it is possible to do without having to involve another person. The first step on another resource says to the Horizon Navigation Online Shop.

From there you need to go to the left menu and click on Jensen. After that, a series of model numbers will appear and you select the model number you own.

Once you have done that, you need to select your coverage area and decide if you want to download or get the DVD through the mail. Step three is to download the software for your particular navigation model.

After that, you should be fine. The upgrade will need a credit card and when you are paid up and starting the download, you need to follow all instructions or it may not install correctly.

Some Jensen navigation systems need a 2 GB SD memory card and others to need a 4GB SD memory card to handle the new updates.

Jensen JRV215N Updates


In 2015, the company told some users that this system is not capable of being updated. That means that if you bought this model when it was being produced, there was and is no way to update it.

We did some more research and found that the company selling this model stopped selling it in 2016. The device may still be in production but it has been said as recently as 2021 that there are a lot of issues with this model and buying a different model is the recommended solution.

We checked the naviextras website and they do not list this model in their free or paid updates sections. This has been a problem for about 6 years now. The solution is to contact that company and ask them.

The response by the company may be true since no updates are available on the main website.

Jensen GPS Map Update


There are 3 steps to follow for you to update a generic Jensen navigational system. The first is to go to the Horizon Navigation Online Shop or and click on Jensen.

The latter is harder to navigate as there are only three J-labeled products in the long list of available updates. The 9000 is listed and it is said to be the JRV215 replacement.

The second step is as we described earlier and the third is after you go through the first two steps, you follow instructions to download the updates. The models that require a 2 GB SD memory card are -- VM9022HDN, VM9022, NAV101, and NAV102.

The model that needs a 4 GB SD memory card is-- VM9424/VM9414. Since this model is so old, you may not be able to find updates as there have not been any websites talking about updating the specific JRV215N model

Jensen JRV215N Reset Button


The reset button is a small little thing you need to push in with a ballpoint pen. It is located right underneath the volume button. The manual states that there are only 3 reasons why you should hit the reset button. One is when you finished the initial installation and all wiring is done.

The second is when the function buttons are not working and the third is when there is an error code displayed. You will find a diagram on page 11 of the manual that numbers all the buttons on the face of this device.

The diagram is listed under the basic operation sub-section and under the heading reset.

Download Jensen JRV215N Manual


We will just link to 2 websites that provide downloadable versions of the manual. We were able to uncover a complicated update process and will relay that information here.

This link and this link will take you to the manuals you need for this specific Jensen system. You can read it before you download it as well. The troubleshooting section is very small.

As for updating, there is a micro SD card located just above the USB/headphone plug. You need to pull that out, put it in an adapter for the computer, then install the update to your computer.

You have to make sure you have shut down your navigational software correctly before you can access the SD card to transfer the updates. In 2015, there were only 3 updates available and these instructions came from that year.

There still has been no word on how to update this device since 2015 and we checked the company’s main update page. These instructions may or may not work today. We cannot promise that they will.

Some Final Words

It seems that this is not the best device Jensen could have made. There are a lot of issues with it and it is best to buy another model to get what you need. If you can still update, despite what the company says, you need an adapter to get that SD card to work.

Then shut it down correctly before transferring it to the adapter. This update option is more of a headache than a help as the owners that did this were not impressed by the updates they got. There were only 3 as well.

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