Grand Design-Forest River TV Backer Location (How To Mount)

RV makers are full of surprises. For some owners, it is a treasure hunt to find their TV backer. If you are not sure what that is, it is a piece of metal or wood that holds the screw to your TV mount. Finding this needs a treasure map at times.

Generally, RV makers place their TV backer stickers on the spot where they placed the piece of wood, etc. To mount your TV. However, that sticker does not always indicate the right spot and many owners have drilled holes in walls with no results.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about in hopes that you can find your TV backer without messing up your walls with new holes.

Forest River TV Backer


RV makers use one of two possible materials for their TV backers. It is either a nice piece of wood or a thin piece of metal. These backers are placed in a location that will support the weight of the TV and the mount.

Then, they place a little sticker letting you know where the backer is. This sticker is supposed to help you find the backer and know where to put your screws. That is the ideal and for many owners, that is what they experience.

There is another side to the story though. Those stickers are not always put in the right spot. That means you have to take some time to find that backer. One method that is the best is to knock on the walls and listen to the sound you hear.

It works in traditional homes when looking for a stud and it should work in this situation. A second method is to buy a nice stud finder that picks up both metal and wood. These are not expensive and do a fine job.

Then just follow the instructions to use the stud finder. The problem comes in when both methods fail.

Forest River RV TV Mount Location


For those of you who found the TV backer right where the sticker said it would be, your next task will be to mount the TV. All you have to do is center the mount on the backer and start drilling your holes.

If it is a wood material you are going to attach the mount to, then you just need regular screws designed to hold the weight of the television set. If the RV maker used a metal plate, then self-tapping screws are the best option.

However, if you are unlucky and the sticker does not indicate where the TV backer is, then you have to start hunting for it. Some owners have drilled holes and that is not the right way to find the backer’s location.

Drilling should only be done once you have confirmed the location. There are less intrusive ways to find the backer’s location and they are safer for your RV. Some builders have placed wires right next to the interior wall and drilling through the wall or even cutting with a jigsaw can cut those wires.

Before you cut, confirm the location first, then still proceed with caution. You never know where those wires and pipes, etc., are located behind those walls. Knock on wood is not just an expression of luck.

Use one of the better methods to find that backer then do your mounting installation.

Grand Design TV Backer Location


Usually, the sticker will tell you where the TV backer is located. However, do not assume that the sticker is placed in the middle of the backer. Many RV owners have made this mistake and drilled only to find em,pty space behind the sticker.

Even if you have a sticker on the wall, you still need to confirm where the TV backer is located. It could be to one side or the other, it could be above or below the sticker or it could be a foot away.

Different owners have found the backer in many different locations and the sticker only indicated which wall it was on. In Grand Design RVs, you may have a 12 by 12-inch metal plate as the TV backer.

This gives you some room to work with so you get the right angles for your TV viewing. Since the sticker is usually not exact, you will need to use some magnets to find the 4 sides of the backer plate.

The magnets will give you the best idea of the size of the plate and where you can drill safely. Keep in mind that the metal plate is very thin and is attached to a thicker sheet of plywood.

You will want #10 or #12 sheet metal screws to secure the mount in place. Make sure they are not longer than 3/4”.

Choosing a TV Backer in RV


You really cannot choose the backer you get unless the dealer gives you that option. The backer is whatever the brand decided to put in that spot. It will either be metal or wood.

You can ask the dealer and see what they say. Since the backer may range in size, some are 12 by 12 inches and others may b3 18 by 24 inches, you should ask about the size of the backer.

This information will let you know what type of mount you should buy. Some owners have bought mounts that were too large and had to return the product for a smaller size.

But you can’t go too small or the mount won’t be strong enough to hold the TV set. Once you find the backer, then be careful when you start drilling. If the backer is in the wall separating the bathroom from the room then you have to watch out for the black water pipes.

If you do not have self-tapping screws, you will have to drill pilot holes before screwing in the mount’s screws. Just take your time and be careful. Those attitudes should prevent any problematic issues.

Ramco TV Mount MS1114


This company seems to make different TV mounts you can use. This particular option is what is called a fixed mount. That is because it is a simple metal plate designed to hold your television set in one spot only.

This design allows you to have a flush installation keeping the television set out of your way when you have to move about the room. There are different fixed mount options depending on the type of TV you buy.

When we were at the Ramco website, we noticed one issue that may end up confusing you. There is no MS1114 fixed mount on sale at that company. The search was for MS1114 but every other model number popped up except that one.

We also checked Amazon as that marketplace usually sells everything. No Ramco MS1114 TV mount appeared no matter what search terms were used. There may be such a model and it may be sold under a different name but we can’t be sure.

In any case, any of the Ramco models should be strong enough to hold your TV set to the wall of your RV.

Mounting a TV in a Forest River Travel Trailer


The hardest part of this task is finding the TV backer plate. Once you have found that and located the ideal place to secure the mount, the rest is just normal handyman installation.

Have your drill ready, and if you are drilling a pilot hole, hold the mounting plate up against the backer and mark where your holes are going to go. When you drill, keep in mind the backer plate and support are not that thick.

Don’t go deeper than 1/2 inch with your pilot hole, if that. If you are using self-tapping screws, hold the mounting plate in place and start drilling. Go slow at first so the screws have a chance to bite into the metal.

Don’t have those screws longer than 3/4 of an inch. Once the screws are in, mount your TV set and make any adjustments you need to cut the glare. The trick to this task is to not assume the sticker indicates the exact location of the backer plate or that it is exactly in the center of that plate.

When your TV is secure, you are done. Put your tools away and take some time to enjoy your television programs.

Some Final Words

Nothing is accurate or exact when it comes to RVs or trailers. The TV backer plate and sticker prove that statement true. While the sticker is there to help you, it only gives you an idea of where that backer plate is located.

Take some time to buy some magnets or a stud finder, or use your knuckles to find the exact location before you start the installation process. It will save you from drilling false holes in your walls.

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