How To Mount a TV Outside: Forest River RV Outside TV Mount

They are not interchangeable. Some people think that the TV mount and the bracket are the same things. In some cases, they may be an all-in-one setup. However, the TV mount is a separate piece from the bracket and holds the TV while the bracket holds the mount.

It is not hard to put a TV mount on the outside of your RV or trailer. In some cases, all you need to do is to use self-tapping screws and the job is done. The hard part is making sure you miss the plumbing, the wiring, and other key parts of your RV.

To learn more about installing a TV mount on the outside of your RV, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can do a great job expanding your entertainment options.

How To Mount a TV On The Outside Of An RV


The instructions will be longer to read than it will take to do this task. If you have any handyman skills you know it is a simple matter of finding the right spot.

Step 1: Gather all the tools you will need as well as the mount you want to install. You should only need a drill, stud finder, and possibly a screwdriver as these TV mounts usually come with all the hardware you will need.

Step 2: Find the spot on your RV exterior wall where you want to place your new outdoor TV set. Don’t forget to pick a spot that is close to a power outlet.

Step 3: Now use your stud finder to find those wall studs. Make sure you get them on center or you may have difficulty sinking those screws. Be careful when you do your drilling as you may miss the stud and hit a pipe, vent, and so on.

Step 4: Mark that stud and then measure where you want to secure the TV set. Make your marks where you want the TV mount to go.

Step 5: You can pre-drill some pilot holes as that will make sinking the screws easier or you can just go ahead and sink those screws. But make sure you have the TV mount in place when you do this.

Step 6: Mount your TV and double-check your work. Make sure the power cord reaches the outlet or get an extension cord to make sure the TV works.

Now you may be using lag bolts and you will need a socket set or wrench to sink them into the stud. The drill will just be there to give you those pilot holes. Make sure the bolts are tight.

Different TV mounts will be of different sizes and designs. All that means is that you adjust the above directions to fit the TV mount you are using.

Can TV Mounts Be Used Outside?

Yes, they can. But you may be able to skip using an indoor TV mount because there are models that are specifically made to be used outside. Those are the ones you will want to buy as they will have the special coatings, etc.

Some indoor models should be made of aluminum which resists rust. When you go shopping for a mount make sure to read what the product is made from. If it is steel, make sure there is a powder coating on top of that steel.

Also, you may want to buy a mount that has an exterior cover for the TV. This allows you to keep the TV mounted at all times. The covers are UV protected so they should last a long time.

If you want to get an idea of what outdoor TV mounts are available and read their descriptions first. Go to Amazon as they have a long list of TV mounts that should work for any camping situation.

Once you have seen what is available, create a list just in case you can’t find your favorite at your local stores. Getting an outdoor or indoor/outdoor TV mount is not going to be hard. Not with all the new TVs on the market these days.

How do You Mount a TV Bracket On The Outside Of a Camper?


It takes a little carpentry experience to do this job right. Earlier, we gave you the basic instructions on how to complete this task without any fuss. You should have someone helping you but it is not mandatory that you do.

If you are skilled enough and the mount is not that large, you should be able to do this by yourself in about 30 minutes or less. The key is to find the stud near where you want to locate your television set.

This is something you will have to adjust to as the stud may not be near your primary location. You will have to be flexible because studs do not always cooperate nor do RV makers.

Of course, the location you use will depend on several factors. The size and design of the TV mount will be the primary factors. The space between the studs will be another and if you have a built-in spot to place your TV.

RV makers do that on the inside for you and give you some backing material. You can check to see if that is done on the outside as well. If so, then your location choice will be limited.

After this stage, you just need to know how to operate a drill or a screwdriver. Installation is a piece of cake. Just make sure the hardware you are using is in the right place and the mount is secure.

Forest River RV Outside TV Mount

Some RV makers will place an outside TV bracket on their RVs and trailers. Then, they put the mount on the bedroom or second TV, if the model comes with one. All you have to do is move your second TV to the outside and connect the mount on it to the bracket.

These outside brackets can be different in design as some are made with the PAWs system and others are not. You will need a mount that will fit the bracket pre-installed on your RV or trailer.

There is no real Forest River, Jayco, or Winnebago, etc., TV mount brand. The mounts are bought by those companies from third-party suppliers and then mounted. You just have to find the right mount that fits both your TV set and the bracket if one is not supplied.

If you know the brand that made the bracket, then you can find the mount that goes with it. If there is no brand name on the mount, then contact your Forest River or other RV-making brand and ask them.

If your RV or trailer comes with a second TV, then you should not have to do any searching as the bracket for the second TV is usually the same as the outside bracket.

Or you can search eBay to find a matching mount. They are on sale at that marketplace all the time.

RV Outside TV Mount Bracket Options


There are a lot of top brands making TV mounts for outdoor use on RVs and trailers. A quick internet search will bring up many top best lists that provide you with the brands, models, and costs of these bracket options.

But to get you started, here are a few of those top brands and models:

1. Storm Shell SS-55 Outdoor TV Enclosure

This is the one that lets you keep your TV mounted at all times. It comes in two pieces and mounts easily to the exterior wall of your RV. The casing is UV resistant and will hold between a 45 and 55-inch TV set. It will also give you up to 15 degrees of tilt.

2. Mounting Dream MD2210 Lockable RV TV Mount

This model can hold up to 44 pounds while having room to mount a TV between 17 and 39 inches. It has a lot of flexibility with the extended arm allowing you to get the glare from the sun off the screen. Plus, it is made from tough steel that should hold up to the elements.

3. RV TV Mount

This is one of the generic and basic wall mounts you can find at Amazon. It is not that expensive and it is easy to set up and secure your television set. It will hold TVs measuring 15 to 35 inches in size and hold up to 55 pounds. Made from heavy-duty steel


Not much information is given about this TV mount option. It costs about $80 and holds TVs measuring up to 40 inches approx. It seems to be a Ramco product or compatible with Ramco products. The arm does swing and out of 82 reviews, 97% were 4 to 5 stars.

5. MS1638BLK Outdoor Quick Disconnect Wall Plate TV Mounts

This mount comes with a very simple design. It is a quick disconnect system when you do not want to leave your nice TV outside. If you have a Samsung TV, this mount will not work with that brand. This option came with a 93% 4 and 5-star rating.

Finding TV Mounts For RV Exterior

One of the good things about TV mounts is that they are very popular these days. Many people own flat-screen TVs and they all need some type of mount to secure them in place.

That means you have plenty of options when looking for one. The first places you can go would be eBay and Amazon. More than enough brands are well represented on these marketplaces so you should not be lacking in choices.

The pricing on these marketplaces may be the best you will get as well. It all depends on the brand and the vendor selling those mounts. The next place to look if you want to save money will be the different classified ads.

But those are last-ditch efforts and not a primary search option. A good place to look will be any store that sells RV parts and accessories. They should have a good selection of outdoor TV mounts. They just may be the more expensive option.

Or you can look at the different big box outlets. These stores will have in stock a variety of TV mounts that should be indoor and outdoor models. There are just more than enough locations where you can find a good TV mount. The key is to make sure the one you buy fits your budget.

Be Creative in Your TV Location


Just a few words on some innovative options that can easily be implemented on an RV or trailer. You do not have to drill holes in your RV to enjoy an outdoor TV set.

Instead, you can use one of your exterior, and passenger side, storage bins to make a great outdoor entertainment area. Just pick one with a power outlet in it so you do not have to use an extension cord.

Then get some brackets that slide out to mount the plywood your TV set will sit on. Attach those brackets to the plywood and then mount your TV set on that base. You should have room for extra speakers as well.

When you finish watching TV or going out for a while just slide the plywood back inside and lock the storage compartment door. You are not limited to the walls for TV viewing.

Some Final Words

Mounting a TV mount to the exterior of your RV or trailer is basic carpentry. The key is to know what you are doing, find the right stud or studs, and then use the right hardware.

Depending on the design of your RV and mount, this task should not take very long to get done. Of course, some RV makers have done the work for you and all you need to do is move the TV outside.

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