Dicor vs RV Armor vs Crazy Seal RV Roof Coating Reviews

One thing about owning an RV is that you can get a lot of leaks if you are not careful. Seams split, joints fail and on it goes. One way to stop the leaks is to find the right roof coating that will work for you. These are just 3 of the many roof coating products you can buy.

In checking different top best lists, Dicor had 2 products on those lists with one at #3 and one at #4 positions, and Crazy Seal and RV Armor were not mentioned. However, one RV owner replaced his Dicor with Crazy Seal because the Dicor kept cracking on him and creating lots of leaks.

To learn more about these products, just continue to read our article. It will provide you with the information you need to know so you can judge which brand is best. Right now Dicor seems to be leading the pack.

Does Crazy Seal Work?


According to the testimonials that we have seen, yes it does. This product is supposed to plug any and all holes, cracks, and other problems that cause leaks. This is a very liquid roof compound that you roll on so it should fill those holes with no problem.

How long it will last is not mentioned in the testimonials. According to the home page for Crazy Seal, this product is made from 94% pharmaceutical-grade silicone ingredients and is supposed to contain other fibers to make it a stronger roof coating.

The reason for this high content is that the company states that they care about its customers and want to solve their leaking problems. Their warranty is fairly attractive as they will guarantee their product for 50 years.

There are some conditions of course. You have to apply the coating within 90 days, take a before and after photo, and fill out their warranty form. The problem we have is that there is little information about the company and how long it has been in business.

You have to contact them to get any of those details it seems. Those are not listed on their website.

Crazy Seal Roof Coating Reviews


This may be a new company and product but we can’t be sure. Trying to find credible reviews about Crazy Seal is proving rather difficult. We found 1 RV owner on one discussion forum that said he put it on his roof. So far, he is satisfied with the results.

Another owner on another discussion forum did his roof in July of last year and took photos., He likes the way it looks but has not seen any updates on how well his new roof coating did.

What he did say was that Crazy Seal was thicker than the product he used on another RV and that this one was also better. There are reviews on the Crazy Seal website but they are all 5-star and glowing reports. Those may not be trusted.

We checked about 3 top best roof coating lists and not one had this listed in their top 10 or 16 best. They did have Dicor twice but no mention of Crazy Seal.

There is a Facebook page with reviews for this product and those reviews are all over the map including some that have no connection to the product. Some people loved it and others thought it did not work.

We know of one company called Zippy RV Services, which advertises that it uses Crazy Seal when it does roof work for its clients. They have a link right at the top of their home page that takes you to those Crazy Seal web pages.

This may be a new product that is taking some time to get some traction but it may be a good product, especially if you like the 50-year warranty.

How Much Does Crazy Seal Cost?


If you go to the company’s website, you need to click on the crazy seal link at the top of the page and then scroll down to the ordering link. Click on that and you will find the price for this product.

The company sells this product in 3 variations, 1, 3, & 5-gallon containers with the 1-gallon costing $225. The 3-gallon option costs $675, and the 5-gallon order will set you back $1,125.

Those prices cover all three colors this product comes in. You can buy it in Gray, White, or Tan depending on what type of look you want on your roof. What other outlets charge we do not know. This product does not seem to be sold on Amazon.

However, you can use Amazon pay at their website store to buy this product. We found no other outlet advertising this roof coating product which tells everyone this is a company direct sale only and no middle man mark up.

For the Zippy RV Service the cost of the product is included in the overall estimate they place on your RV and its roof condition.

Crazy Seal vs RV Armor


One of the things these two roof coatings have in common is that there are both left off those top best lists we have looked at. While it is a roof coating, it does not meet those reviewers’ standards.

One of the biggest differences between these two products is that RV Armor is not a DIY option while Crazy Seal is. You are going to have to pay about $140 per linear foot to have the company install its roof coating.

With Crazy Seal, you can do it for a lot less. Then applying the RV Armor is a long process that includes primer, caulking, sealant, and so on. This is all done prior to putting the actual roof coating on.

The pricing for RV Armor starts at roughly $4000 which the company’s website says is about $6,000 to $16,000 cheaper than its competitors. We did a full review on RV Armor and you can get the full details.

One thing is for sure, you won’t be paying $4000 to apply the Crazy Seal roof coating. Both options should hold up well.

Crazy Seal vs Dicor


This roof coating system may have a few advantages over the Crazy Seal option. Its products tend not to fully dry and that feature helps it to remain flexible as your RV or trailer is bounced around.

That is supposed to keep your roof leak free. According to one owner who used Dicor, he got tired of going up on his roof and fixing all the cracks that came. He replaced the Dicor with Crazy Seal and seems happy with the results.

What would make Dicor the better option is its full product line. You get a lot of support products that help the roof coating stay in top condition. This roof coating option constantly makes the top best lists that you find on the internet.

It is a good line up of products as long as you follow the instructions for application. When you compare this with Crazy Seal the best the latter company can do is offer a patch option and one caulk style.

The caulk will cost you $25 per tube and the crazy patch is $225 per gallon. Dicor seems to have this company beat for products and cost. Dicor has also been around a lot longer than Crazy Seal so it has years of research and development backing its product line up.

It may take some time for Crazy Seal to catch up to Dicor.

How do You Apply Crazy Seal?


This roof coating is packaged in 1, 3, & 5-gallon tubs, and in each option, it is all liquid. This means that you can dip a brush into the container and get those edges, seals, joints, etc., then cover the rest of the roof with a roller.

It is easy to apply plus if you need tape, the company sells that as well. The tape costs $88 per 25-foot roll. Or you can purchase one of the kits the company has put together. There is a single and a double-layer kit as well as a repair kit. Their prices will vary and go by square footage, not a container.

The double-layer kit costs $2,570 but it contains 2 5-gallon tubs of Crazy Seal, 1 gallon of Crazy Patch, 1 gallon of Crazy Clean, and a tube of caulk. This gives you an idea of what is inside those kits.

Some Final Words

Crazy Seal may not have been on the market long enough for people to form a valid opinion about its performance and cost. While it may be a great product that does the job, so far it has not impressed many professional reviewers.

In the end, if you want to save money, you can try it out for yourself and see if the company backs up its 50-year warranty. Right now there are not enough reviews to draw a good conclusion about this roof coating.

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