The Connexx TV Remote Code and Troubleshooting Guide

The more advanced the technology, the more that can go wrong. Technology is not always your friend especially when you have an off-brand TV or entertainment system. When you do, its codes may not be on the list of accepted brands and codes when you go to connect.

The solution to the problem may not be what you expect. For some people with a Connexx TV remote, you may have to punch in an LG code to get the connection. That code is 1423 and it was used on the Connexx HD LED TV model 32a19dc remote control.

To learn more about this system and how to connect it to your TV, just continue to read our article. It has the information you should know about to help you make the right connection. Take a few minutes to see how this information can help you solve your connection issues.

What Brand is Connexx TV?


From our research, we have discovered that Connexx is not Connex Connected. The two companies have similar names but they are not connected to each other.

The latter one is a Smart products corporation that strives to make your home life a little easier. For example, their lighting systems turn the lights on when you walk into a room. It is easy to get confused when you are talking about brands. So many names are similar to each other.

Connexx does not come anywhere close to that as they are a subsidiary of SMD a corporation out of China. They seem to make TVs only which are sold directly to RV makers.

We have not found any dealers in this country just one distributor who also distributes other brand name products. There is very little information on Connexx on the internet and that is understandable given its manufacturing location.

Who Makes Connexx TV?

At one discussion forum, it was stated that Connexx TVs were made by Furrion. So far we have not been able to verify that comment. We checked the Furrion website and they only make 2 RV TVs.

Those 2 TVs are a Full HD and a 4K HD set. There is no mention of them partnering with Connexx at all. There is also no mention of a connection between Connexx and Furrion on the Connexx website either.

If Connexx does not make their own TV sets, then they make them in China and ship them to Forest River for installation in their RVs and trailers. On a long list of TV makers on Wikipedia, Connexx is not listed among those companies.

But then Furrion is not mentioned on that list either so that resource is not of any big help. What we have been able to find out is that Connexx is a brand operated by a company called SMD and their headquarters is in China.

This makes sense as RV makers always look for the cheapest route to go to maximize profits.

Finding a Connexx TV Remote Replacement


We checked the Connexx website and they do not have an online store. That means while you can contact the company, they may not have the right license to sell to the general public.

They may only be able to sell to factories and dealers. That is just a minor setback. We also saw no dealers list on their website. You may have to go through your RV brand to get a replacement.

By chance, we clicked on the return policy found at the bottom of the Connexx web pages. That led us to a web page run by SMD Technologies which may be the parent company of Connexx.

The company may not have an online store but you do have the possibility of returning your Connexx remote through this link. Connexx products seem to have a 1-year warranty.

Connexx is listed on their website, under the our brands link, as an original brand. So SMD is most likely the maker of Connexx TVs and remotes. You should be able to contact them for a replacement.

SMD also partners with a lot of brands you should already know. So their reach is quite extensive.

Connexx TV Remote Code

This is where it gets confusing. According to our research, River Park Inc is supposed to supply Connexx with its TVs. We have not confirmed that yet as that company is not on any of SMD’s partner or brand lists.

One Connexx owner called River Park and got the answer to this question. It is 1423 and it is the remote code for LG, not Connexx. You may find that Connexx is not on any of the connection lists when you want to connect the remote to your TV. You have to use the LG code in most cases.

Another owner suggested using the Insignia codes as that is what worked for him. In fact, he said that a few of those codes worked for him so there may be more than one possibility.

Also, the code may change depending on the model of Connex TV you own. For the FHD Led TV CX50A19, the code is 2448 according to one technician. He also said the following:

It is possible, however, that no matter what code is used, your remote will not be able to control the devices you wish to use it with. Manufacturers include basic functionality for common devices at the time the remote is made, but are not able to provide coverage for every make and model, and are not able to update for every new device that comes out, so there is no guarantee of compatibility.” 

Connexx TV Not Working


The first place to look will be your power buttons and power cords. If it is not plugged or turned on, then you won’t get any picture. We have to say this as it is very embarrassing to owners who call the technician and this is the problem.

Make sure the TV is turned on. This is for both units. The next source of your trouble could be that the HDMI cables are not connected properly. It is easy to make this mistake so don’t get upset at yourself if this is the source. Just reconnect those cables to the right ports.

Then finally, check to see if the cables are not broken, damaged and so on. If they are not working properly then your TV set is not working. You can also check the manual to see if there are any troubleshooting suggestions you can try.

Connexx TV Troubleshooting

Here is a list of problems that may occur when you buy a Connex TV and remote:

Remote always crashes

Remote does not load

Remote does not start

Remote no internet connection

Remote login does not work

Remote Reduce battery consumption

Remote cannot be opened

Remote is causing errors

Remote loads very slowly

Remote hangs

Remote is not responding

We checked the websites involved and they do not seem to have any troubleshooting tips or help available. You may have to contact the companies directly to get help.

To get to the solutions to those problems, you need to go to this link and scroll down past the list of problems we quoted above, and individually click on the problem name. Those names are links to the solutions.

Those names and links are found under the red banner containing the words Connex Smart Remote Report a Problem. You may not get answers to all those problems in that list but it is a troubleshooting start.

Connexx TV Not Finding Channels


One of the sources for this issue is that the TV may have automatically gone back to the default cable mode. When it does that, you may not be able to find your favorite channels.

You need to go into your menu and change the setting back to air or antenna to get the search function looking in the right places. The process for the Connexx may be different so look up how to connect or search topics in the manual.

Another source will be the incorrect input source. You may have had the TV set up wrong and the wrong source is sending the wrong signals to your TV set. This usually demands that a code be inputted to correct this problem.

Or you need to go to your dashboard and select the right input source for your TV situation. A third source would be loose or defective cables. This happens all the time so you should be prepared to reconnect those cables or replace them.

Then you may run into the problem of being in a no coverage area. This is a great possibility as not all TV sets can capture the signals everywhere you go. Or the broadcaster does not send signals to that area.

Next, your problem could be with the cable box or digital converter. Check o make sure that is working right. To do that unplug it for about 20 to 30 seconds and then try again.

Finally, you may have the wrong antenna placement. This happens a lot when you change your location in the country. Make sure your antenna is not blocked by obstructions and it is pointing in the right direction.

Where To Buy a Connexx TV

SMD is a Chinese company and both its website and the Connexx website do not list any dealers. River Park is merely a distributor and you may be able to find a dealer for Connexx through them.

Their website does not list any dealers but you can always contact them to see where these TVs are sold. Affordable RVing has one for sale and it goes for $469 on their website.

In our search, that was the only RV site or television outlet that popped up. You may have to go to Forest River to get a replacement or see if they sell a Connexx TV to the public.

There is one online store that sells spare parts for this company and that is about it. This brand may not be that popular and since it is from China that would explain why there is so much missing information and confusion surrounding this product.

It also explains why you have to use a different brand’s code to get connected to the remote.

Download Connexx RV Tv Manual


You may have to go to the River park website to find a manual. They have an archive search function about halfway down on their tech support page that you need to use.

They do not list manuals probably due to the fact that they distribute quite a few products from many different brands. The SMD website does not seem to list any manuals on their web pages and you may have to contact them directly to get one sent to you.

But if you go to this link, you should be able to find the manual you need. It lists several products including different TV models. Forest River has manuals and you just need to go to their website to find out how to get one.

A quick search will turn up more options if those do not work for you. We are just not sure if these downloads are free or not. Some are and some are not. You would have to check to see if you need to pay a fee for this service.

Some Final Words

You may have trouble connecting the Connexx remote to your TV set as it is not on many of those connection lists that are on the menus of many HDTVs. You may have to use the LG code to get access to your favorite channels.

Finding spare parts will be difficult if your set or remote breaks down. There was only one listed in a search result. Keep in mind that this is a Chinese TV and remote so you may not have the availability that you have with more popular brands.

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