Troubleshooting: Why Is My Norcold Fridge Not Getting Cold?

No matter the brand, there are common problems shared by all RV fridges. What caused the problem in one brand of a fridge can also be the cause keeping your Norcold fridge from cooling. Just look for the usual suspects and you should find the problem in due time.

One of the reasons, and there are many, your Norcold fridge is not cooling is because the condenser fan either seized up or the motor burned out. The fan could have gotten dirty, been thrown out of balance, and then burned out the motor. It is a common source for most fridge brands.

To learn more about this issue just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can quickly find and fix the problem. There are more sources than those two possibilities.

Norcold Fridge Not Working


This situation usually has to do with the power supply. The fridge may not be plugged in. While this is a simple thing to have happen, it does happen to many RV owners at some point in time.

Then, if it is plugged in, check the fuses as well as the breaker. A short could have taken place without you knowing about it and cut the power. Replace the fuse if that is the source or flip the breaker back on. If it trips again right away, you know you have a short.

After that, check your battery. It may need recharging. Batteries do drain and it is possible for them to drain without you being aware of the situation. If that is the case all you have to do is recharge the battery.

Finally, check your shore power or generator plugs. They may have come loose or the generator stopped working for some reason. A power failure can stop shore power from working.

Norcold Fridge Not Cooling

Even with a dual-powered fridge, electricity can be the culprit for the gas option. Propane-powered appliances need electricity to operate. You may not be able to use the control panel when there is no electrical power and that means even with the gas operating normally, the fridge won’t cool.

Then if that is not the problem, check the condenser fan, the evaporator fan, the fridge’s compressor, and the condenser coils and see if they are working normally. If not then you know which part to repair or replace.

Those are the standard sources but a big clue to this problem will be the freezer. If it is cooling and the fridge is not, then you know that there is an airflow problem.

There may be an ice build-up that is blocking the diffuser which needs to be cleared away before the fridge cools down again.

Norcold Refrigerator Troubleshooting Fault Codes

There may be more than three Norcold fridge model series for RVs but unfortunately, they all have different fault codes. Three models are exampled here are- N62X, N3104 Series, and the 1210.

Each one has its own error code system with little to no overlap between them. This link will take you to all the error codes for those fridge models. We cannot possibly list them here as the space is too short and many of the codes have multiple sources for being triggered.

There may be other fridge models not covered by that link and you can check to see if yours is on this list. Also, we will be linking to the manual for this brand’s fridges so you can always check that booklet to see if we missed any.

Use the link to the manual to help you find the right booklet for your specific RV model.

Norcold Fridge NO FL

We checked the two lists and the only model that gets this fault code is the 1210. This particular code simply says that the burner failed to light or re-ignite.

However, there are several sources for this problem and it starts with opening the valve of the propane tank. Or you do not have the correct pressure in the gas line, the manual shut-off valve on the fridge is open, and so on.

One of the suggested fixes is for you to go see your approved Norcold dealer or repairman to get the problem fixed. For the N62X model, you may simply see an F for the same problem.

The same sources are listed under that fault code. As well as the suggestion you go to the closest Norcold dealer to have the problem resolved correctly. That suggestion works for when you are under warranty and when you are not.

Norcold Refrigerator All Lights Flashing


There are several sources for this situation as well. The first is the simplest as it could be the interior light bulb has a problem. It may be loose and needs to be tightened, or it is going bad and needs replacement.

If those two items are not the problem, then it could be that the socket is going bad. Replace that part if it can’t be repaired. Then the lights flashing could indicate that the temperature sensor has failed and needs to be replaced.

Or, if your fridge has a dimmer switch, then the all lights flashing could be indicating a problem with that part. It may need replacing or the wires have a connection problem.

Another source could be that the fridge is overheating. This is rare but when the compressor is failing, that could trigger the overheating. You may need a professional to fix this problem.

Finally, the door switch may be damaged and needs to be replaced. When you get these flashing lights, it can be tricky finding the source.

Norcold Fridge Beeping NO AC

This code is also related to the 1210 model series and it is a simple code to diagnose. The audible alarm is the beeping and it happens with several fault codes so that is normal.

When you see the no AC code it is telling you that the AC voltage is unavailable to the fridge control. This brings you back to some of the electrical sources we mentioned earlier.

Check your power supply to make sure the fridge is plugged in, the fuses have not blown or the breaker has not tripped. Then check your shore power connection to make sure that is okay.

It is possible that your generator ran out of fuel and shut off. If none of those items is the problem, you may need a professional Norcold repairman to come out and inspect the fridge. Sometimes it could just be a wire connection that is loose or a broken wire somewhere.

Norcold Fridge Blinking Red Light

You are going to get a wide assortment of suggestions when you mention this problem at any RV discussion forum. Unfortunately, most of those suggestions will be wrong. It is just the nature of the discussion world.

According to Norcold, the problem starts with your circuit board. It will need to be replaced. The company is well aware of this problem and if you are under warranty it seems they will ship a new one to the closest authorized repairman and they will come out and replace the old one for you.

That is what happened to one owner when he had this problem. When you have this problem be wary of the advice and suggestions you get. They may send you off in a dozen different directions and none lead to the actual source.

If you are under warranty and can’t find the code anywhere, call Norcold to get the right fix.

Norcold Fridge Blinking 5 Times

This code may be warning you that there is a problem with the ammonia flow. It is a sign that the fridge is not cooling and the source is that problem. If you do not solve this problem in a timely manner, it could start a fire.

While you can do a reset, the system will return to this fault code right away. It is best to get it diagnosed by a professional who knows what they are doing and what to look for.

This code shows up in different forms depending on the model of fridge you own. Here are the codes and the models so you can recognize them:

- "NO CO" - These models will show this code: 1200, 1210, N841, N641

- "n" - These models will show this code: N621, N821

- "if your light is flashing 5 times repeatedly" - These models will show this fault: N811, N611, N510, N410

Norcold Fridge Blinking Green


The flashing green light is telling you that there is a new problem with your fridge. The first thing you can do is try a reset. The process for this reset is to unplug the fridge for 5 minutes and then plug it back in again.

Another source would be a faulty connection somewhere. This could be the outlet you plugged into or the breaker on the shore power pedestal is off. Or it could be a loose wire, corrosion, and so on.

Next on the list to check would be the thermistor. There could be a problem with the part itself, the wire harness or it could be with the control board. Be aware that a failing compressor or evaporator can mimic a thermistor problem.

Finally, you may have a condensation problem and that means there is too much moisture getting inside the fridge. Check the gasket to see if it has worn out and replace it if it has.

Norcold Fridge Beeping L1 OP

This is a problem you won’t be able to fix yourself. When you see this fault code, and it is on the 1210 model series, it is saying that the high-temperature limit switch is open.

The direction to solve this problem states this is not owner serviceable. See your dealer or authorized Norcold Service Center. What that means is that you may have to wait till you are closer to a big town or city before you can find an authorized repairman to handle the repair.

We did not find any alternative code for other models but check your manuals in the trouble shooting section to see if it is listed there. Or talk to your local Norcold dealer to find out if there is a similar code for your model of Norcold Fridge.

Norcold Fridge Error Code 3

This seems to be an error code in the more recent models of Norcold fridges. It happened in 2021 and one instance was with the Norcold Thetford model 4041.

With this model, you should only see this code when the three-way fridge is in automatic mode. It may be a problem with the propane to ignite. You may need a repairman to fix it.

On other models, this code means that the voltage is out of range and you may have a problem with the voltage in your battery. You will need a multimeter to check this out.

If it isn’t the battery, then it is a dealer fix if under warranty as the source may be a fridge component. You may not be able to tell which component it is and then if you can, you may have difficulty finding the part.

Norcold Fridge Blowing Fuse

This is a reoccurring problem with some more recent Norcold fridges. It seems that the 5 amp fuse connected to the fans is the source of the problem. This is an automotive type of fuse that works on DC power.

The model in question is the 1210T 4-door refrigerator and in some cases, the fuse blows after only being off the lot for 3 days. Sometimes it will run for an hour and then blow and on it goes.

What causes the fuse to blow is that the fan may lock up and let a lot of current go through the system. That extra current blows the fuse. One source could be that the 2 fans and the controller board are bad and replacing them has fixed the problem for one owner.

For another owner, Norcold replaced the fridge as they want to use the problem one to test why this fuse keeps blowing. Then still another owner had a tech come out who then bypassed the 5 amp fuse and wired the fridge to the 15 amp fridge fuse which seemed to solve the problem for him.

Norcold Fridge Fuse Location


There seem to be 2 fridge fuses on the model we mentioned above. One is the standard 15-amp fuse in the fuse box while the other is going to be on the controller board.

Then you are going to find 3 fuses on the main control board or the power board. Two will be the 12-volt automotive type of fuses and the third will be a glass fuse for the AC electrical system.

Then on the 9163 model, the fridge fuse is on the back of the fridge, near or on the electrical panel. Replacing the fuse is the traditional method. Just pull it out and push in a new one.

Your owner’s manual should provide the location for all the fuses in your fridge and do not stop when you just find one. There should be more than one as they all service different parts of your fridge

Norcold Fridge Dripping Water

Generally, when you hear the sound of dripping water, then you are hearing the normal sound the fridge model makes. This dripping is just telling that the drip tray is receiving the excess moisture the fridge is expelling.

Then the heat of the compressor is supposed to help that water evaporate. But if you do not hear that sound, there may be a clog or a leak somewhere in the system.

Since these drip trays are not that large, they can get full and start causing water to puddle on your floor. The fix is to remove the drip tray, empty it and then clean it so bacteria do not form.

After that, start looking for any possible leaks in the system, for example, the ice tray system, or look for clogs. Once you find the problem either fix them yourself or have a technician do it for you.

Norcold Fridge Door Not Latching

This is a problem with the design of the fridge and most remedies we saw were home remedies that anyone could do. It is also a common problem as for some reason those latches are not the best made and they may not be adjustable.

That is what one owner found out when he discovered that his fridge doors did not latch properly. In one case the T-shaped latch was not perpendicular so the owner simply flipped it 180 degrees and it now works fine.

In another case, the owner took his latch apart and then used very thin tape to build up the door edge a little. There was a gap between the seal and the door. Once he put several layers of tape on the troubled area, the gap disappeared and the doors sealed fine.

Norcold Fridge Door Adjustment

This may be a problem for some Norcold models. It seems that the company did not put any adjustment space in its designs. One owner said that he had to loosen the mounting screws to get some adjustments to his doors.

That is what another owner did as well. A third owner said he used plastic washers to get the doors adjusted correctly. It seems to be a situation where a little creativity is needed to fix the problem.

We cannot speak for all Norcold fridge models but check your owner’s manual to see if there are any instructions to handle this problem. If not, then talk to a technician to see what they have to say. They would be in the best position to help as they work on this problem all the time.

Norcold Fridge Recall


There was a recall notice sent out at approx. 2021 for several Norcold fridge models. You can read the entire notice at this link. We will only quote part of it so you have the important information immediately:

Norcold Inc. has decided to recall certain 1200, 1201, 1210, and 1211 model gas/electric refrigerators with serial numbers from 315525 to 13088811, non-consecutively.

The refrigerator’s model and serial number are located inside the fresh food compartment. These refrigerators may have cooling units with a cooling unit serial numbers between 700000 to 13085759. This is a new recall campaign to include all 1200, 1201, 1210, and 1211 models.”

If you have one of these refrigerator models, use the following procedure:

- Identify and write down the refrigerator model. If it is a Norcold 1200, 1201, 1210, and 1211 model, go to step 2.

- Identify and write down the refrigerator's serial number. If the serial number falls in the range of 315525 and 13088811, go to step 3.

- Identify and write down the cooling unit serial number. If the serial number falls in the range of 700000 and 13085759, go to step 4.

- Call your dealer immediately.”

Download The Norcold Fridge Manual

One of the best places to go will be the Norcold website. It has a list of all the available manuals at this time. Just click here to get to it. This web page has a very long list of manuals so you should be covered.

Then our go-to manual website has not let us down. It also has a long list of manuals for you to download. Click here to see the list.

Some Final Words

When it comes to troubleshooting a Norcold fridge, you have plenty of resources to check. This article is just one of those resources which gets you on the right path to repair success.

Next would be the manual and after that, the technicians approved by the company. If all this fails, you can contact Norcold directly to get help.

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