Is There a Supercharger For-Triton-V10-(Whipple,-Kenne-Bell)

Is There a Supercharger For Triton V10? (Whipple, Kenne Bell)

The jury is still out. There are some people singing the praises of supercharging your RV’s Triton V10 engine. Others are not so enthusiastic as they wonder if it is a good idea to supercharge an engine on a 20,000-pound vehicle. While not proven, they worry about the main bearings and if they can handle the extra power.

There are 2 best supercharger models you can try on your V10 Triton motor. One is made by Kenne Bell and the other is made by Whipple Supercharger. They come with good recommendations and they just might be the missing part you need to get over those tough inclines.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It explores the issue so you know which brands to try. If you do not want to buy one, you can try renting one to see if this is the right route for you to go.

How Much Power Can You Get Out Of a Ford V10?


Without the superchargers added to the engine, the Ford Triton V-10 is a powerful motor and most owners are very satisfied with that stock power. They do not see the need to give it a boost.

The stock engine is supposed to put out 362 HP at 4750 RPM and 467 lb-ft. Of torque at 3250 RPM. That should be more than enough power for most RV owners who travel through the mountain regions of the country.

When you add a supercharger to that motor, you should expect to gain 46% more horsepower and 31% more torque. There is not supposed to be any lag time like there is with a turbo charger.

To get this boost of power, the supercharge adds more air intake so that combustion is improved and more thrust is provided. While this motor is still very powerful, a supercharger gives you about 150 more HP.

When you are going uphill with a heavy load, that extra power should come in handy. But this is something you would have to think about. Your camping locations may not be in areas where you will need this extra power.

But having it available when you need it provides some driving relief and lowers stress.

Supercharger For Triton V10

There are several superchargers that will work on this motor. We will go through a short list of them to give you an idea of where to look if you are thinking about adding more power to your Triton V10 engine:

1. Vortech Superchargers- this company makes over 80 different types of superchargers and supercharger systems. There should be one that will be compatible with your Ford Triton V10. It was recommended by one commercial reviewer.

The link in the name of the company will get you to their contact page and you can peruse their website to see if there is a model for your engine.

2. Paxton- This was an older company getting its start in 1937 under the name of McCulloch. In the 1950s the owner created the Paxton company to make superchargers for different automobiles.

This company is still going today as a subsidiary of Vortech and it is said it will do custom supercharger work.

3. Procharger- This company seems to cover all of the vehicle bases as it develops superchargers for cars, motorcycles, trucks, and SUVs. Their truck line of superchargers is limited and you would have to talk to them about if their products are compatible with the Ford Triton motor.

Their product lineup is so wide that they will even supercharge an ATM. It is worth checking out.

4. Powerdyne supercharger- we did not find a website for this company yet but it has been said that this company’s product boosted the Triton’s HP by 105. it is not the perfect supercharger as it does come with some drawbacks.

It is worth seeing if the company still makes superchargers and if they have a Triton-compatible one. The superchargers are still on sale through different auto parts outlets.

5. Bummer- this company was also recommended but there is nothing on the internet at this time about it or its products. You can check for used superchargers. The company was mentioned as recently as 2022 so it may still be in production.

Ford V10 Supercharger Kits


There are kits available but they may not necessarily be compatible with the Ford Triton V10. That is something you would have to talk to the dealer about. Procharger has kits available but they are not listed under the automotive or trucks sections of their drop-down menu.

One good idea would be to talk to the Ford Performance section of the Ford Motor Company. They will be able to give you the best information about supercharger kits and where they may be available.

These kits are an aftermarket product and you will probably have to contact individual performance companies to see if they have a kit for the Triton V10. But all of this may be moot as it seems that as of 2018 or close to the year, there do not seem to be any aftermarket supercharger kits made for the Triton V10.

Paxton was one of the last of the performance companies to make a kit for the Triton and it seems that all the blower manufacturers have also stopped producing these kits.

The information we are writing for the Kenne Bell and Whipple supercharges was written in 2021. So things may have changed since that time. We suggest a thorough search as eBay does not have any listed at this time either.

Kenne Bell Supercharger Ford V10

This is said to be one of the two best superchargers you can buy for your Ford engine. It is said to mount over the engine to provide a clean finish. Plus, it is pre-assembled for easy installation and comes with a twin-screw design.

You are supposed to be guaranteed a 40% increase in power as it delivers an instant boost no matter what your RPM reading is. This boost is controlled by your throttle.

On top of all this, there is not supposed to be any lag time between pressing the throttle and the power boost. Then, if you are not a person who enjoys noise, this model is supposed to be on the quiet side of things.

There is a warranty available and you should ask about that when you talk to the dealer or read more about the device. More about

Whipple Supercharger For Triton V10


This supercharger, if you can find one new, comes with helical cut gears, an efficient intercooler core as well as maintaining air pressure to secure a better boosting power.

Its top mounting design allows for better cooling and it responds according to how hard you press the gas pedal. We checked their website and it does not seem like they make one that is compatible with the V10 engine.

The best thing to do is to contact the company and talk to them. When they did make one for the Ford Triton engine, it was one of the 2 top best superchargers you could buy.

The cost of the supercharge if it is compatible is in the range of $2500. it is worth talking to the company to see if they still make a good supercharger that will be compatible with this motor.

You may have to look for some custom blower shops that can design and make one specifically for your Triton V10. That would be your last resort if these two top companies have stopped producing these kits. Visit for more info.

Finding a Ford V10 Supercharger For Sale

This may be a bit difficult to do. We saw an eBay ad for a supercharger for the Triton V10 but when we clicked on the link, we were sent to different auto parts for different brands of cars and trucks.

The word is that eBay may get one every couple of years, but keep checking just in case they get some more frequently. Then of all the stores or manufacturers of superchargers we linked to earlier, you can find some on sale at those outlets.

However, the products they are making and selling may not be compatible with the Ford Triton V10. You would have to send them an email and discuss the details with them.

As we just mentioned, your best bet would be the custom shops. They are skilled enough to design and make a supercharger for your Triton V10. But again, you would have to contact them and see what the details and pricing are.

Don’t count out classified ads or used auto parts shops. They may have some on sale but it would take a long search to find one in good shape at the right price. Try local searches to find a place near you.

Also, you can try the classified threads on the different RV and truck forums. There may be leads in those locations. These forums are very helpful and provide good information when things are hard to find on the internet.

Requirements To Be Met To Install a Supercharger on a V10 Motorhome


If you are lucky enough to find a supercharger that will fit your V10 motor, that is not the last cog in the process. There are other parts you would need to install to make sure everything worked and did not burn out your motor.

Here are some requirements that you also need to buy and install:

1. Intercooler- this is a device that goes between the supercharger and the motor. Because the supercharger raises the temperature of the air it compresses, you will need this device to keep everything at maximum efficiency.

If the supercharger does not come with this part already, then you will need to buy it separately.

2. Transmission cooler- the increase in the engine power also increases the work of the transmission. This means that you would either have to upgrade your current transmission cooler or add a top device to your transmission.

The cost will vary depending on the type you will need to help your transmission remain cool.

3. Buy better gasoline- the supercharger can produce knocks or premature detonation in the engine. When those happen, your engine can get damaged. It is better and recommended that you switch to buying a gasoline option that is rated at 91+ or high-octane fuel.

This should protect your engine a little bit.

4. A larger radiator- the supercharger will produce higher heat levels. Your old radiator may not be large enough to handle that extra heat. Your radiator should be replaced with a larger one so it can effectively cool the engine during those periods when the supercharger raises its temperature.

The Effects Of a Supercharger

Many people boast about the power they get and the top performance after they have added a supercharger to their V10. However, they just may be saying that as the supercharger does take more engine power to operate.

This means that you may lose about 2 to 3 mpg every time you use the supercharger. The V10 is not known for getting great gas mileage when it is a stock engine.

There should be no side effects after installing and using the supercharger. That is if you buy premium parts and install the supercharger and other parts correctly. If you don’t, then you may be looking at more repair bills.

Also, you should not overuse this part or you may be lowering its lifespan.

Some Final Words

While it seems like a great idea to add a supercharger to your Triton V10 motor, it may not be possible. It seems that the companies that used to make these parts have stopped doing so.

If you can find one or you go to the custom shops to get one, make sure to install it properly and watch how you use it. This may not be a needed part.

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