Finding a Norcold N611 Replacement Fridge (Replacement Chart)

It may be harder than you thought. Looking for an N611 fridge replacement is a treasure hunt. The reason is that very few people actually have one in stock and if you go for a replacement, even fewer people have them in stock. This has been a common complaint for some years now.

The replacement fridge’s stock number is supposed to be N7X according to the Norcold tech. However, according to another company, the Model NA7LXR is supposed to be the correct replacement for the N611. Finally, Camping World has said the correct replacement is the 7LX model.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It explores the subject so you can find a replacement fridge for your N611. It just may not be easy to do as supply chain and other issues have made these replacements very scarce.

Replacement For Norcold N611


As you have read, we have come across three different sources and received 3 different answers. The replacement model numbers are supposed to be N7X, NA7LXR, and the 7LX.

We have also checked 3 different charts that provide replacement models for fridges made by Norcold. We did not find the N611 mentioned on any of them. We did find the 7LX mentioned on this list but it did not relate back to the N611.

Feel free to check the other two lists in case we missed something. One is at this link and the other at this one. from reading owners’ experiences with finding a replacement, this may be a very difficult task to do.

However, it has been stated that all N7 series and all N600 series Norcold fridges have the same dimensions. This may be an option to consider.

Norcold N611RT


This may be one of the earlier models as it is mentioned back in 2015 and not more recent. These will be hard to find but they may be the same as the N621, and N641 as they are listed in the same categories, have the same wiring, and so on.

There are 4 common problems with this fridge and the first one would be resetting it. To reset this fridge you should only have to power it off and then power it back on again and it should be reset.

The second one is that the fridge is not cooling. This could be the result of a faulty temperature sensor. A good cleaning can take care of that problem in most cases.

If not for the sensors, then the thermistor or the thermostat may have become faulty. A third common problem will be a lack of power to the unit. A fuse may have blown, a breaker tripped, or the battery wore out or is out of power.

The fourth option is just the error codes. They will come on for a variety of reasons and you would have to look in the manual to see what the problem is.

Finding a Norcold N611 Refrigerator For Sale


It will be easier to look for parts for this fridge model than to look for the complete unit. There is at least one on sale at eBay at the present time. It is going for over $1000 but it may be gone by the time you read this.

Amazon and other fridge repair shops only had parts for sale. You can check those outlets and see if they have the part you want. But getting the complete fridge may be out of the question.

This is not a unique problem to us as we have come across many owners stating that they have made their own searches and there is nothing on the internet.

What makes things worse, is that those same outlets were not advertising the replacement fridges either. We saw one that was close, the N7LX but it also had a .3 in there so that may work for some people.

We have checked the different fridge repair and retail websites and no one is listing this fridge or its replacement models. It is something that you may have to talk to Norcold about or one of their dealers.

There is a guy called Norcold tech who is supposed to have a great website and lots of good information on his web pages. However, one owner ordered a replacement from him and the response was it would take at least 4 weeks to get the fridge in stock.

The website seems to not have accurate sales information and the owner lacks communication skills. But he is very quick to charge the credit card of his customers.

Norcold Refrigerator Replacement Chart

We place three links to these charts above already. Here is a 4th cross-reference chart but the results seem to be the same. The N611 and its replacements are not mentioned in any of the charts listed on that web page.

One of the things you can do is talk to the competitors of Norcold and see which models that have that will replace your N611. They should have a good cross-reference system that will help you.

What one owner did was go to RV Cooling Warehouse and had a new Amish unit built. It seems that these are drop-in units and are much cheaper than if you bought new ones.

The company also comes with a good reputation for customer support and ordering. If they are still in business, you can check with them. It may be the best way to go since the N611 seems to be like a pirate’s treasure.

Some Final Words

When it comes to certain RV products, they do not seem to last for very long and they disappear quickly. That seems to be the way it is for the N611 fridge. Not only are owners having trouble tracking this unit down, but they are also having a difficult time tracking the replacement units down.

Their searches have been fruitless or misleading once they find someone with an N611 or its replacement unit.

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